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What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

We all have an ideal type, that much is for sure. But how do the ideal types differ depending on the zodiac sign?

Earth, air, fire, water – every element has its own signs that have something in common while others look for completely different things.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Aries is a fire sign and as such, they are very intense, but still the calmest of all the fire signs.

An Aries looks for someone very adventurous and flirtatious. They love to keep the fire going because they can get bored very quickly.

Aries wants their partner to challenge them.

They want them to plan spontaneous trips, either within nature, to the beach, or simply on a road trip to a place they’ve never been to.

When it comes to flirting, they have to feel like they’re conquering your heart over and over again.

Flirting is their way of showing you that they are still just as attracted to you as before.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Taurus is known for loving the finer things in life. The same goes for their ideal partner, but it still goes beyond the physical.

A Taurus wants someone who’ll be soft and warm.

They want someone they can cuddle next to in their expensive PJs, and drink wine, with the fireplace being their only source of light.

Sometimes it might seem like Taurus wants too much from their partner, but they’re actually very loving and caring.

They just want someone soft-spoken and warm to cuddle with.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Geminis are very unpredictable.

One day they want someone who will pick flowers with them and the next they want someone to show them a crazy time (if you know what I mean).

Regardless of the scenario, a Gemini always looks for someone trustworthy and charming.

They want someone trustworthy because they know gossip about anyone and everyone, so they need someone with whom they can share that info.

However, charm is what makes a Gemini stay by their side.

Gemini can seem very unapproachable from time to time, but their charming personality always wins people over.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

It’s safe to say that Cancers are THE most emotional sign of the zodiac.

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon, which is responsible for our feelings and emotions.

For that exact reason, Cancer needs someone empathetic by their side.

They need someone to understand their emotions and calm them down when it gets out of hand.

Cancer also wants someone who’s committed to them only.

Because of the fact that they have a very hard time recovering from a broken heart, they want someone who they know will treat them right.

To them, commitment is the first thing they look for. If a Cancer falls in love with you, know that they’ll love you forever.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Leo is ruled by the sun and as we all know, our entire solar system revolves around it and this is similar to how a Leo sees themselves.

They always want to be the center of attention, so they need a partner who can keep up with them.

Leo needs a partner who’ll be generous with their time and attention, whether it be IRL or through texts.

A very important trait Leo looks for in a partner is confidence. How are you going to keep up with a Leo if you’re not confident enough?

They need someone by their side who will walk through life with them like it’s a runway!


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. They look for small details in their partner that tells them how interested they are.

Virgos are very attentive and see the smallest mood changes in their partner but this might be a problem because they want the same from them.

They want someone who’s just as attentive because a Virgo might hold back on what they truly feel.

Virgo also wants stability. They don’t like playing games and chasing people. If you want them, you will do whatever it takes to have them.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

As an air sign, Libras are extremely creative and they use different artistic outlets to express themselves.

For this reason, they always look for someone as creative as they are.

A Libra needs someone to complement their artistic mind and work on different projects together.

Libra wants someone very romantic. They love small romantic gestures so they want to be showered with love and affection in creative ways.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Scorpio is the most sensual out of all the zodiac signs. They love being intimate with their partner.

So what is a quality they look for in a partner? Passion. Scorpio wants a passionate partner, in their relationship and with everyday activities.

They want someone who follows their passions in every aspect of their life.

Scorpio will also be more interested in someone mysterious and intriguing than someone who puts all their cards on the table right away.

They enjoy getting to know someone, uncovering their secrets one by one.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

A Sagittarius is very rarely introverted. They are mostly extroverts who love to be outdoors, with friends and/or their partner.

They want someone just like that. Someone who’s very extroverted, very talkative, and loves to spend time doing various activities.

A Sagittarius looks for someone who will be just as enthusiastic about life as they are, so that they can share all of their most precious moments together.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Capricorns are known as the most logical sign. They’re the most career-driven ones, and they make amazing managers.

Their logical thinking seems to get in the way of their emotions from time to time, but they are actually very in touch with their feelings.

They can devote themselves fully to a relationship, but they really want someone who will be just as career-driven as they are.

A Capricorn’s love for their work can make them seem quite cold at times, and that is exactly why they want someone who will have their own career path in mind.

A Capricorn wants their partner to challenge them intellectually through heated discussions, which are a bigger turn-on than anything else.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Aquarius can be very emotionally distant and aloof sometimes, so it’s quite hard to pinpoint when they like someone.

A very important thing to also consider is that Aquarians always want to be authentic and different in some way.

For that reason, they need someone open-minded by their side.

An Aquarian wants their partner to understand their point of view and not judge them for it.

As an air sign, Aquarius also prefers communication over anything.

They’re ruled by the motto ‘communication is key’. An open-minded conversation is what wins an Aquarian over.


DONE! What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

Pisces is also very emotional. Just like Cancer, they look for someone who will be loyal and committed to them.

They tend to be overly trusting toward people and end up getting their feelings hurt, so having a loyal and trustworthy partner is very crucial for them.

Also, Pisces has this urge to escape reality through various forms of art, like books and movies.

As a result, they need someone courageous to bring them out of their shell.

They would love to participate in adventures, but they lack the courage. Someone brave beside them will help them for sure.

What Each Zodiac Sign Looks For In An Ideal Partner

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