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What Is True Happiness? 30 Things You Need To Know To Be Truly Happy

All of us sometimes feel happy, but what is true happiness?

You can find happiness with a little help from our ways to be happy.

The most important thing you need to understand when finding true happiness is that happiness comes from within.

Finding happiness within yourself is the most important step in mastering the art of happiness.

True happiness doesn’t just come to you, you need to learn about finding true happiness.

We’ll discuss the key to happiness, but it’s not as simple as just deciding to experience real happiness.

Also, true happiness isn’t just owning things, because real happiness doesn’t come from outside of you.

As I just said, finding happiness within yourself is necessary because real happiness comes from within.

Did you ever wonder what is true happiness? Finding true happiness in life is all about understanding the art of happiness so you’ll need to read our ways to be happy and learn about the key to it all.

Finding true happiness in life won’t be so hard once you understand it.

What is true happiness? Let’s answer that question once and for all so we can proceed to find real happiness in our lives.

What is true happiness?

Can you answer the question of what is true happiness? We can agree that all of us want happiness in our lives, but what is your answer?

You might say that you would be happy when you buy a new house, travel the world, win the lottery, or get married…

Maybe you need a new car, parties with friends, or to have children to be happy?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but those are not the answers I’m looking for when it comes to what is true happiness.

Most of those things can come into your life and bring happiness for several moments or days, but afterward, the feeling is gone.

For instance, if you buy a house or a car, it’s momentary happiness, and those things won’t make you indefinitely happy.

You may get into a relationship or a marriage because you’re searching for happiness in your partner.

However, one day you’ll have a fight or an argument with that partner, and you’ll feel that you’re not happy anymore.

You can search for happiness in traveling and discovering new places while capturing their beauty with your camera.

However, don’t ever think that your happiness is associated just with places, with other people or with materialistic things.

When your search for happiness is based on the outside world, it shows that you don’t know the real answer to the question of what is true happiness.

So, what is true happiness? True happiness is the one that comes from within, it’s the one that’s inside you.

It’s about living in harmony and peace with your soul, body, and mind.

You need to enjoy your own company to find true happiness in life.

True happiness in life means loving yourself, it’s a state of mind and you don’t need materialistic things or other people to be happy.

That doesn’t mean that other people or materialist things can’t make you happy; it’s just that true happiness isn’t temporary pleasure but lasting feelings of contentment and joy.

If you want to figure out what makes you happy, just think about whether it would make you happy only temporarily or indefinitely.

However, it’s crucial that you seek the happiness that’s inside you and make it a state of mind.

I’m going to help you with that, but let’s first see the ways to be happy.

Now that you know what is true happiness when it comes to a deeper meaning, let’s look at the happiness that you can find in the outside world as well.

Finding true happiness

1. Figure out what your meaning of happiness is

I already told you that true happiness is something inside you, not outside. However, what happiness means to you is also important.

So, remember your answer from before. What makes you truly happy?

Your friend might think that accumulating wealth is their happiness, while yours could be building your own family.

Everyone has their own definition when it comes to happiness, and no one should be judged for it.

Just remember that it starts with you, within, and you can work to find it in yourself.

2. Put effort into attaining your happiness

What happiness means to you is important, and you should work hard for it.

Is having a successful career the definition of happiness, in your opinion?

Then work hard to achieve that goal! It can’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy, but it will surely be worth the effort.

Don’t forget to also seek happiness within you… Do so to avoid getting disappointed because of the short-term effect of momentary happiness.

3. Don’t rely on others to make you happy

You need to keep in mind that your happiness doesn’t depend on others. You need to be happy on your own to be truly happy.

Are you single? Be happy because there’s nothing wrong with being alone until you meet the one.

Are you in a relationship? Then don’t rely too much on your significant other.

You can be happy with your partner… but always remember to search for ways to be happy without relying too much on anyone else but yourself.

4. Have stability in your life

We need to be realistic about all this. When you don’t have stability, it’s pretty hard to have happiness in your life.

Your safety and physiological needs come first and before you can fulfill any other need, you need to fulfill those.

When it’s impossible for you to provide your basic needs, it’s hard to attain what you need in order to be happy.

5. Remain healthy

If you don’t stay healthy, even if you get what you need to be happy, it’s all for nothing.

Wealth doesn’t mean much if you’re not in a position to enjoy it because of your bad health.

That is why you need to take good care of yourself. You need to be responsible with your nutrition as well as with your body.

Not prioritizing your health can lead to serious consequences.

6. Be grateful and appreciate the small things

We are so caught up in our search for happiness that we often overlook the little things that could make us happy.

Isn’t it amazing that you’re alive and breathing, and isn’t it beautiful to see the sunrise or sunset?

You need to appreciate what you already have. Once you have an attitude of being grateful, it will be much easier to be happy.

7. Forgive others as well as yourself

We often blame ourself for some mistakes from the past so we end up thinking that our life is miserable because of what we have done.

Blaming ourself makes it impossible for us to find our happiness so we need to learn to forgive ourself.

After all, we always have the chance to make ourself better.

It’s also important to forgive others, especially if you hold a grudge or even hate someone. All that hate can do is stop you from attaining happiness.

8. Don’t be jealous

Beating jealousy isn’t such an easy task but it’s impossible to be happy if you can’t stop comparing yourself to others.

Of course, there will always be those who are better than you in some way, whether they are better-looking or more successful.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. You’re not less of a person because of it.

After all, you probably have something those people don’t really have. Maybe they are even dreaming of something you already have.

9. Be genuinely happy for others

This is why the previous step is so important; because once you beat jealousy, it will be easier to be truly happy for others.

Someone’s success isn’t your failure, and you need to remember that.

Maybe your friend got a promotion at work, or someone else achieved some goal they worked hard for.

Be truly happy for that person and applaud their success.

You’ll get there too, and when you do, you’ll want others to be happy for you just the same. So, be happy for them and don’t be jealous.

10. Accept that there are things you cannot change

To be truly happy in life, you need to accept the things that you just cannot change.

You cannot change your height, the mistakes from your past, or your childhood.

Some things are simply out of your control, and that’s perfectly fine.

All you can really do is keep moving forward and try not to repeat the mistakes you made before.

11. Focus on the things you can do

You simply can’t change certain things, but there’s a lot that you can do, so focus on that.

Do you want to get a promotion at work? Then work hard on achieving that goal.

Improve yourself as much as you can, and make sure you have good work ethics.

Do you feel like you should lose some weight? Then don’t just wish for that to happen and start doing something about it!

You need to challenge yourself and stay disciplined, determined, and dedicated.

12. Take breaks from time to time

You can be really passionate about things, but you’ll get exhausted all the same so it’s a good idea to take breaks from time to time.

Take a nap when you’re tired and go traveling whenever you can. Go out with your friends or read a good book.

You can do anything that relaxes you, and is good for you.

13. Make sure you’re surrounded by positive people

To be truly happy, you should surround yourself with people who are positive.

Hang out with those who always find a way to cheer you up and uplift your spirit.

Let them serve as an inspiration to you to find your own happiness. Positive people will surely remind you that there is always a reason to be happy.

14. Do nice things for others

Treating others well is one of the secrets to finding happiness.

This doesn’t mean that you should make grand gestures but showing someone that you care about them, and for them, makes all the difference.

Don’t gossip and instead do some charity work, or help an old person cross the street.

You might even find happiness by seeing someone smile because you helped them.

15. The last step is conquering yourself

Conquer yourself to find your happiness. You are your greatest enemy, not anyone else.

It’s crucial that you face the fears you have and overcome the worries that are eating away at you.

Stop bothering yourself with all the what-ifs. Get up and surprise yourself by doing something you couldn’t imagine you could do.

Finding happiness within yourself

Do you want to achieve a state of happiness inside? There are some things that can help you with that.

The most important one is to start loving yourself. Treat yourself like a princess because you deserve nothing less.

There are some negative people out there, and you need to stay away from them.

However, don’t just stay away from negative people because your negative feelings are equally damaging; stay away from all the fear, envy, anger, and jealousy.

Nurturing your soul is also crucial, but it’s nothing without nurturing your body as well so make sure that your meals are nutritious and try meditating.

Are you afraid of being alone? The best way to solve that is to take some time for yourself.

I’m talking about watching a movie or reading a book when you’re by yourself.

You will need to promise yourself that you will treat yourself right.

The only way for you to be humble and kind with others is to be humble and kind with yourself.

When it comes to those others, perform some selfless acts of kindness, such as smiling at a stranger or giving your seat to an old person on public transport.

You will be truly happy once your happiness doesn’t depend on others or on materialistic things.

The key to happiness

There are 15 keys to happiness that you need to be aware of, and here they are:

1. Be your true authentic self

You are one of a kind, a unique blend of gifts, quirks, and passions. To be truly happy, you need to be your true self and show it to the world.

Live in a way that simply feels right for who you are; otherwise your true self’s happiness will never be reachable.

2. Give without expecting anything in return

Giving needs to come from a place of love. Give without wanting anything in return, as that way, you become just as fulfilled as the person you’re giving to.

That gift doesn’t have to be grandiose; just make sure your words are kind and full of support and offer a helping hand whenever you get a chance.

3. Seek stillness instead of busyness

We glorify busyness, but as a result, we end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Your soul needs some time in silence and stillness to renew and rest.

Try meditation for at least ten minutes each day. You’ll soon notice the positive effect it will have on your sense of well-being.

4. Lose yourself in something you love

To lose yourself in something you love is to experience the flow; you find yourself that way and you actually get to experience the essence of your nature.

Lose yourself in the things you love doing, whether it’s writing, cooking, running, or serving others. It’s a great way to find your happiness.

5. Be grateful

I already mentioned this shortcut to happiness, and it’s gratitude.

When you are grateful, the things you have become enough for you and you also become focused on simple joys surrounding you.

It makes you feel satisfaction and pleasure, which turn you into a magnet for great things.

6. Bring a sense of awe to your daily life

You know how amazing and fascinating strange places seem?

Whether it’s a new city, country, street, park or bar, they can seem astonishing to your fresh eyes.

That’s the sense of awe that you need to bring to your everyday environment and local neighborhood.

You’ll discover a lot of wonders that way and notice things you never noticed before.

7. Accept the present moment

Did you know that the intensity of your pain depends on you resisting the present moment?

Accept the present moment the way it is, and you’ll find inner peace.

It will free up the energy that you have to make changes about the things that you can control, therefore you can affect the future by creating different outcomes.

8. Connect with the present moment

Don’t we all spend most of the time in our own head, thinking about the past or the future?

We are not connected with life, with our loved ones, our senses, the beauty of sunset and sunrise, or the taste of our meal.

Throughout the day, you need to be connected with the present moment and as a result, your days will feel much fuller, longer, and brighter.

9. Love yourself

The relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have.

Unfortunately, however, you probably talk to yourself with contempt and criticism.

Treat yourself like you would treat the person you love most in the world and be your own best friend.

It means treating yourself with unconditional acceptance, love, and compassion.

10. Follow your purpose

In life, everyone has a unique purpose, whether it’s a series of smaller things or one great thing.

A purpose can be becoming the best version of yourself, serving others, or enjoying earthly pleasures. It could be anything, really.

Your purpose and path in life are different from everyone else’s so don’t conform to social norms.

Consult your own intuition and heart instead, whenever you need to make a decision about your life.

11. Don’t worry and be an optimist

Isn’t worrying actually pretty much like praying for the things you don’t wish to happen?

Most of the time, being worried about the future isn’t any more warranted or logical than expecting an outcome to be positive.

Doesn’t your life experience prove that most of the time, in the end, things work out?

Therefore, why not save yourself from the emotional torture of worrying?

You can have a mindset that’s based on optimism instead, as well as on trust and positive expectation.

12. Have a playful spirit

A walk in the park could feel like a joy and a luxury when you do it for no reason… but when you do it on your way to work, it’s like an obstacle.

You had a playful spirit when you were a kid, so why have you lost touch with it? Try to bring it back because it can help you be happy.

Do things just for the sake of enjoyment. Bringing about an attitude of play and fun to your experience and daily life will lead you to happiness.

13. Find balance

There’s a right time for every single thing, from taking action to resting, as well as from certainty to uncertainty.

Have a period of rest and a period of action, and you will find balance in your life.

Think about whether your life is fulfilling and look at every aspect of it – learning, love, health, career, self-growth, leisure, and finances.

14. Be compassionate toward others

Aren’t we all equal and the same, when considering it on a fundamental level?

You can look at the differences between others and yourself or you can notice the common humanity that everyone shares.

Accepting others as they are and feeling compassion toward them will set you free. You won’t have rigid expectations of them anymore.

15. Practice shifts in perspective

The most amazing thing in life is a shift in your perspective about a situation or a person.

You feel fearful, but then you feel secure, hold a grudge, then forgive, get upset about a trivial thing, then see the big picture and let go…

Practice such shifts in perspective, because the more you do so, the more you’ll experience inner peace and contentment.

What Is True Happiness? 30 Things You Need To Know To Be Truly Happy

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