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What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

We all know what we want. Or at least we think that we know what we want. And maybe the guy you like has charm, character, and is truly handsome.

Eventually, you become obsessed, as he lured you in and hooked you on his charm.

In the end, the only thoughts that you have are about him and you being together in a relationship.

Keep in mind that no matter the image you created about him in your mind, he is probably not so great in real life.

Women don’t think about this when they chase men.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

You only think about the outcome, about the two of you being together, and how it will all be worth it in the end.

You build an imaginary world that is hard to snap out of. You never think about how he feels about you chasing him or what he’s thinking.

However, you shouldn’t chase him. If you chase him, there’s a good chance that you don’t have a grip on your self-worth.

If you chase him and you think that the only source of your happiness is going to come from him, you are wrong.

It is never good to put all your expectations on one person. He may or may not disappoint you.

Don’t crave his attention or his love. Eventually, you will become clingy and obsessed with the idea that you created in your head about you two.

First of all, it is not right.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

If a guy is into you, then you should be the one who is being chased and not vice versa. If you chase a guy, he might think of you as being more masculine.

A guy who likes you will make the effort so that you notice him. It will come naturally to him to act that way. Anything else doesn’t come into question.

If he wants to be in your life, there is no obstacle that he couldn’t overcome. And that is his job, not yours.

The guy might even feel intimidated by your actions if you start to chase him. Nevertheless, if a guy likes you, he won’t need chasing.

The second thing is he might think the relationship would be unbalanced.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

Once you start chasing him, believe me, it is over. The dynamics of your dating life will be all wrong. The balance needs to be right.

If you chase him, he might think that you aren’t aware that you are worthy of his time.

He will think that you’re not on the same level as he is, and the emotions that you have toward him will not be returned in the same manner.

And then, you are left with your own insecurities. They will only grow as time goes by and you still chase him.

Let’s say you land the guy that you like.

Once things start to settle down, he might think that you doubt yourself, that you are not as strong as he is, or that you are not good enough for him.

Don’t put yourself in that position, please. It will drive you crazy and he will have a bad image of you. Chasing a guy should not be an option for you.

The third thing is he might think you are being desperate.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

I know that you know this, but I feel obligated to repeat it.

As much as it pains me to say it, we still live in a patriarchal society, and it is a man’s job to go after the woman he wants.

If you change this role, he might be thinking that you are being desperate.

He’ll start wondering, “Why are you chasing me if it is my responsibility to chase you?”

And let’s be brutally honest. You are a darn good catch. You should be the one whom guys are chasing and not vice versa.

Some guys like to be chased, that’s true, but most of them don’t.

Men are natural-born hunters, they love the thrill that comes with the idea of ‘chasing’ some girl.

If you take that away from him, you will leave him feeling less manly than he truly is.

He will feel like his responsibility was taken away from him. Eventually, he will start to think that something is really off with you.

The fourth thing is he might think you are stalking him.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

This goes both ways. You have likely had a man who you couldn’t get rid of, no matter how hard you tried, am I right? The same is applicable for him.

Despite portraying a tough exterior, men have feelings too, just like you.

There is a difference between being too persistent and putting in the effort. The line is thin, but the line is there.

If you are being persistent, even if he shows you through his actions that he is not interested, that is called abuse. And he will feel harassed, believe me.

No one wants to feel that way, not even you.

Just like women, men give out subtle hints whether they like you or not. Be aware of that and comply with them.

A characteristic that men don’t look for in a woman is just that – stalking. It is unflattering and gross.

As I said before, being harassed by someone goes both ways. Don’t be that girl.

The fifth thing is he might turn the situation in his favor.

DONE! What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

There is a possibility that he will let you chase him only for one goal and that is to get you into the bedroom.

And let’s face it, men who want to be chased want only one thing. After they get that, you will become boring to them and they will leave.

If you chase him, he might be under the impression that you want to get into the bedroom with him, which is fine by him.

However, in the long run, there is no future if you chase him.

To summarize, it is never a good idea to chase the guy you want. Let him enjoy the chase and let him be in his natural habitat.

Believe me, men are used to chasing women. For the most part, if you are chasing him, then that man is not worth your time.

You will not succeed as he will be confused as to why you are doing something that he is supposed to do.

He will be uncomfortable and will not open up about his feelings.

What Guys Really Think When You Chase Them

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