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When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

When you give yourself a moment to think about what you like least about women, it’s most probably their assertiveness.

Men have a habit of saying that they love a confident woman who knows what she wants. However, once they find her, they often immediately think of her as stuck-up.

An assertive woman who’s confident is often described as someone who doesn’t know when to stop nagging.

Too many times have I seen my female friends bite their tongue out of fear of ‘nagging’ their boyfriend. They would smile politely, even when the guy crossed some extremely specific boundaries.

Sometimes, we cry ourselves to sleep remembering all those words that were left unsaid.

My friend, let me tell you something that only a woman is able to confirm: When she stops fighting with you, she also stops fighting for you.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

Whether you’re in a relationship right now, or you were in one recently, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Do you remember every time you got home late and she was mad at you? You got so frustrated that she didn’t understand your needs.

But what about the fact that she tried calling you to ensure you were doing all right?

You probably thought that she worried too much, but she actually cared about you too much.

She was sick with worry and you yelled at her for being mad at you.

When she fought with you all those times about her boundaries you were crossing, she didn’t do that to tell you you were a bad boyfriend.

She did it to ensure that you knew how important it was and that you needed to work on it.

You needed to become a better person and she was helping you with that.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

Not every girl knows how to fight with her boyfriend. I’m someone who cries the very moment I get mad and I don’t know how to be assertive.

Sometimes, you’ll think that she’s going crazy. You’ll look at her and you’ll see a woman trying to explain what’s wrong through sobs.

You won’t even hear her, because you’ll think that she’s just being hysterical again.

That’s exactly why I’ll be as blunt as possible with you and tell you that men don’t deserve women.

Be mad at me. Yell your lungs out and then break something out of pure fury.

But know that because of your ignorance, you’re unable to see how much effort it takes her to fight with you for what she believes in.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

Do you truly believe that she loves fighting with you? Do you think that she wakes up every morning just looking for things to fight about?

No, she hates those fights even more than you’ll ever be able to hate them. The look in your eyes that’s pure disapproval gives her chills every time.

She wants to be in a peaceful, happy, and healthy relationship. That’s exactly why she tries to communicate what’s wrong.

She wants to make things better for the both of you. So why are you making it a point to tell her that she’s crazy for always fighting with you?

Have you taken a moment to consider that you might be the problem?

It’s always the same story. A man falls in love with a woman and he pursues her as long as she plays hard to get.

The very moment he realizes that she loves him just as much, he pulls away. He acts like she could never leave him.

That’s exactly why it’s so dangerous! You take her for granted, you let her believe that you couldn’t care less about her.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

That’s when she starts fighting for the relationship. She wants to make things better, she wants to show you that there are things to work on.

However, you continue telling her that she’s the problem for always picking fights with you.

There wouldn’t even be a need for a fight if you actually put effort into the relationship!

But what’ll happen once she realizes that you simply don’t care enough to change and she stops fighting?

You’ll be happy about the silence and the comfort. There will even be a moment when you’ll think that this is the happiest you’ve ever been.

That’s when you’ll lose her.

You’re ignorant enough to believe that she fought and argued just to make you mad. You really thought that was her way to ask for attention?

Now that she’s stopped fighting with you, she also stopped fighting for you.

She’s walking away and the only thing you can do is plead with her to give you another chance.

What you’re not able to see is that she gave you more chances than you deserved. She gave you another chance every time you made an empty promise.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

You were too blind to see how many times she swallowed her own pride to stay by your side.

So many times she tried to tell you that you’d lose her if you didn’t work things through with her.

But you didn’t listen to her. You didn’t listen when she pleaded with you, so why would she listen to you.

The last thing you’ll remember when she leaves is the cracking of your heart.

The heartbreak will be unbearable and you still might not realize that it was truly your fault.

You shouldn’t let that happen. You need to stop thinking that there is some hidden agenda behind her fights.

The only reason why she does assert her opinions is because she wants things to work out between the two of you.

Things can’t work out if you don’t respect her or her needs.

DONE! When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

So before you lose her, listen to her.

Fighting for true love is always worth it!

Listen to what she has to say, tell her that you’ll fight together with her against every problem you might have.

Tell her that her emotions are valid and that you understand her points of view. Promise her that you’ll work together on these issues.

Don’t think that she’s fighting for attention.

Don’t ask her to stop fighting with you, as it’ll be the last straw. That’ll be the exact moment she stops fighting for you and your relationship.

Instead, start fighting for her as well.

When She Stops Fighting WITH You, She Stops Fighting FOR You

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