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What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You?

What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You?

“He’s perfect!”

That’s what I told my friends when I first saw him. I will always remember that moment. The three of us were sitting in our favorite restaurant, celebrating Hannah’s birthday. Although it was a secret since she hates the fact that we’re getting older every year.

When I said that, I immediately added, “Wait, don’t turn around yet! It’s gonna be obvious.” But it was too late, they’d turned around and looked at him at the same time. He saw them and smiled at me because he obviously realized it was me who noticed him first.

At that moment, my only wish was that the ground would open and swallow me whole. However, a few moments later, I heard someone say, “Don’t be embarrassed, I like you too.” And when I looked up it was him – the perfect man I couldn’t stop gawking at.

He left before I could say anything, but when I looked at the table, I saw he left his business card for me. I was so confused. I felt like I was either being pranked for a TikTok challenge, or stuck in a romcom. Of course, it was neither. It was real and it was amazing.

DONE! What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You

I think you can already guess the main topic for the rest of that day. Me and my potential date. Hannah, I’m sorry for stealing your day. But when I think about how much you hate birthdays, maybe it’s better that I say, “You’re welcome.”

At the end of the night, we settled that I’d send him a message. It took me a full two hours to figure out what I wanted to write before I finally decided I’d text him “Hey, it’s me. A girl you fell in love with in the restaurant today.”

He replied with a simple “Saturday. 8 PM. Same restaurant.

It was like a dream come true. I’ve always been the biggest fan of romantic movies and books, and everything that was happening made me feel like the main character. I was the happiest person alive!

Wednesday passed. Thursday passed. And so did Friday, albeit super slowly. Then it was finally my Saturday. I already planned my outfit, my hairstyle, and even the perfume I wanted to put on. So the only thing left for me to do was to sit and wait for the alarm to remind me it was time to go.

DONE! What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You

I got there early, but I decided that I wanted to be two minutes late. Just so I didn’t seem so miserably desperate. And when I entered the restaurant, I instantly spotted him – my perfect man. Okay, he wasn’t technically mine at that point, but I was working towards it.

The first thing he told me was that I looked beautiful and that he was worried I wasn’t going to come. That made me smile because it meant he was thinking about me. That night was the stuff of dreams.

I learned that he is a pediatrician who just started working a few months ago. He wanted to help children because he was one of those babies who barely survived. But the doctors saved him, and he always wanted to become one of them. I fell in love with that story.

Then I fell in love with the way he smiled, laughed, and talked. He was everything I ever wanted to have in my life. And he told me he felt the same way. Not long after our first date, we started dating. And I soon met most of his friends and even family. He met mine too.

I loved them all, and it seemed like they loved me. I was truly happy with him. Since our first date was on Saturday, he always left his Saturdays free for me. It was our day. And we made a little tradition of having movie night on that day.

DONE! What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You

Every week, he’d buy me flowers. And each time he saw them starting to wither, he’d run to the nearest flower shop to buy more. He made little gifts for me, and I kept them all on the shelf above my bed.

We spent lots of time alone, but we also spent a lot of time with his friends. I always had a weird feeling about one of his female friends. But every time I started to bring it up, he’d tell me I had nothing to worry about.

I got to know all of his friends pretty well. Everybody but her. Every time I approached her, she found a reason to go somewhere else or answer her phone. At first, I thought she just didn’t like me. But I saw her looking at him. And then eventually, I saw him looking at her.

I thought I was paranoid, so I didn’t want to make any problems. I kept quiet so I could keep him. But it hurt, and every time we were all out together, it hurt even more. I decided to ask him again, but he snapped at me and told me I was super jealous.

He told me it was annoying and that I should stop doing it.

DONE! What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You

He became colder. Our Saturday nights disappeared. My last bunch of flowers withered a long time ago. And I felt totally neglected.

Somehow, we even stopped hanging out alone, and it was replaced by going out with his friends. He said he was too busy to have both, and I already knew his friends, so what’s the problem?

I did everything because I didn’t want to lose him. I spent nights thinking about our perfect love story. And the story we were in at that moment. Then one night while I was waiting for him to come back home, my phone rang.

It was a friend of his. I knew what it was about before I even picked up. Don’t ask me how, because I’ll never know. I guess it was just a gut feeling. When I answered the phone, he just told me “I’m sorry, but I really care about you. And I can’t stay silent anymore. He’s cheating on you with her.”

It was the hardest thing to hear. My perfect man cheated on me. Why would he do it? I blamed myself for days, thinking that I was not pretty, interesting, or smart enough. Maybe I was too clingy and it pushed him away. Or he got bored of everything we had. “I should’ve been more fun,” I thought.

But then I calmed myself down. And I realized that the only thing I was guilty of was thinking that he was perfect. So I picked up my phone and texted my friends:

He wasn’t perfect.

What Happens When The Perfect Man Cheats On You?