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What Will Happen When You’re In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

What Will Happen When You’re In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

One of the toughest obstacles to overcome in a relationship is jealousy, especially if it is strong and endless.

You are always on edge, trying to get through to him.

It is up to you to decide whether your man is worth the battle.

The right balance between the compassion that you have and the defense of your own boundaries is the key to a successful relationship.

A jealous man could be a deal-breaker to some women.

However, the amount of jealousy that he displays makes the difference between being cute and turning into an abusive and controlling partner.

Let me tell you something; jealousy is never good and certainly not awesome.

Any kind of jealousy, whether it is good or bad, will at some point be the source of fights. Your partner needs to have trust in you.

However, you shouldn’t spark jealous feelings in your partner by doing certain things.

Trust is important in every relationship. He shouldn’t be worried and shouldn’t be jealous if you are late for your date, or if you spend extra time with a friend.

Jealousy is something that is inevitable in every relationship, but unhealthy jealousy is a real problem.

It is in our nature to keep things healthy and one way on how to succeed with that is to not allow our feelings to control our behavior toward our partner.

The thing is that movies and TV shows have displayed what a perfect boyfriend should be, and women have a hard time distinguishing when he is being caring and loving, and when he is being obsessive and controlling.

Not recognizing when he is being jealous and when he truly cares about you can be dangerous.

It might feel like your relationship has been turned upside down. You might feel depressed or guilty because he will cause those feelings with his behavior.

If the man that you are dating is jealous, he will always suspect the worst of you.

DONE! What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

Your relationship will be constantly filled with him looking through your phone or checking where you are.

However, he will ask you in a way that will seem like he is gathering information rather than caring about you.

Being in a relationship with a jealous man will be full of distrust.

He will not ask you about your night out with friends because he cares, but because he doesn’t trust you.

So, if you are dating a man who is jealous, be prepared to constantly have to tell him where you are, what you are doing, and whom you are with.

A relationship with a jealous man will be like dating a person who is always right there next to you.

He will constantly ask if he can go out with you and your friends.

He will never be OK with you going out by yourself and he will always want to join you.

If you really like him and want to date him, but he is jealous, you will be wondering what will happen when the two of you are in a relationship. Well, let me tell you.

He will get upset when other people compliment you.

DONE! What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

You know that he finds you beautiful and perfect, so you ask yourself why it would annoy him if someone else noticed those attractive attributes that you possess.

Well, the answer is simple. He’s upset because he is jealous and because he has major trust issues.

He doesn’t let anyone notice how beautiful you are because someone else could hit on you or start flirting.

He wants you for himself and no one else. That is why there is a thin line between being jealous and being protective.

Dating a jealous person is tough. You can help him change, but those little things will remain.

For example, if you are in a really good mood, your partner will say something negative to immediately change that.

He will cut you down.

DONE! What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

He will do everything that is in his power to not do things he doesn’t want to do.

When you are dating a jealous man, if he is happy then you must be happy too. You need to match his happiness and this goes both ways.

So, if he is feeling miserable, then he will expect you to be miserable too.

You and your feelings simply don’t matter to him. He doesn’t respect your opinion because he wants to be in control all the time.

You don’t get to choose which activity to do when you are on a date.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are dating a jealous man is that he will not answer your calls or texts when you are out with your friends.

That’s the way he will respond to you if you are not paying enough attention to him.

He resents the time that you spend with your friends and not with him.

A guy who is jealous will definitely make excuses for not taking you out.

DONE! What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

The thing you need to be aware of is that these types of men want you for themselves.

They don’t want to show you off to other people, because they are insecure and afraid of being left alone.

They don’t want you to attract attention from other people.

However, you should not let this person hold you back. If you want to do something, then do it.

Don’t wait for his approval because eventually, you will regret not doing it.

You are the one who decides what is best for you and how to live your life to the fullest.

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Today’s most common way to portray jealousy is through social media.

If your partner keeps track of who you follow or whose pictures you like or comment on, then there are definitely some jealousy issues involved.

DONE! What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

You need to be able to live your life. How well he reacts to your social media behavior is a great signal of how controlling he actually is in real life.

So pay attention and be aware of that.

The other side of the coin is when you voluntarily give each other your email password or phone passcode.

That is a great sign of how much or how little trust you have in your relationship.

If he asks you to share that kind of stuff with him, then you can be sure that is a sign of jealous behavior, not to mention that he is being insecure and controlling.

What Will Happen When You're In A Relationship With A Jealous Man

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