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When Does An Ex Start To Miss You? The Actual Truth

When Does An Ex Start To Miss You? The Actual Truth

No matter the terms on which your relationship ended, we all get to a point where we keep asking ourselves, “When does an ex start to miss you?”

You’ll try to figure out whether your ex is thinking about you the same way you’re thinking about him. Does he miss you or has he already moved on after you?

These questions will become a part of your reality for quite some time and there’s nothing odd about that. When you’ve spent some time with one person, it becomes natural that you miss their presence once they’re gone from of your life.

You were used to having them by your side. Now that they’re not there, you genuinely feel like a piece of you is missing.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether you had a terrible break-up or if you agreed to go your separate ways. The point is that you’ll miss those moments you spent together and no one can blame you for that.

As a result of your ever-present thoughts, you may open Google and try researching a bit more about break-ups. Perhaps you decided to type in, “When does an ex start to miss you?” because you desperately want to know the answer.

You want to know that he’s still thinking about you before he falls asleep. You want to be sure that he still remembers all of the times you spent together.

But what’s the underlying reason for your curiosity? There must be something that’s forcing you to find out the actual truth.

And I know that the answer, “I’m just curious,” isn’t the real reason.

Why do you want to know when an ex starts to miss you?

There are many different reasons why you want to know when an ex starts to miss you and some of them are perfectly normal and are part of the phase of moving on. However, others are unhealthy and have a negative effect on your life.

Now, let’s see what your reason is!

1. You miss him

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

One of the reasons why you want to find out when an ex starts to miss you could simply be because you miss him.

You miss that feeling of happiness you felt while you were with him. You miss the way he made you feel and how much fun you had together.

All in all, you miss that part of your life, where you actually felt like everything was the way it was supposed to be.

Now that your relationship has fallen apart, you don’t feel like you have things under control. If anything, you actually feel like you don’t know who you are anymore but you need to know that these feelings are perfectly normal.

When we put our time and energy into one specific person, we don’t really count on the fact that one day, we could wake up and they’re long gone. That was never a part of the initial plan.

Instead, you imagine your future together and you never wish for things to end. But when a break-up happens and both of you go your separate ways, it’s expected that you’ll miss the one you were in a relationship with.

You feel like you know everything about him and it’s obvious that it will take some time until you admit the fact that your relationship is over and you need to move on.

At the moment, don’t pressure yourself and think that you can stop missing him right away. Your wound is still fresh and moving on never happens overnight.

To be honest, it’ll take you a lot of time to get there. Right now, the only thing you can do is admit that you miss your ex because you had a great time together.

As long as you don’t let these thoughts turn into an unhealthy habit of stalking your ex, you’re fine.

2. You secretly want to get back together

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Maybe the reason why you want to know when an ex starts to miss you is actually because you want to get back together with him. But before you do anything about it, you want to be sure that your ex feels the same way.

You want to be sure that fixing your relationship is something he wants as well.

You don’t want to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you make a move and try to get him back if he doesn’t want to make up with you, as that would be awkward.

So, you’d rather find out whether there’s a possibility that he misses you right now, so that you could act accordingly.

Sending him a message and then ending up on his list of blocked people isn’t something you want to achieve right now.

But if you can figure out how long it takes for an ex to miss you, you can save yourself from humiliation, and then, you could reach out to him at the moment when you’re sure that you’re both on the same page.

3. You want to get revenge

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

This is one of the unhealthy reasons why some people want to find out when an ex starts to miss you. Their only intention is to use this info to make their ex’s life a living hell.

Maybe you want to serve your revenge cold so you want to be sure that your ex is actually going through the stage of missing you at the moment.

You could act like you miss him as well and then break his heart the same way he broke yours when he left you.

However, if this is your intention, then I must warn you that you’re only making things harder for yourself. In fact, by doing this, you can end up inflicting more pain on yourself.

If you don’t have any intention of getting back together with him, don’t shower him with false hope just because you want to hurt him. It’ll be better for the both of you if you simply moved on and left the past where it’s supposed to be.

Even if he broke your heart in the first place, you shouldn’t think about getting even with him. It’s always better to move on than to invest your time and energy in something negative such as revenge.

Trust me, in a year’s time, your break-up will be something you’ll joke about so you shouldn’t do anything silly that you may regret in the future.

End this chapter of your life and simply move on. That’s the best move you could make and one that won’t haunt you in the future.

4. You’re grieving

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

If you just ended your relationship, you may be going through a grieving period. And because of that, it’s normal that you want to find out the answers to different questions, as that helps you move on and heal after a break-up.

When does an ex start to miss you? Does he feel the same way as I do?

How long will it take me to get over him? Those are only some of the questions that will keep bothering you day after day.

But as time goes by, you’ll start to feel better about everything that happened to you. At some point, you’ll finally realize that it was all a lesson you were supposed to learn.

All of the grief you’ve been feeling will turn into a relief and you’ll finally be able to move on. Trust me, that day will come soon, even though right now, you feel like that’s impossible.

No one spends their whole life longing for a person. Eventually, things go back to normal and you realize that everything that happened to you was only a part of the bigger plan.

When does an ex start to miss you?

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Now that you know all of the reasons why you keep wondering, “When does an ex start to miss you?” we can dive deeper into finding out the answer to that question.

Don’t be disappointed when I tell you that no one knows the exact point in time when an ex starts to miss you, however, as it’s simply impossible to pinpoint it.

This is especially because all couples are different and there are different reasons why you actually decided to end your relationship.

If you left him, he may start to miss you right away because breaking up wasn’t a part of his plan.

On the flip side, if he broke up with you for some other girl, then it’ll take him some time to realize the mistake that he made, meaning that he’ll start to miss you much later.

Your ex could well start to miss you around the same time you start to miss him. The timing often matches up because both of you first need to have some time to figure out what actually happened.

The initial stage of shock needs to pass in order for you to realize what’s going on. After that comes a period where you think that you’re happy with the results and you’ll act like the break-up didn’t hurt you at all.

But then it’ll all hit you and you’ll realize that things are much more different than you’ve been telling yourself. That’s why both you and your ex may start to miss each other around the same time.

Even if you know that you ended things for good, the chances are that you won’t resist the feeling of missing your ex.

There must have been some moments in your relationship that actually made you happy and they will be the reason why you’ll start to miss your time spent together.

To be honest, most of the time, you don’t really miss the exact person. Instead, you miss every single memory you had together and you miss the love you gave to each other.

So, no matter the reason why you went your separate ways, you’re likely to miss one another, and sooner or later, that feeling will hit you. And if you miss your ex right now, the chances are that he feels the same way as well.

Besides the actual point in time when your ex may start to miss you, there will be some moments when he’ll wish you were next to him. Here’s when that could happen!

1. After an unsuccessful rebound

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Most failed relationships get treated with rebound relationships. It feels like it’s an unwritten rule.

So, after you and your ex break up, it’s likely that he’ll try his luck with many other girls. He’ll date a lot of them and enter into a relationship with many but none of them will be serious.

Instead, this will all be his attempt to get over you and successfully move on. But once he realizes that none of the other women make him happy, he may start to miss you.

He may realize how amazing of a person you are and how much fun you had together.

He’ll feel like none of the new girls understand him the way you did and he may even figure out that you were the only one who could make him happy.

At that point, he’ll feel like coming back to you and trying his luck one more time.

2. After having a terrible date

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Dating can be fun but it can also be excruciating, especially when you go out with someone who doesn’t suit you at all.

So, while you’re asking yourself, “When does an ex start to miss you?” he may actually be on a terrible date, reminiscing the good times you once shared.

The girl who’s sitting opposite him keeps talking nonsense and all he wishes is for her to stop talking. He may even find an excuse to help himself get out of here.

This could be one of many failed dates in a row and he may start to feel like he can’t take it anymore. He’s tired of spending his nights alone because he has no idea what to say to these girls.

If it were you sitting across the table, the conversation would run so much more smoothly. He wouldn’t have to think about what to say because he knows that you would have so many things to talk about.

Right here and right now, he misses your presence and wishes to have you back in his life.

3. When single life gets too much to deal with

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Life gets hard, particularly when you lose the person you always confided in. This person was your rock and they gave you strength.

But now that they’re gone, you feel like everything’s falling apart. Well, if this is what your ex is thinking, he may start to miss you, especially if you were his safe harbor throughout your whole relationship.

Whenever he felt down and needed a shoulder to cry on, he would always run into your arms. You were always there for him and it’s only now that he realizes how much you meant to him.

Every time life threw him to the ground, you were his helping hand. Right now, all he needs is your support.

However, he feels that he can’t have it since the two of you went your separate ways. He misses you badly and wishes for a second chance with you!

4. When your ex feels like he’s used all other options

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Did you notice that your ex was going on many dates with many different girls? Then all of a sudden, his dating life completely stopped?

It looks like he used all of his options and now, he isn’t even thinking about dating anymore. Every single person disappointed him and he feels like there’s no point in going out any longer.

As a result, he may actually start to miss you. He may realize how much easier things were while you were by his side.

Your date nights were usually a lot of fun and he never regretted a single one of them.

If only he could turn back time and start over again. Maybe this time around, you won’t end up separated from one other.

5. When nostalgia kicks in

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

One of the times when your ex may start to miss you is when he starts feeling nostalgic for all those times you spent together.

All of a sudden, he realizes that you’re an amazing person. He remembers all those memories you shared and he wishes to have those times back.

He’s finally aware of all the good qualities that you possess and he misses having you by his side.

Maybe he’s thinking of getting back together with you but he doesn’t know whether you feel the same way as he does. Perhaps you’ve moved on and have no intention of making up with your ex.

But one thing is for certain – he misses you, as he finally realized what he had by his side. If God gave him a chance, he would try fixing things with you and continuing where you left off.

What you can do if you know that your ex misses you?

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

Once you find out when an ex starts to miss you, you may start thinking about your next move. What can you do now?

You’re aware of all of the moments that may make him think of you. But is there something you’re supposed to do?

Should you let him know that you miss him too? Should you reach out to him and share your feelings with him?

Instead, should you make him jealous or get your revenge? There are so many questions and you have no idea what the right answers are to any of them.

Before you make a decision, you need to be able to answer these questions. Do you actually want to get back with him or is your goal only to make him suffer?

If you genuinely want to get back together and you’re seeing all of the signs your ex misses you, then you could reach out to him. But you should never forget the reason why the two of you broke up in the first place.

If it was something that could easily be solved with a good conversation, then you’re good to go. But if he did something serious (such as cheating on you), then getting back together isn’t the best idea.

If anything, it could only make you suffer even more.

Even if you make up, there’s always a chance that he’ll make the same mistake once again. And since you forgave him once, he may think that you’ll be willing to give him a third chance as well.

DONE! When Does An Ex Start To Miss You The Actual Truth

In that case, you’d be getting yourself in a vicious circle, out of which it’s hard to get out. And that’s not something you want to be doing.

Also, if you only want to know when an ex starts to miss you because you want to get revenge on him, you should be aware that you’re doing the wrong thing, as I mentioned earlier.

Yes, it feels good knowing that he misses you. You may decide to play with his feelings and act as if you miss him too and after that, you could simply disappear from his life.

But do you really want to act that way? Are you really that immature that you would be willing to play games with your ex?

In this scenario, the best thing you could do is leave him in the past, right where he belongs. Instead of wasting your energy on him, you should focus on yourself.

Grow as a person and heal completely after the heartbreak you’ve gone through. Your future self will be thankful to you.

However, if you focus on making him miss you, you’ll only be prolonging the time it takes you to move on after him. And I don’t think you want to do that.

The fact that your ex misses you (or not) should never be crucial when making your own decision. Always keep that in mind.

You’re so much better than spending your life focusing on things that don’t help you move on.

When Does An Ex Start To Miss You? The Actual Truth

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