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When You Find Love While You’re Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

When You Find Love While You’re Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

It was over.

You were finally free. No more constant drama. No more justifications and endless explanations. You didn’t see 14 missed calls and 7 “Where are you, and who are you with?” messages anymore. And you didn’t have to worry about your social media posts or the fact that you were online at 2 AM.

He was gone, and you were ready to heal. You were ready to finally pick up the pieces of your broken heart and glue them all together. It was sad because he was supposed to be the keeper of your heart, but he let it fall and break into a million pieces.

And he didn’t stop there. He continued crushing them for such a long time. But you were strong enough to get up and shine brighter than ever before. You got your smile back. And the world became colorful again.

You spent your days enjoying the things you used to love before you started dating your toxic ex. You rekindled old friendships and remembered the good times you had together. And you even picked up some new hobbies and finally continued working towards your goals and dreams.

DONE! When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

And that’s how you met him. He caught your attention the moment you laid eyes on him. Right there and then, you knew he’d be the one to change your life. And he did.

You found your soulmate and so you thought it would be easy. But it didn’t play out like that.

You thought you were healed from everything that happened between you and your ex. But you never realized that the toxic relationship left so much damage. And all that surfaced when you found your true love.

One of the first things you noticed is that he trusts you. You were dating him but you still got to enjoy everything you did when you were single. You didn’t have to give up on your dreams and goals. And you didn’t have to stop hanging out with your friends, or posting on Instagram.

He didn’t have any issues with you staying up late and he didn’t call you hundreds of times to check who you were with and where you were at. He loved that you spent time on your hobbies, and never complained about not making enough time for him.

DONE! When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

This man was everything you ever wanted, but for some reason, it bothered you. You spent nights thinking about it. You talked to your friends and listened to them trying to make you believe that you don’t have to worry about anything. But you still worried. The nagging feeling just wouldn’t subside.

Then one day, you suddenly started wondering whether all of these things meant he didn’t love you: “How can he love me and not be jealous about anything? When you love someone, you have to be a little jealous and overprotective, right?”

When he hugged and kissed you, you relished the moment, but then the overthinking came. Thoughts started plaguing you of all the possible reasons he would be this way, but somehow you didn’t consider that he genuinely loved you.

You were scared. Happy that you were together, but worried that he didn’t really want you. You didn’t believe that you were as smart, beautiful, and funny as he told you. Instead, you figured he said all these things just to make you stay.

Your head was a mess, and you blamed yourself for thinking too much. Your mind would fill with unanswered questions: “But why would he make me stay if he doesn’t love me? What does he want from me? Or maybe he really cares about me and wants to be with me?

DONE! When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

If this sounds like something you’re going through, then I’m here to prove that it’s all happening because of your toxic ex. You shouldn’t blame yourself and spend nights wondering if you’ve done something wrong in your new relationship.

The only wrong thing was being with your ex. But since you can’t change that, you can use it to learn something from it. The worst and hardest situations actually make us stronger, wiser, and more powerful. We just have to learn how to focus on the lesson instead of the pain.

Here’s my interpretation of what’s going on in your life. You’ve finally found love after being in a relationship with your toxic ex. And since he left so many scars, you’re scared that someone else will do that to you again.

That’s why your brain is going into hyperdrive – it’s trying to protect you from heartbreak. It’s following the “better safe than sorry” rule. But that’s just making problems for you and not allowing you to enjoy the beautiful love story you have a chance to experience.

What I’ll tell you now will free you of your chains and you’ll be ready to live the life you always dreamed of.

DONE! When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

Why am I so sure? Because I’ve been through all of this. I know how it goes. Your new boyfriend lets you hang out with your friends and doesn’t make any jealous scenes? Amazing!

That means that he trusts you and cares about you and your happiness. If he’s not super jealous, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you! It’s just one of your scars telling you that because it’s scared.

Your ex taught you that love is equal to jealousy. That we don’t love someone if we aren’t overly protective about everything. But that’s not true.

Your new partner lets you work towards your goals and dreams. That’s beautiful. It means that he believes you and wants to see you achieve all of them and be happy. He doesn’t call you 17 times when you’re with your friends. Not because he doesn’t care, but because he trusts you.

He doesn’t kiss and hug you because he has some ulterior motive. He does so because he is in love with you and wants to be close to you. Every beautiful thing he does is because he loves you and wants to build a healthy relationship with you.

DONE! When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

He sees his future with you. I know you’re scared because it seems too good to be true. But when you find true love, you get to live in your own fairytale. And if your new boyfriend acts like this, then I need to congratulate you because you’ve found the one.

You’re strong enough to break those chains of fear your toxic ex left behind, and to let yourself love and be loved. There’s nothing more beautiful than that! You’ve found a man who’s ready to make you happy and prove his love for you.

Be proud of getting through everything that’s happened, and be happy for finding true love after being with your toxic ex. Now’s your time to shine and enjoy the beautiful life that’s awaiting you.

So, go ahead and give yourself the chance to be the happiest person alive – your boyfriend really wants to see that!

When You Find Love While You're Still Recovering From Your Toxic Ex

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