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What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Everyone needs and looks for certain things in a relationship that will make them happy. We seek comfort, love, and trust.

People need to feel safe next to their partners as well. What happens when different personality types meet?

We’re all different, so it’s only natural to expect distinct needs and wants from each one of us. What works for some may not work for others and vice versa.

If you met someone new recently, you’ve been researching all about their personality type.

You want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes when it comes to your crush. Also, you need to know what makes them happy in order to pay close attention to it.

It’s only in our nature to please others and make them feel comfortable, especially when it comes to someone we love.

I know how it feels when you’re trying to impress someone and make them fall in love with you. It’s never an easy task, but if you really want it, hard work always pays off.

Things personality types need in a relationship

DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

A person won’t always need the same thing as you. Perhaps you only want to be loved and someone else wishes for nothing more but respect.

It’s okay to have different needs as long as they don’t hurt us. Myers and Briggs helped us find out what each personality type is like.

This may help you in determining whether someone is the right fit for you. Also, it can simply help you understand yourself better.

Not only will you feel more satisfied with knowing more about yourself, but it’ll also help you find the right match for you.


This personality type likes commitment. Therefore, they’re not looking for a meaningless relationship or a fling.

ISTJs are in for the long run and seek a partner who will cherish them for a long time. They want to give the same in return, so don’t be afraid to commit to them.

One of the most important things for an ISTJ that will help them determine whether you’re a match made in heaven is honesty.

They despise lies and will hold grudges because of that. If you can come clean with some of the things they’re asking for, then it’s guaranteed you two will make it.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

One of the things an ISFJ needs in a relationship is attention. They don’t seek it all the time, but they like it when they’re acknowledged.

They’re not like extroverts who are always in the spotlight. However, they’ll want to make sure their partner has their eyes set on them.

This personality type likes to have some type of security. They like to know if the relationship will be a long-term one, as they wish for.


Being an extrovert they are, ESTJs will often look for friendship. Therefore, they’ll probably try to make friends with you before it turns into something romantic.

However, don’t let this fool you and make you think about how you don’t have any commitments to the relationship. ESTJs seek assurance and responsibility from their partners.

They want to know you’re able of owning up to your mistakes and fixing them. ESTJs are responsible personality types, so they ask the same in return.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

When it comes to this personality type, they might resemble the ISFJ. I mean, it’s only logical as they share some of the personality traits.

What an ESFJ needs in a relationship in order to be happy and fulfilled is the qualities of a companion. They ask for a partner who will be there in times of need.

They wish for support and someone they can rely on no matter what. If you show them you can do that, you’ll receive unconditional love.


The first letter of this personality type tells us of the introverted tendencies it has. It implies that they’re not as outgoing as other personality types might be.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t seek something specific in a relationship. An ISTP searches for someone who will be by their side, but also give them space when needed.

They’re used to being on their own, so a relationship might rock their boat a bit. They won’t complain, but they wouldn’t enjoy losing the independence they had up until now.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Just like the previous personality type, ISTPs are introverted. They love having some alone time to figure out their thoughts.

However, they also love having a companion when they’re tired of hanging out by themselves. This personality type values the intimacy they have with their partner.

On the other hand, they will also try to preserve the freedom they had before the relationship. Introverted personality types may have a hard time ditching the independence they had.


When it comes to ESTP, they’re all about adventures and experiences. They’re highly extroverted and feed off of others’ energy.

When you say an extrovert, you think of this personality type. What this type needs in a relationship is to get a thrill out of it.

They like meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. They may have short-term relationships because of this and handle the breakups rather well.

Nevertheless, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to get to know someone.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

This personality type doesn’t differ a lot from the previous one. They’re both extroverts and they both seek some kind of a thrill from new experiences.

An ESFP has adventurous spirits, just like any outgoing person has. However, they will want to have someone to share their memories with.

If you’re a person who likes going on mini trips and enjoying nature, go for it. All an ESFP needs in a relationship is a companion who will join them.


As for INTJs, they’re known for their ambition and innovative ideas. This helps determine what this type needs in a relationship.

They don’t ask for much and it’s easy to meet their expectations. However, not everyone can do it. INTJs like getting creative and exploring new stuff, but in their own introverted way.

If you’re ready to fully commit to this relationship, then you’re the right match. A fling doesn’t seem so appealing to this introverted personality type.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

For this personality type, understanding and support play an important role in a relationship. They need someone who can help them get out of their shell a bit.

This type can oftentimes feel like an outcast in society because they’re just too quiet and no one can hear them.

If you’re the one who will show them they’re wrong, you’ll get nothing but love in return. However, this personality isn’t an easy nut to crack, I warned you!


What matters the most to this personality type is respect. They don’t believe that there is love without it, which is true.

They’re open-minded, so they expect their partners to be the same. Loyalty plays a crucial role and it’s one of the things this type needs in a relationship.

It’s important because they want someone who will support them and stick with them through tough times.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

This personality type is one of the most understanding ones out there. They will help you and stick with you through thick and thin.

ENFJs connect with others on a deep level and they value friendships greatly. Consequently, what this type needs in a relationship is someone who can relate to them.

They’re highly empathetic and will ask for compassion and empathy as well.


This personality type is one of the most private ones out there. Their introverted tendencies might make it hard for them to get close to people.

This is why INTPs can sometimes have a hard time opening up to someone. However, all they need is a person who will show them that they’re there for them.

Also, if they meet someone who doesn’t undermine their independence, they’ll be forever grateful. You can’t just yank it out of their lives because it’s what this type needs in a relationship.


DONE! What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Speaking of introverts, INFPs are also one of the personality types with these tendencies. They don’t just go out and meet the love of their lives.

They usually build it with their own hands. What does this even mean? It implies that this type will work hard and put the effort into a relationship to succeed.

All this type needs is someone who’s willing to help them out a bit. Although they tend to be quite shy, they like good teamwork.


This personality type may come off as quite frivolous to some people. Their energetic nature makes them bounce from one person to another.

They get a thrill out of meeting new people, going to new places, and learning new things. Therefore, everything this type needs in a relationship is someone to accompany them.

ENTPs will be head over heels for someone who shares the same interest and likings with them. Also, they have no problems connecting with people, so they make these relationships work.


This extroverted sign makes a great friend. But, it makes an even greater partner. They’re highly understanding and never like to judge people.

Their open-mindedness is astonishing and people are attracted to this personality trait easily. ENFPs don’t have a problem of opening up to someone, and people find it to be very refreshing.

They like to support and encourage their partner, so they wish for the same in return. Especially because they have so many things planned out!

What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

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