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When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

There are no excuses, no explanations for what you did to her. Willingly and consciously, you made the decision to break her heart.

She loved you unconditionally, you could see it in the way she looked at you. It was obvious that you were the only man in her life.

You were everything she ever wanted and slowly but surely, she madly fell in love with you. Even when her friends told her to be careful, she ignored their words because she couldn’t imagine that you could ever tear her apart.

She did her best to show you how much she cared about you. You were her priority from the very start and she couldn’t imagine herself with anyone other than you.

She loved you, she truly did. And somehow, you made her think that you loved her too.

She had no idea that you were only lying to her. She had no idea that your words only served as a harness to keep her on a leash.

She went around singing your praises while you kissed the lips of other women. While you were the only man in her life, she was only a number in yours.

DONE! When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

You used her to boost your ego. You kept her around only because you knew that she’d never leave you.

You’d either be the one she marries or the worst breakup of her life. And in the end, you turned out to be the latter. You turned out to be the guy who would change her forever.

When you cheated on her, you made a deliberate choice to break her heart. You knew what you would be putting her through and still, you proceeded with your plans.

It’s clear that you never truly cared about her. You wouldn’t mind putting her through such immense pain since she never meant much to you.

She was there because you needed to feel good about yourself. You needed someone who’d put you first no matter what. You needed to know you were special in someone’s eyes.

I guess that, from that point of view, she was everything you were looking for. A dream-come-true woman who made you feel like the lead character in your own story.

It’s obvious that you have zero self-worth if you have to cheat on women in order to feel good about yourself. If you have to break their hearts in order to think of yourself as good enough.

You were nothing but a loser who tried to prove his own worth by ruining the lives of others. It’s the lifestyle you chose, and I’m one hundred percent sure that you’re going to regret it one day.

You broke her heart and ruined her forever. After you, she’ll never be the same woman.

DONE! When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

You showed her that this world is cruel and you never know who you can trust. You proved to her that those who apparently love you always end up being those who hurt you the most.

And even though you tried to buy her with all those sweet words and explanations, she still had a bit of pride left in herself. She realized that you were always a cheater, and eventually she stopped avoiding the truth.

After you, she’ll be careful with all of the guys who come along. She’ll assume that their intentions are the same as yours and have a hard time trusting them.

Even when someone proves to her that he has no intention of breaking her heart, she still won’t have any idea how to trust him. You changed her perspective of men and made her emotionally unavailable to all of those who come after you.

While she was falling hard for you, you went behind her back and made her go through the worst pain a woman in love can feel. You broke her heart as if it meant nothing to you because your feelings for her were never real.

You can’t turn back time and change the mistakes you’ve made. Even if you wanted to, you could never make her trust you again.

Your time with her is over and she won’t ever want to see you. You showed her your true face and once the mask came off, she didn’t like the guy behind it.

She’ll eventually get over you. She’s not the first one who’s been cheated on by you.

DONE! When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

As time goes by, she’ll get back on her feet and even learn how to love again. She’ll also learn how to protect her own heart and save it from all of the aches that someone can put it through.

But no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be able to forget you. A cheating man isn’t something that escapes memory that easily.

Even though you’ll always be hidden somewhere deep in her memories, she’ll be able to get over you. I promise you, she’ll be able to stop dwelling on her past with you.

You decided to break her heart, so she’ll decide to stop thinking about you. She knows very well that you don’t deserve her time and energy. You don’t deserve to take any more happy moments from her.

She’ll cry her feelings out and move one like you never happened to her. No, she won’t give you the satisfaction of ruining the rest of her life just because you were incapable of love.

You did what you did and you’ll have to live with the consequences of your actions. You’ll have to face yourself with all of the torment you put her and others through.

One day or another, you’ll realize you made a mistake and shouldn’t have treated her the way you did. And when that day comes, you’ll try to give her an apology because it will be your only way to move on.

But she won’t be there to accept your regrets. She’ll already be living a happy life – one with no traces of you in it.

So, even though you broke her heart, she’ll move on after you. She’s stronger than you could imagine and she’ll never let you take control of her.

You may have caused her some damage, but she won’t let that stop her on her road to happiness. You took the trash out by yourself. You allowed her to lead a life without the people who don’t deserve her.

And let’s face it, you’re one of them.

When You Cheated On Her, You Made A Choice To Break Her Heart

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