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When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You?

When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You?

When you dream about someone, are they thinking of you? Or is that just your wishful thinking? 

I did some research on this topic because my own dreams were quite weird. I believed that I was dreaming of the same man over and over again and I thought that it was too strange to be a coincidence. 

During that research, I stumbled upon some very interesting information regarding this topic. I really want to share this with you right now, so that your dreams can be a little more clear to you as well. 

Know that at the same time you’re dreaming of someone, they may actually be thinking of you. There are multiple reasons why you’re dreaming of someone and there are many signs that show he’s thinking of you too. 

You’ve been having reoccurring dreams about the same person. The oddest thing about it is that you don’t forget the dreams you’ve had. 

It’s not like your other dreams where you’re wondering whether you just made it up or not. You know someone visited you in a dream but what does it mean? 

7 common reasons why you’re dreaming of someone

When you dream about someone, are they thinking of you too? Or is your mind just playing tricks on you? 

There are actually multiple reasons why you may be dreaming of someone and it doesn’t always have to do with a connection to someone else. Sometimes, those reasons aren’t that obvious, which means that we need to know how to interpret these dreams better. 

Before we learn how to do that, let’s talk about all those reasons why you’re dreaming of this person specifically.

Just remember that if you dreamed of him just once, it’s probably nothing too serious. However, if you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve dreamed of him a few times already, then you may want to look into it further. 

1. You want him to like you

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

When you dream about someone, it doesn’t always mean that they’re thinking of you. Sometimes, it’s your own subconscious bringing out your deepest desires. 

This person may be someone you know who’s influential in your group of friends. He’s probably someone very popular and he’s extremely special to you, so you want his attention and approval.

Sometimes, it’s just the cute boy next door you’re so obsessed with. You want him to notice you, you want him to come up to you and talk to you.

You’ve probably made up scenarios about the way you’ll meet and instantly fall in love. You want him to like you just as much as you like him and because of this, your subconscious mind brings you these dreams out of the blue. 

It’s said that we dream about our deepest desires or our darkest fears and this is probably your deepest desire. 

2. He caused you trauma

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

In order to preserve our sanity, our brain tends to block out traumatic experiences. If we did remember them, they’d probably make us very depressed.

That slight amnesia is there to protect you from this experience. Because of that, you may not remember those memories in your waking life.

They caused you pain of some sort and now your dreams are bringing those warnings back, especially if you haven’t seen this man in a while and now he’s back in your life. Your brain will try to warn you somehow. 

If it’s through dreams, then he’s probably not thinking of you. It’s your own way of keeping your sanity and telling you to stay away from him. 

In this case, those dreams may be very dark and scary and you’ll have nightmares more often than not. 

3. You’re lonely

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

You’ll likely dream of someone who you may think will cure your loneliness. This doesn’t mean that this man is someone special, just someone who can help this need you have. 

Have you been feeling lonely lately? Has he been giving you the attention you’ve been craving and does he make you feel less lonely than other people? 

If you’ve been feeling like this, then it doesn’t have to mean that when you dream about someone, they’re thinking of you. Sometimes, it’s as easy as meeting a need. 

You may dream of him if he used to give you attention but then he stopped abruptly. Maybe he’s your ex-boyfriend and a couple of days after your break-up, you started dreaming of him.

You’re just lonely and you miss him. He doesn’t have to think of you as well if you’re constantly dreaming of him. 

You’ll stop dreaming of him if it was a long-distance relationship and you don’t see him anymore. However, if you’re still around each other, those same dreams may go on for as long as you don’t find closure. 

4. You see him often

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Our dreams are usually the reflection of our day-to-day lives but you don’t have to know this man personally to dream of him. 

For example, you have a similar work schedule and each morning when you go to pick up your coffee, you see him. Now you have weird dreams of this guy, though they don’t really say much.

Your conscious mind isn’t even able to properly process the messages but these dreams could be a part of the law of attraction. If you genuinely have a crush on this man and you dream of him, you’re attracting him into your life. 

He may be thinking of you but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re experiencing some type of telepathy or that he’s your soulmate.

The next day, he may not even look in your general direction, which only means that the obsession is one-sided. 

5. He represents a feeling

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Emotions are a strong motivation for many things in life. Your subconscious mind stores those emotions and it makes sure to know which person triggers which emotions in you. 

So if you dream of this man often, then he represents a very strong feeling. You may feel some type of resentment toward him because of something that happened in the past.

As an example, if he was someone who ghosted you, even though you thought that he was serious about you, you could feel indescribable anger toward him. 

One day, he simply stopped returning your phone calls and now you can’t bring up any positive thoughts when you think of him. You just hate his guts. 

When you dream about someone, on certain occasions they’re thinking of you but other times it’s because of something very simple. An example of this is if you constantly dream of your best friend.

This friend represents safety, happiness, and love to you, and when you go to sleep, content with your life, you’ll dream of someone who represents that feeling.

6. He could’ve changed your life

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re happy in your current relationship, another man can still pop into your head. We’re human and that’s completely normal. 

There may have been someone you talked to before you met your boyfriend. Maybe that man didn’t seem too interested, you weren’t emotionally available, or the timing was wrong. 

If that’s truly the case, then your current boyfriend came around at the right time and was in the right place. You started your relationship and you’re really happy with him!

However, whenever you bump into this other man, you start to wonder whether things could’ve gone differently. If you had changed something about yourself or if the timing had been right for you both, would you be happier? 

None of this makes you a bad person and it doesn’t mean that you love your boyfriend any less. It just means that your brain is questioning everything. 

So at the end of the day, when you’ve overly exhausted yourself thinking about this, you’ll dream of this other man.

Not because you have genuine feelings for him but you’re just giving yourself permission to take into consideration a different path taken. 

7. Your gut’s warning you

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Your gut is like your sixth sense. It knows when something bad will happen and it’ll try to warn you before you even see the first sign that anything’s wrong. 

Because of that, you’ll dream very bad dreams of this person. You’ll have full-blown nightmares.

Even if this person seems nice and friendly, something inside you will remind you that you need to walk away from them. 

Sometimes when you dream about someone, they’re thinking of causing you some sort of harm, whether emotional or physical. Either way, you won’t be able to see that in your daily life.

If we’re talking about a man and you’re having nightmares about him, that’s the universe telling you that you can do better. He’ll probably break your heart or even hurt you in other ways.

This isn’t something that you should be waiting to figure out yourself. Trust your dreams. 

When you dream about someone, are they thinking of you?

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Scientists believe that dreams are your way of making sense of what happened during the day. Do you know that our brain is made of two major parts?

Well, the right side of your brain is much more active when you sleep. It’s the side of the brain that’s activated when you’re doing something creative and it’s also what causes your irrational dreams. 

The left side of your brain is the side that works more when you’re aware. It keeps you safe and it’s where all your rational decisions are made. 

Because of the way your mind works, it brings up images of people and places that you think about a lot. When you combine emotions into this entire experience, you can end up dreaming of a man you’re infatuated with. 

Your dreams will represent an emotion or memory that you often think about and this is especially true with feelings that are connected to another person. 

However, this doesn’t always mean that when you dream about someone, they’re thinking of you. 

Psychologists agree that vivid dreams are connected to the emotional state of a person. For example, if you’re deathly afraid of failing a test, then you’re going to dream of that instead. 

Why do people believe that when you dream about someone, they’re thinking of you?

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Many people believe that when you dream of someone, it’s because they’re thinking of you. They think that it’s due to the energy they’re emitting. 

Energy can’t be destroyed and it can’t stop existing. It just creates a new type of energy. 

Because of this, people believe that dreaming of a special someone means that they miss you or that they’re thinking of you. They trust this statement because of the coincidences that keep occurring. 

A lot of people believe that a dream means something, that it has something to do with the universe and its messages but it’s actually usually just your subconscious. 

For example, you’ll dream of someone and then you’ll wake up to a text from him. Your mind wants to make that connection and you want to believe that it’s more than just a twist of fate. 

However, doesn’t this person text you on a daily basis? Didn’t he tell you that he’s going to hit you up regarding a task you had to do together? 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stop believing that he’s thinking of you. If you spend a lot of time together, there’s a good chance that he’s dreaming about you too. 

He’s probably thinking about you regardless of your dreams. 

Other than that, more often than not, it’s just a superstition, like when people say that sneezing once means that someone’s gossiping about you or when you get hiccups, you tend to think that someone’s talking about you. 

Those superstitions are cute but they’re nothing more than that. 

But what if it’s your twin flame?

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

It’s easy to explain these dreams if it’s a loved one. Sometimes, in real life, we know someone and then we dream of them. 

But what about those dreams when you dream of someone that you don’t know? Maybe you saw them on social media a while back or maybe you’ve truly never seen them anywhere. 

It’s said that our brain can’t really create new faces. We’re apparently not able to dream of someone we’ve never met or someone we’ve never seen and because of that, people want to believe that it’s something more special. 

If you’ve never heard of twin flames, it’s supposed to be your other half. It’s the person you will forever look for. 

Greek mythology says that people were created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces and Zeus decided to split them into two. When that happened, humans were cursed to eternally look for their twin soul.

They believed that even if you were reincarnated, you’d still keep searching for each other. 

So last week, maybe you didn’t dream of a random co-worker or family member, you dreamed of someone you may have never actually seen yet or of someone you only saw in passing. 

It’s said that twin flames have the ability to feel when they’re about to reconnect. Before you meet each other in person, you’ll dream of each other. 

When you dream about someone, are they thinking of you? If it’s your twin flame and you’re expecting them to return to your life or you’re hoping to meet them for the first time, then there’s a possibility. 

There’s a chance that this is also nothing more than a superstition but that doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in it with your whole heart, especially considering the vivid dreams you’ve been having. 

Dream interpretation is always up to you! If it doesn’t influence your mental health in a bad way, then there’s nothing that’s stopping you from going out to search for your twin flame. 

Test your dreams

When you dream about someone, are they actually thinking of you? You can always test your dreams, as your everyday life can prove whether your dreams actually have meaning or not. 

But how do you test your dreams? You can prove to yourself that this person has an outright influence on your psyche in the following way. 

1. Choose a person at random

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

Pick someone you don’t know and who doesn’t know you. You may have seen him randomly on the street and you thought that he was handsome and seemed like someone you could have a crush on if you knew him. 

Instead of meeting him outright, just choose him for this experiment right now. 

It’s very important that it’s someone you’re quite attracted to but at the same time, it should be someone you don’t know personally. This aspect is crucial for your little experiment. 

2. Think about him

Psychologists believe that we’ll dream of someone if we think of them before we go to sleep. You’ll see that yourself when you dream about someone you were thinking of before bedtime.  

You can daydream about this man randomly throughout the day and then you can do the same before falling asleep. 

This may sound a little bit creepy or like you’re delusional but isn’t that exactly how every great invention got to be? If you truly believe that this isn’t how things work, then give it a try and prove yourself wrong. 

You can test your mind and your dreams easily. If you do dream of this man even though you don’t see him every day, then you’ll know that it’s all in your subconscious mind. 

3. Be consistent

DONE! When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You

I’m not telling you that you need to think about him for days on end. You don’t have to think about this man for months and then expect results. 

By that point, things will have turned into an obsession and that’s anything but good for your mental health. 

​What I’d recommend to you is to be consistent with your thoughts for about seven to ten days. Afterward, if he doesn’t show up in your dreams, you can make your own conclusion. 

You can believe that you didn’t dream of him because he didn’t think of you. 

4. Keep a dream journal

Many people nowadays tend to write down their dreams. If you want to have actual results written down and if you want to understand your subconscious better then you’ll have to write in a dream journal as well. 

We tend to forget our dreams minutes or often even seconds after we’ve woken up, so the best thing you can do is keep the journal close to you during the night.

If at any point you wake up, you can write everything down without a problem. The dream is fresh in your memory so you won’t miss out any details. 

You may not even end up dreaming of this man but you can use those dreams to learn a lot more about yourself. This in itself is a great reason to write in a dream journal. 

When you dream about someone, it doesn’t have to mean that they’re thinking of you but if you truly believe that there’s no other explanation, then you can find your own interpretation. 

There are too many things in this world that can’t be explained by science, no matter how hard we try. 

Dreams are one of those things no one knows much about, so you can form your own judgment regarding this topic. 

Some things are just too weird to be explained by our simple human brain.

When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking Of You?

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