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When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

I know that your love for him still exists. And I know that every time you hear his name, your heart skips a beat and you start wondering what the future holds for the two of you.

You still want him to be your happily-ever-after, even though you know he’s not the man he used to be.

You’re blinded by love. But the fact that he treats you badly will help you figure out that he’s not the right man for you.

You’ll finally realize how manipulative and toxic he really is. You’ll finally gather the strength to walk away from him.

Please be strong enough to leave a guy who doesn’t put in the effort to make you happy! He’s only been manipulating you into thinking that he’s the one for you. He’s had you in the palm of his hand.

As time passes, you’ll realize that he just kept you close so that he could satisfy his needs.

He was afraid of being alone with his own dark thoughts, so he used you to escape the gloom.

And every time he’d sense you’re ready to leave him, he’d promise you that he would get better. But those were his toxic lies.

He’s never wanted to change. He’s always thought he’s the best at everything.

You stopped being a challenge for him and that’s why he didn’t put any effort into your relationship.

The thing is, you believed in his lies and, in the process, you lost the most valuable thing you could lose – yourself! 
DONE! When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

You never thought that you could give yourself to a guy like that and yet you did.

You lost yourself over a toxic man like him. But you never realized that he put you through hell from the moment you became his second option.

You know you deserve better, so why do you even think about staying by his side?

You shouldn’t accept a man whose toxicity only makes you question your sanity and self-worth.

Be strong enough to say enough is enough and walk away from him.

Even though you still have feelings for him, the situation won’t get better because of your love.

He won’t become a better person because you want him to.

His feelings for you have changed. He isn’t the same man he was at the beginning of your relationship.
DONE! When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave
You can see it in his actions – those that only bring you to tears and cripple your self-esteem.

He just wants to see you sad. He doesn’t want to be the reason for your smile.

His only goal is to manipulate you into thinking that you are the one to blame for everything bad that happens in your relationship.

His toxic behavior is making you unhappy, so you should find the strength to walk away and move on.

If you stay by his side, all you’ll know is pain and sorrow. You’ll always try to find ways to make him happy.

But he won’t reciprocate. He won’t give you the love you deserve to feel and have the courage to let you go. He’s a coward and you know it.

You have to realize that you can’t force a guy to love you just because you love him.

That’s not how love works. You’re a person with a big heart and you deserve to have unconditional love.

You shouldn’t settle for a guy who’s betrayed you over and over again.

A guy who goes behind your back countless times, saying that he won’t do that ever again.

But that’s just him being toxic and unfair to you. Unfair to let you go.

That’s why enough is enough. Please be strong enough to leave him and move on with your life!
DONE! When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

You only know how to love deeply, and that’s what you should expect in return. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t treat you with love and respect. He doesn’t value you or what you bring to the table.

That’s why I urge you: Please have the strength to walk away and move toward your happiness!

You shouldn’t be his back-up plan or just a convenience. You are a woman with a great personality and high value.

And if he doesn’t treat you as such, then muster that strength deep within and leave.

Know that you’re worthy of being loved unconditionally by a man who will always make an effort to put a smile on that gorgeous face.

Someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Remember, sometimes love isn’t enough. Love can’t fix a broken and toxic relationship.

That’s why you can’t stay with him – because you’re only destroying yourself by trying to put those unsolvable pieces back together.

Even if you think you’re strong enough, you won’t be able to endure the pain forever. You can’t take the burden.

You’re a good person and you deserve the best kind of love.
DONE! When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

You deserve a love that will make you feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

Please be strong enough to see the reality of your broken situation. Leave him for good, and focus on yourself and on your well-being.

Girl, you deserve the world and know this. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You just have to gather strength to walk through the tunnel alone and you’ll see the freedom on the other side of your relationship.

Relationships require sacrifice and compromise. They can become a mess, but they also can lift you up to the skies.

They can push you to become the best version of yourself. You just have to wait for the right one.

But first, please be strong enough to leave your current toxic relationship.

He’s making you feel insecure with his toxic and manipulative behavior. That’s not what love is.

And when you gather strength to leave him, that’s when you’ll finally feel free and happy once again.

You’re an amazing woman. Be the best version of yourself and the right one will find you.

One who’ll embrace your flaws and quirks because he knows that those things make you uniquely you.

You’ll finally find everything in that man. Then you’ll know a love that is for eternity.

You won’t feel the need to look elsewhere because you’ll find everything you ever wanted in that one man.
When Enough Is Enough! Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

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