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When Your Soulmate Leaves

When Your Soulmate Leaves

When you decide to commit yourself to someone, there are only good things that you see in that idea. Sometimes you can’t even decide, but it just happens on its own. Even though you love your partner unconditionally, and vice versa, love can be harder than that. Loving someone sometimes is not enough. There are no specific rules of relationships, so no matter how great your love is, your partner can decide to go. You may have some huge life plans together, but when it comes to the idea of leaving one another, no matter how hard you are trying to save your relationship, it will happen. Your partner will leave.

You don’t doubt in your partner’s commitment. He was by your side, he supported you no matter what you are doing and you felt complete and safe around him. You could imagine your future with your partner and you didn’t need anyone else to hold your hand. He was completely enough for you. He loved your laugh just like you loved his, and the two of you were really meant to be.

Your behavior toward one another fascinated your friends and family; there was nothing that could stand between you because you were able to fix all the problems that showed up to you. Still, you didn’t act like those boring couples who are constantly kissing each other in public. In my opinion, it is improper behavior for two adults. But when it comes to love and being passionate with each other, you had your world and no one could ever ruin that between you.

That amount of love that you gave to one another was immeasurable. You knew that and that is why you were so sure in your forever. You talked about it many times and both of you swore on love and on forever. There weren’t problems between you; you could have the conversations that didn’t end with deeper meanings or fights. That’s how a normal and healthy relationship works.

You imagined a little house and many children in it. You imagined traveling and exploring the world and all those fancy places with your perfect family. There couldn’t be anyone else but him in your bed, waking up next to you, every morning, for the rest of your life.

But then, all of a sudden, your person chooses to leave. You don’t feel your body, you can’t breathe, and you are sweating. You experience a real shock, you felt terrible with no exit. For a moment you thought that your entire life was endangered.

You don’t have any idea what happened? You are searching for answers but you don’t know them. He really broke your heart.

Then there comes that ugly period of your healing. Many tears will fall, many nights will be sleepless, many days you will spend lonely, many questions you will ask, and many days will pass until you become just a little bit better. You are probably going to promise yourself to never fall in love again. Ever. There will be mixed feelings of disappointment, anger, love, confusion, and solitude.

This misery, however, can’t last forever. You know that you can’t lay in your bad your entire life. You know that you need to find a way to fix your heart piece by piece. While days are passing, you will be better. These words of comfort are shabby, I am aware of that, but for your own good try to heal. You are an awesome person with so many good features, so don’t let yourself flounder easily.

You are worth much more than your partner treated you. No one has the power or permission to break people all of a sudden. You were the last person in the world who deserved to suffer. You let your emotions lead you, but now you know that you will never let it happen again. At least you learned something from being in this position.

So never stop believing in love. Never give up on yourself. Always keep in mind that your value is huge and that no one has a right to play games with you and your feelings. Think twice next time you decide to commit yourself to someone.

When Your Soulmate Leaves

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