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Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

You have a crush but you don’t know if you should be chasing a man.

You want him badly, but you are not sure whether he is the one who will make you happy.

One moment, you are optimistic and full of hope, but then he simply vanishes and doesn’t return your messages or calls for several days.

You create all those situations in your head on how to play the game. But if you have to play a game, is the love that comes out of it really worth it?

Will your emotions be pure and honest if you have to plot a scheme to get the guy you like?

It is completely normal for a guy not to reciprocate the feelings you have toward him.

Your best option would be to focus on yourself and move on to another guy, because there really are plenty of fish in the sea.

However, you have this urge to be chasing a man.

DONE! Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

Why? Because rejection pulls you even closer to him.

You want something that you cannot have; everyone knows that.

You give yourself the challenge of sweeping the guy off his feet by using your feminine wiles.

You will do anything that you have in your love arsenal just to make him love you.

In today’s times, it is completely normal for women to make the first move but it is not ladylike or practical to beg him to love you.

Why? Because such love will never last and he will not fulfill your needs. Eventually, you will be left hurt and all alone.

So, what are the reasons why you should not chase a guy, even if you want him badly?

Well, the first reason for not chasing a man is pretty obvious, and that is when he is (probably) not interested in you. 

DONE! Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

If you have to pursue a man and make extra effort for him to like you, then there is a high chance that he is not actually into you at all.

Sometimes it is hard to see the signs that he is not into you when your mind is playing tricks on you.

You have this perfect image of the two of you together, and you will stop at nothing to make it come true.

The truth is, men don’t need to be wooed because they are pretty direct if they are interested in you.

Men know that they need to make the first move, and they will if they are interested in a girl. If not, then they will move on and that is that.

Maybe he doesn’t say to your face that he doesn’t like you, but you can figure it out by observing his behavior toward you.

Maybe he plays the ‘hot and cold’ game with you and you try to figure out whether or not he likes you.

You cannot force anyone to fall in love with you. A person who is not interested in you will not pursue you, despite your efforts.

You are just wasting your precious time on such a guy.

Eventually, if you keep chasing a man, it will drive you mad. 

DONE! Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

Chasing a man can cause serious damage to your mental health. Your self-esteem will decrease, but your mental health will suffer as well.

Your mind will be racing to try to figure out ways to make him love you, and it will drive you mad.

You will think about him every day, how gorgeous he is, how he smiles, and so on.

Eventually, you will become paranoid and you will imagine the worst possible scenarios in your head.

You will build up unnecessary stress in your life, and the source of that stress will be him.

So, why should you stress yourself about a guy who is not worth your time? You are better than that. Simply focus on yourself and move on.

If you chase him, he will no longer see you as a challenge to him.

DONE! Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

Men like to feel the thrill of the chase. They like to take on a challenge and sweep a girl off her feet, they want to be the one who chases the girl as it is in their nature.

However, if you chase a man, then you are revealing to him that you like him so much that you are ready to swallow your pride and chase him.

Dating is all about discovering things about each other.

If there is nothing left to discover about your genuine feelings, he will just walk away from you because you are no longer a challenge to him.

Eventually, he will lose interest in you and you will be left alone, which shouldn’t happen at all.

Losing your dignity or pride should never be an option. It’s what makes you valuable, and you should know what you are worth.

You are worthy of receiving genuine love, and nobody can take that away from you.

That is why you should never chase a man, no matter how good-looking he is or how badly you want him.

If you have to keep chasing a man then he is not the one for you. It’s as simple as that. 

DONE! Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

Everyone wants to have that special person in their life who makes them feel loved.

When you chase a guy, then he is likely not the one for you and you should move away from him. It should be the other way around.

Love is simple, no matter what other people say. It should not be complicated.

Sometimes, people are the ones who complicate things about love.

There are no games or plans that you can hatch to make your crush fall in love with you. Love is simple and it should stay that way.

If you have to chase him, then he probably doesn’t care enough about you.

Your best option would be to take some time to focus on yourself and increase your self-esteem.

If you stop chasing him, the chances are he’ll miss you. He enjoyed the attention you gave him, and now that is gone, he misses it.

Just stop focusing so much on him, and dedicate some time to yourself. Your happiness should not depend on someone else.

You create your own destiny and you choose whom you are going to love.

If a guy doesn’t see your worth, then he probably isn’t the one for you, and you can dedicate your time to being better and saving yourself for the right guy.

Why Chasing A Man Is Never Worth It, Even If You Want It Badly

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