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What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

If you’ve been in a relationship where you felt like you were working so hard to change yourself in order to please your partner, then you’ve been with one who was wrong for you.

Constant pressure and determination to finally hear positive words of encouragement can make you feel that love is a terrible, unnecessary thing.

Everything loses sense when you are constantly trying but nothing is changing.

However, there is another side to this. When you find yourself in a relationship where you always feel put down, you need to remember one thing; you are not the problem!

As a matter of fact, whatever the wrong one tried to change, the right one will love.

Every time we get into a new relationship, we try to make our partner feel proud of us.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

We are at the start of something new and we want our partner to see the best version that we can be.

We want to impress them and show them who we really are.

As time passes, we create opinions about what our partner is like and from time to time, the feeling that something is not working out appears.

You notice that he never agrees with your opinions. And like that isn’t enough, he even tries to change them.

Whenever you say something, he makes you feel ignorant. He makes you feel like he is better than you, and tries to put himself above you.

The, “You look beautiful,” turns into, “What are you wearing?”

Recently, you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met, and now you start hearing the words ‘too skinny’, ‘too short’, ‘fix that’, ‘change that’.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

Your jokes are not funny anymore and instead of a laugh, you receive that harsh eye contact which suggests that you be quiet.

He speaks about your friends like they are the worst people in the world, and when you go out with them, terrible words of anger come out of his mouth.

Then when you stop hanging out with them, he finds another reason to nag.

Every step you take seems not worthy, and not good enough.

You try to change and adapt to his needs, but it doesn’t feel natural anymore. His mold is too tight for you!

At this point, you start asking yourself what is wrong.

Are you really doing something terrible which is making him treat you this way? Is it actually your fault?

When this happens, you should remember one thing – you are not his type and he doesn’t have feelings for you.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

Everything he does is a way to make you go away.

He is pushing you to your limit just so he can see how long you are going to last.

Don’t let yourself be in this kind of relationship, as nothing will ever change and you will never be the one for him.

Instead, set yourself free and break away from the limitations and confinements that he set upon you.

Don’t be with someone just because you don’t want to be lonely!

After you make the decision that you are too good to be treated like a fool, things will start to change. Positive thoughts bring about a positive life!

At one point, you will meet another guy and you will know that he is the one for you. “How is that possible?” you could ask. It is simple.

Everything the wrong one tried to change, the right one will love!

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

This guy will appreciate every single part of you. He will fight to find out everything you love, enjoy, think, and care about.

He will know how much sugar you put in your coffee; your favorite color will become the color that brightens his life; he will listen to your favorite song on repeat, and pay attention to the words you say.

Everything will seem so simple, and your personality will shine through.

This relationship will have no limitations, as the one who is right for you trusts you with his whole being.

For him, you will never be too loud, too emotional, too smart, or just too much.

You will be just enough, and he will constantly try to show you how much he cares.

This will give you wings to fly, and from that point onward, your life will change only for the better.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

The right guy will be your biggest support.

You will feel appreciated to the level where you will start asking yourself, “How did I make it through before you came into my life?”

Stop settling and embrace who you really are.

The right guy will come immediately after you let your toxic relationship go.

Don’t let other people treat you like you are a burden because you are not!

Everyone deserves to be treated well, and when the time comes, your childhood dreams will become a reality.

The right one will notice the power you carry within yourself and he will never let you settle for anything that you don’t deserve.

He will be your aid and support and will always push you further because he will know what you are capable of.

All those guys who made you feel bad did that only to try to show themselves as better than you.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

They were aware of your powerful personality and they knew what was hidden inside of you.

They realized that they couldn’t deal with you as you were better than them.

This hurt them, and their coping mechanism chose the degradation of you as a way to hide their own issues.

Don’t focus on the wrong guys, but instead focus on the one who loves you for all the right reasons.

When he comes, everything will be easier as you will find a person with whom you will want to share both the good and the bad.

The right one will make you feel like you are walking barefoot through grass fields, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds chirping, and thinking how beautiful life can be.

What The Wrong One Tried To Change, The Right One Will Love

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