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When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

We’ve all dated someone toxic for us, at least once in our life. There was someone who never looked at us twice to see that we were hurting.

Your toxic ex couldn’t be bothered with your happiness. He made sure to see you cry because of him at least once a day.

He couldn’t bear the thought of letting you walk away so he made you believe that you were too worthless to find anyone else.

You were so dependent on him, emotionally and mentally, that nothing seemed to be reason enough for you to leave.

You cried, you yelled, you screamed at him. The very moment you broke into pieces, you thought that you wouldn’t be able to get back on your feet again.

That was the moment when somehow, in some way, you found the courage to escape him.

Your toxic ex is trying whatever he can to keep you hooked on him. He’s trying to make a comeback so that he can break you once more.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

That man is a mess. He’s insecure, he’s selfish, and he’s probably traumatized.

He doesn’t know how to treat someone right, no matter how hard he tries.

He’s obsessed with making you feel like you’re choking on your love for him.

When he sees you suffer, he actually sees someone who’d do anything for him and that’s exactly what he wants from you.

Your ex isn’t making a comeback to make things right between you two.

He’s coming back because he can’t live with the rejection. He can’t believe that someone would choose the single life over him.

This man believes that there’s no one better than him out there, so when you left and didn’t go back to him, his anger issues went feral.

He wants you to want him. He wants you to break apart from the love you feel for him.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

However, you would just go through the same experience again.

You can’t seriously think that he’s changed and that he wants to make things right now.

He can’t be trusted! Not now, not ever.

You made the mistake of trusting him once and don’t let that toxic attachment keep you from moving on from him.

Don’t reply to him and don’t answer his calls.

He’ll try every way he can to get you back. He loves torturing you, so he has to figure out how to approach you.

The fact that he’s toxic means that he won’t want to confront you like two adult people would want to.

No. He’ll text you, he’ll call you, and then hang up on you.

He’ll yell at you for giving up on the relationship and he’ll make you believe that it was all your fault.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

So when he messages and calls you, don’t answer. Please block his number!

You don’t have to deal with his stupidity anymore. You don’t have to deal with him.

He just reminds you of all the awful memories that keep you up at night. So in order to keep yourself a little bit saner, change your number.

Social media makes moving on from someone so much harder.

Your toxic ex will try whatever he can to just remind you of him and hurt you in any way he can.

When he tries to make you jealous, tell him that you’re happy to finally be rid of him.

He’ll find any way to make you think of him or go back to him.

He’ll say that he doesn’t want you anymore because he has someone new, but that’s just a tactic to get a rise out of you.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

He wants to make you jealous so that you’ll go running back to him and so that he can play with you just a little bit more.

When you get jealous, he feels empowered. Like he has his own way of controlling you and making you feel miserable.

He’ll try to make you jealous just to show you that he can do better than you. If you’re smart, you’ll know that he can’t do better than you.

He thinks that he can, but as soon as that girl figures out what he’s doing, she’ll walk away from him.

Don’t react to his petty tricks because you’re so much better than him. You can do so much better if you just try harder to stay away from him.

You can’t heal him. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you simply can’t; you can’t change a man who’s been like that for ages.

It wasn’t you who turned him toxic.

He had it in himself before he ever even met you and you’ll ruin yourself if you try to convince him that he needs to change.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

He’s going to make empty promises. He’ll tell you that he’s trying and that he’s doing all of it for you.

He’ll say that it’s because he loves you that he acts like that and that he’s trying really hard.

Unless you see obvious results, don’t trust him for one moment.

When your toxic ex tries to make a comeback, he’ll make the same moves and say the same things any other toxic person would.

They always use manipulation and guilt-tripping to do that, so don’t let him back into your life.

You don’t love him. You can’t love someone who treats you like that.

He’s the reason for all of your trauma today, he’s the reason for your nightmares and your insecurities.

He shows you kindness from time to time just to keep you interested when you tell him that you’ll leave or once you’ve left.

DONE! When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

That man doesn’t know what love is and you are dependent on him. He made you trust him to the point where you don’t trust anyone else.

He made you believe that you loved him, even though it was pure manipulation.

There’s someone out there for every person. There’s someone who will show you what true love is!

That someone will show you that you can be loved and you won’t feel sick at the thought of them.

So don’t let your toxic ex make a comeback. He doesn’t deserve you and you should look for someone better.

When Your Toxic Ex Is Trying To Make A Comeback

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