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Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime?

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime?

If you’re here, it probably means you spent some time asking yourself “Why is God keeping me single?” Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one. We’ve all been there at least once during our lives! I know it’s tough, but that’s only because you probably think you are just an unlucky person.

It’s not like that! God has many well-thought-out plans to help you live the best life ever. You just need to be patient. But to do so, you’ll need to know some of the possible reasons He’s keeping you single. And that’s what I’m here for.

“Why is God keeping me single?”: the truth behind it

I remember that I used to ask the same question. I spent my nights wondering why all of my friends get to live their dreams about perfect relationships, but I can’t. Sometimes I blamed myself, sometimes my parents for being too strict, but I had some pretty bad moments when I even blamed God.

Luckily, I stayed patient, and I got the answers I was looking for. Now my life feels like a dream, and I’m actually glad that God decided to keep me single for a bit longer than I preferred at that time. Here are the reasons He might have. Before you read them, remember that He only wants what’s best for us.

1) It’s not God; it’s you

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime

How many times have you said to yourself, I’m better off this way, or there’s no true love? But then it gets dark and the memories start flooding back. You remember all your past relationships, from that crush you had in primary school, to your real, first love.

But you don’t remember ugly things anymore, you try but you can’t remember. You only remember the moment when your eyes met for the first time, the first date, the first they told you they loved you. But you still remember that all those relationships failed and that you’re not meant to find the love you want.

Then you open one of the social networks and all of your friends are in love and they are happy. You suddenly feel angry, and you don’t even know who’s the one to blame. You are angry at injustice, why do other people have something you don’t? Then you start believing you’ll never find the right one.

You think that God is keeping you single because He wants to punish you for something. But it’s not true. You’re the one who’s doing that because you made yourself believe that someone else is preventing you from finding true love. So you stopped believing, but good things can’t happen without having faith.

Keep in mind that things will work out one way or another because God has a plan for everyone. And yes, it means that He has one for you too. And you will be happy the way you always wanted to be and that will happen when you least expect it.

2) God wants you to wait because your soulmate is still not ready

You lay in bed thinking “Why is God keeping me single? It looks like I’ll never find true love“. But you know what?

Maybe just 2 blocks away, a person is sitting on their couch thinking the same thing. Maybe both of you spent a lot of time with the wrong people, and they made you lose hope. They made you think that soulmates don’t exist.

You feel empty inside, broken, and disappointed. But here’s something I want you to know, that person who’s just around the corner feels the same way. Even though you believed that the one who broke your heart was the right guy, you’ll soon see that he was just there to teach you what love doesn’t look like.

And soon, you’ll get a chance to finally meet someone who will show you what true love feels like. No one knows when that will happen, but it will because we all have a soulmate out there.

Maybe your soulmate is still not ready, but someday he will be, and who knows, maybe it will be that guy who is only two blocks away. Remember, God is only keeping you single because he has a plan for you.

3) He thinks you need to be more focused on religion

DONE Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime 2

Do you remember the days when you and your family always went to church on Sundays? After that, you would all go to grandma’s for lunch. And it was beautiful. Your grandma would prepare all your favorite meals and no matter how full you were she would make you eat more.

Do you remember how happy you were back then? You had a tradition, you prayed every night before going to sleep. You prayed for a new bike, a new dress, a new toy. And all your wishes came true. You felt like God was your best friend.

However, as we grow older, our desires became more demanding and more difficult to achieve. And one day your wish didn’t come true. Then another, and one more after that. That’s how you slowly started to lose faith.

You slowly started to drift away from religion. And when you move away from religion and God, you move away from yourself. You lose the most valuable thing a person has. It’s not an expensive car or a watch, it’s a soul. And that’s what makes a man the way he is.

Maybe you should at least try to be that carefree child again, to return to faith again, to pray for some small things. Just remember how happy you used to be, why not again?

4) God is waiting for you to get enough strength

Did you know that when a person cries, if the first tear runs from the right eye, then that person cries from happiness? And if it runs from the left eye, then that person cries from sadness. Do you remember that night when the first tear fell from your left eye?

Okay, something hurt you a little. No big deal, right? But then the same thing happened again. Then again, and again. And you started to think that’s the way it should be. You started to think it was okay to be hurt. And you blamed yourself for it.

You spent days laughing with your friends and coming back home just to cry yourself to sleep. You never spoke to anyone about it because you thought you were just weak. But you’re not! You’re strong enough to get through everything. And one day, you’ll finally regain all of your strength. Just keep fighting.

However, I know that it bothers you that you don’t know why is God keeping you single. But it’s because He thinks it’s best for you. He knows you’re not ready yet. It’s nothing bad; he’s just looking out for you and wants you to find the guy who really deserves you.

So don’t give up! Fight to get your full strength back. You’re almost there, you just have to keep going and you’ll reach the goal very soon. I believe in you!

5) He thinks you need to focus on yourself first

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime

When was the last time you did something you wanted, and not something only people you love wanted? I’m not just talking about the relationship here but it can be applied to your friendships too. Here, let me give you some examples, and try to see if you recognize yourself.

Maybe you wanted to go to Turkey on vacation, but your best friend wanted to go to Greece. And now you know that Athens is beautiful. However, Istanbul is still a mystery.

Or maybe your colleague really likes techno music and you just hate it. But now you can answer questions like “How was that party you went to and what was the beat like?” Or do you remember when the bartender made a mistake, but you still kept the wrong order, even though you don’t like pancakes at all?

There were probably million other things while you were in a relationship too. You have to understand that a relationship is not only a physical connection but also an emotional one, as well as an intellectual one. And you need to know what compromise is.

He doesn’t like romance movies, but you do. He likes football, you don’t. But if you watch Chelsea vs Liverpool with him, he should watch Pride and Prejudice with you. If you sincerely love, appreciate, and respect someone, they should do the same. And remember, first self-respect, then love.

So give yourself time, start loving and respecting yourself, because how can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself first?

6) God is keeping you single because you’re toxic

Another possibility why God is keeping you single might not be easy to hear, but it’s nothing unfixable! Have you ever thought about some of the mistakes you’ve made when it comes to your past relationships or even friendships? Would you change anything about your behavior back then?

It’s possible that God doesn’t want you to start a new relationship because you’ve been toxic before. And He wants you to fix that before letting you find your true love. I know that you’ll probably get defensive at first and try to defend yourself. But there’s no need to do so. No one is here to judge you.

People often have the wrong perception of what a perfect relationship is, and they try so hard to have such a relationship. Then eventually they start being too demanding, controlling, asking many questions… Their partner starts to feel threatened. The arguments appear and in some cases, it leads to a breakup.

One of the worst things about a relationship is when the person you love more than anything starts doing these things to you.

If you recognize yourself as a person who behaved similarly, then it might be your answer to why you’re still single. God is waiting for you to realize your mistakes because He knows how good of a person you truly are. So He wants you to show that part of yourself.

He doesn’t want to hear people saying that you’re too toxic. He wants to hear them tell beautiful stories about you because many stories like that can be told. And God is not mad at you, He isn’t punishing you. The only thing he’s doing is trying to prove to you that you’re better than a controlling girlfriend.

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.” – Confucius

7) He wants you to realize what’s right in front of you

DONE Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime 4

You know that kid who came to your school in the 3rd grade and no one hung out with him except for you? At first, you felt sorry for him, but in the end, you realized that he is really good. You started going out more and more, you drank the first can of beer with him, and even got a part-time job together.

Over time, you became best friends. However, what he never told you were the names of his crushes or anything like that. You never really paid attention to it. Then you found your first boyfriend, you noticed that your best friend started acting a little strange, but you didn’t that much attention to him anymore.

Then the second boyfriend came, then the third. You came out of every relationship hurt, and he was always there for you. Listened to you for hours, giving you advice. But you never thought he really liked you that way. Did you think of anyone while reading this?

If yes, then everything will become clear to you. You’ll remember all the little things. That is the person who was always there for you, both when you were happy and when you were sad. And God has been trying to tell you that all this time.

Maybe that perfect guy you’ve been looking for has been in front of you forever. If that’s the case, then you’re one lucky girl!

What to do in the meantime?

I hope I helped you answer the question “Why is God keeping me single?”, but there’s something else I want to help you out with. You probably spent a lot of time trying to find those answers that you actually forgot to enjoy your life. And I’m here to motivate you to change that.

I prepared some tips to help you realize what to do in the meantime. They will help you prepare yourself for finding true love and living your life to the fullest. It’s time for you to stop stressing and start enjoying every moment of the day instead! Beautiful things are waiting for you, but until they come:

1) Have faith in God’s plans

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime

I know it’s sometimes difficult to have faith in God’s plans, especially when you feel like none of your wishes come true. But God listens to you, and He’s helping you every day. Maybe you don’t realize it, but He makes small changes that often come unnoticed.

Those small changes have a huge impact on your life. They are there to teach you something, to help you, or simply to let you enjoy the moment. Most of us have asked the question “God, why me?” when something bad happened.

And even though He never directly spoke to us and explained why something happened, we always eventually figured out the reason behind some bad experiences we had. God is there, He teaches us to be better people, He gives us strength and wants us to be happy.

God has a plan and we just need to trust him. And He loves us all and He would never leave us!

2) Work on yourself

Now, I hope you realized so far that God has a plan. And while you’re waiting for him to make some big changes in your life – do some of them on your own. There’s no better feeling than starting to work on yourself.

It can be anything. If you constantly feel weak, try eating healthier. You could have so much fun while preparing some new meals. Maybe you can start slowly, by preparing one healthy meal every week. Then when you realize how much better you feel, you’ll definitely do it more often.

Or you can start working out. It can help you keep your mind off problems and feel much better. Both, physically and mentally. If you enjoy reading, read some new books and write the quotes you loved the most. Watch the movies, listen to your favorite songs, travel, and do anything that makes you happy.

But always add something productive to your daily activities. When you start learning new things you’ll start feeling more confident, valuable, and even proud of yourself. So remember, working on yourself means working towards a better future! And you’re strong enough to do that.

3) Practice gratitude

DONE Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime 6

One of the great things you can do for yourself while you’re waiting for God to stop keeping you single is to practice gratitude. And what do I mean by that? You should try to focus on the good things that are happening in your life and feel thankful for them.

There’s something good and something bad in every day that we have. Maybe it’s raining, and you really like the rain but you have to work. Just tell yourself that you can enjoy that rainy day after you finish your tasks. It will be like a reward for well-done work.

Here’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and it helps me stay cheerful. Every night before I go to bed, I write down the beautiful things that happened to me since I woke up. I write even the smallest things that made me happy.

The song I heard on the radio, the cute dog I saw, my mom’s message, or the coffee that smelled so nice. When you start being grateful for small things that are around you, you’ll immediately start thinking more positively. And you’ll finally see every day as a blessing.

4) Enjoy life

We all sometimes get stuck in an endless circle. Work-eat-sleep. But that’s not how life is supposed to look like. Yes, our job takes away a lot of time from us. But, we need it, and it’s not something we should get rid of if we want to enjoy life.

I know you’re tired when you get back home, but try not to eat and lay down as soon as you reach your place. Remember that we only live once and that every day has 24 hours. Even if we work, we still have enough time to rest, and have fun!

So just remember all the things you love in life and do one of them every day. When you learn how to love and enjoy your life, you’ll be fully ready to be in a beautiful relationship. No matter how hard it gets sometimes, it can’t beat all the lovely moments you had, have, and will have. Keep your joy!

5) Know that it’s all going to work out just fine

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime

And the last piece of advice I have for you is to always keep in mind that it’s all going to work out just fine. Storms come, but they also go. They leave some mess behind, but it’s mostly something that can be cleaned up. Sometimes they leave scars, but they are just reminders of how strong you are.

I know it sometimes feels like you’re at the end of the road, but you’re not. Maybe it was just a dead-end, but there’s always another way to reach the final destination. You deserve to be happy, and God is not trying to prevent it, but He’s trying to find the best option for you.

And beautiful things take time, so be patient and have faith. You will live out your dreams and you will make tons of memories that will stay with you forever. Just like the partner God is preparing for you.

Final words

Congratulations, now you know the answer to “Why is God keeping me single”, but you also learned some new tips on what to do in the meantime. I hope I helped you realize that everything is going to be alright!

You just have to wait for a bit, and you’ll know which one of those reasons applies to you. And whichever it is, I’m sure that it will lead to the perfect life you always dreamed of. And remember:

“God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments.”

Why Is God Keeping Me Single And What To Do In The Meantime?

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    I think God is sort of like the genies in all the legends. You can ask for your wish to be granted, but you need to be VERY specific. “Please send me a husband,” isn’t specific enough. It might get you married to a man, yes—but somebody totally incompatible for some reason. Or worse, since you didn’t specify “a husband of my own,” it will make married men get attracted to you. That’s a hassle you DON’T want, trust me. Maybe a good prayer would be, “Please make somebody I could actually WANT, want me enough to marry me.” Of course, God isn’t noted for great communication skills. If he would just tell us what’s going to happen in simple terms in our mother language, instead of using parables and “signs” that are easy to misinterpret—that would help.