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What Do Girls Like To Be Called? 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

What Do Girls Like To Be Called? 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

What do girls like to be called? Why does it feel like a crime to call them by their actual name when you’re in a relationship?

These questions may sound silly right now but everyone knows that girls love pet names and that they love to be called by them. It makes them feel special to know that you took the time to figure out a nickname for them.

If you have a girlfriend, you’ll know how much she appreciates the authenticity behind the nickname you’ve given her.

However, if you still haven’t come up with a nickname for her, fear not! We’re here to help you out with this difficult quest!

There are so many cute nicknames and sweet things you can call your girl without being overbearing.

You shouldn’t overthink this. What you should do is pick the one that sounds the most like her and which resonates with your relationship.

You can use a name that describes her as a person or something that has a deeper meaning to both of you. You just have to remember that it’s not really honorable, nor is it appreciated, if you reuse the same nicknames you used with your previous girlfriends.

The one you give her should be unique, not something that can be overused.

When you’re thinking about what girls like to be called, it’s definitely not one of the pet names you’ve already used for someone else. Be unique and pick something that suits her!

What do girls like to be called?

1. Babe/baby

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

We were just talking about how the nickname should be something unique but sometimes, especially in the early stages, you should go with a safe bet.

You can call her babe or baby whenever you please! It’s the cutest nickname ever and it’s quite universal.

This is a common nickname that you can use if you’re at the beginning of your relationship. You want to make her feel special even though you haven’t thought about something unique just yet.

You can’t go wrong with this one. Can you imagine the moment, in front of a group of people, when you call her baby and everyone knows that she’s yours?

She’ll feel extremely special and she’ll feel as if she’s the center of your world. Give her that satisfaction.

2. My love

This is another one that’s often used but if you didn’t use it with your exes, it’s completely okay for you to call your girlfriend this.

When you’re wondering about what girls like to be called, you’ll always find the answer in that she loves to know that she belongs to you.

You let every man around you know that you belong to each other when you call her my love. It’s a very intimate nickname, which not only claims her as yours but also proclaims your love for her.

You can use it for any occasion. A pro tip is to use it when she comes up to you to ask you for something, so you can use the sentence, “What’s wrong, my love?” and she’ll swoon over you just like that.

3. My cupcake

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

The word cupcake can only be used for a specific type of girl. You know how there are girls who are absolutely gorgeous and irresistible but then others who are very cute and adorable?

One isn’t better than the other but a cute and adorable girl can have the nickname my cupcake. It’s not that she isn’t irresistible, you just think of her as more of a sweet girl.

Her behavior is probably a little bit immature and you know that she would love to be babied with this nickname.

You may not feel comfortable using this in front of other people, though, so you could just use it on special occasions in private.

However, I do believe that she would appreciate it if you used it in front of others as well. I think she would be thrilled to be called that when you’re surrounded by people, so that everyone knows how smitten you are with her.

4. Giggles

This is truly the most adorable nickname I have ever heard someone use for their girlfriend. You can use it when your girlfriend is doing something goofy or when she’s doubled over laughing.

Calling her giggles will only make her giggle even harder and she won’t be able to stop. Is there anything purer than making your girl laugh?

When you want to know what girls like to be called then this should definitely be somewhere at the top of your list.

Can you just imagine the way her eyes would light up the very moment you used this on her? Your heart would probably melt in your chest from her sheer excitement.

5. Baby girl

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

I wouldn’t recommend that you use this nickname if you’re still in the beginning phase of your relationship. There are better alternatives for then.

Baby girl is a great nickname for when you want to praise your girl for something good that she did or when you’re concerned for her.

Say it with a low tone of voice and show your emotions through your eyes at the same time and you’ll sweep her off her feet, especially the first few times you do it.

I would recommend that you use this nickname sparingly and only when you’re sure it’ll have the expected result.

6. Peaches

Peaches is a nickname I’ve frequently heard people use. When you want to know what girls like to be called, you can use this one as well.

Know that some girls may not like it, though, as it’s sometimes used to describe curvier girls rather than completely thin girls. However, you can use this nickname for your girlfriend no matter her body type.

Peaches can be a nickname you’d use for your sweet and caring girlfriend who seems like the world could break her from its cruelty because she’s just that cute.

7. Cutie pie

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Girls truly love to be called cute because it makes them feel very petite and feminine. When you call her cutie pie, she’ll feel like the smallest bean ever and you’ll have the opportunity to feel very masculine.

When you call her cutie, you’re being kind as well as complimenting her on how absolutely adorable she is. What girl wouldn’t like that?

8. Gorgeous

You have to understand that compliments aren’t just a one-time thing. Just because you told her at the beginning of the relationship that she’s gorgeous or beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you can’t remind her of it every single day when you’re together.

What better way to do that but to use this compliment as a nickname? She’ll get flustered every single time you call her gorgeous but she’ll also feel reassured and affirmed, which is extremely important to every woman out there.

9. Honey

When you watch an old movie and you see the man get home from work, what does he say? He says, “Honey, I’m home!”

That sentence is so familiar and it ignites a certain type of warmth in your chest. Calling your girl honey is not only telling her that you think that she’s sweet but also showing that you’re mature.

This is a nickname you’ll use a little while into your relationship. It’s not really one that people use right away but rather when they’re very serious about their partner, don’t you think?

10. Darling

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Darling is the classic nickname for your girlfriend. You can use it to get the full effect of a romantic gesture when you send her a text message or write her a love letter.

It’s really a nickname a gentleman would use for his lady and that’s exactly the energy you should go for.

11. Blossom

Is your girlfriend special? She probably doesn’t have normal hobbies and she doesn’t just roll with societal expectations of her.

What do girls like to be called when they’re different from anyone else and they wouldn’t appreciate you using a generic nickname? Well, blossom is an absolutely great pet name for a girl like this.

It’s not a commonly used nickname (or at least not as common as baby), so you can say that it’s completely unique to your relationship.

12. Snuggle

Snuggle or snuggles is another nickname you can use for your girlfriend if she’s the type of girl who’s a little bit tactile. She probably likes to cuddle into you.

Of course, that’s not a bad thing, so this is actually a very unique nickname you can use for her. You don’t always have to use a generic one.

Snuggle is very cute and she’ll appreciate you even more for calling her something like this.

13. Peanut

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Well, to be completely honest with you, peanuts aren’t the prettiest thing in the world. You wouldn’t want to compare your girlfriend to a peanut unless it was really necessary.

However, when you give her this nickname, you’re not really comparing her to them. What you are doing is calling her small and cute.

Peanuts are tiny and if you use an endearing voice while calling her peanut, she’ll feel like the sweetest creature alive, I can assure you of that.

14. Boo

This nickname is in the same vein as babe and baby. It’s used quite often and it can be used quite casually.

You probably don’t even have to try that hard with this one, as you easily get accustomed to using it. What you have to understand is that just because something is overused, it doesn’t make it automatically bad.

A nickname like boo may be unoriginal but your girlfriend could love it more than anything else. Call her boo and see how she reacts and if she doesn’t like it, you can try some of the other ones on this list.

15. Sweetheart

Sweetheart is a safe bet, so you can never go wrong if you use this for your girlfriend. You’ll make her feel special with such a sweet nickname and you won’t even have to try too hard.

16. Honey bear

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Calling your girlfriend honey bear isn’t quite the same as calling her honey.

Honey bear can be used at the beginning of the relationship as well as months into it. You can use it when you’re concerned for her, as well as when you just need to use a casual term of endearment.

17. Sweetcheeks

Does your girlfriend have a very obvious sweet tooth? She loves everything that’s related to chocolate and sweets in general and the more sugar there is in a cake, the more she’ll like it.

If you can relate this with your girlfriend then you should probably try out calling her sweetcheeks.

You can use this nickname especially if you have an undeniable urge to kiss her cheeks because she’s so irresistibly adorable. You may think that this one isn’t really for you but don’t knock it until you try it.

18. Precious

Who doesn’t want to be called precious by the person they love the most? It’s not a big mystery when you ask yourself what girls like to be called when you know that every single one of us wants to feel special.

You can always call your girlfriend precious because believe me, it’ll become her favorite nickname in a matter of seconds.

The occasion doesn’t really matter with this particular pet name. It’s probably best to use it when other people are around you so that they can hear it too, as it’ll make her feel even more special.

19. Pixie

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

What do girls like to be called? Does a nickname exist for the special girl in your life whom you love more than anyone else?

Pixie is a great nickname that shows just how unique your relationship is. It’s not a commonly used one and when you call your girlfriend this, everyone around you will know just how special she is to you.

She’ll feel like an enchanting and whimsical being straight out of a fairy tale and you’ll be her Prince Charming.

20. Dumpling

You can always use cute foods to describe your girlfriend, especially if she likes to eat a lot! Most girls have a much larger appetite than men like to believe.

Using the word dumpling as a nickname for your girlfriend is a great way to tell her that you appreciate her and that you find her to be just as sweet and squishy as a dumpling.

21. Foxy

You can use the word foxy to describe your girlfriend or even as a nickname for when you feel like she’s seducing you.

It can also be used when you think that she’s trying to manipulate her way out of a situation. This can break up any tension between you both and it’ll create a different type of atmosphere in the room.

If you believe that your girlfriend is cunning but also smart and irresistible, then this is probably the best nickname you can give her. Not all girls should be called cute names and some of them actually deserve a pet name like this.

22. Fluff

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

She’s your little fluff, isn’t she?

This isn’t really one of the nicknames you can use in front of other people because you’ll probably make everyone cringe. That shouldn’t matter but sometimes you don’t want to make others uncomfortable.

When you’re thinking about what girls like to be called, she’ll appreciate this nickname. You can use it when you’re cuddling and she’s nuzzling your neck.

Another good opportunity to use it is when she’s wearing a fluffy, oversized sweater and you just feel like hugging her the entire day because she looks so vulnerable and cute in it.

It’s really up to you but I can say with the utmost certainty that she’ll appreciate this term of affection.

23. Sunshine

Do you know the type of girls who just radiate sunshine as if they were the happiest people in the world? If your girlfriend is very happy and loves to smile and dance around, then this is the best nickname for her.

You don’t have to wonder what girls like to be called when the nickname is kind of right there on the tip of your tongue, especially when your girlfriend is known to make everyone around her happy.

With just a few little moves, she can light up an entire room. That’s exactly why she’s your sunshine.

24. Princess

Princess is usually used for girls who get very special treatment. For example, if you love to spoil your girlfriend with gifts and attention, then she’s your little princess.

If you love to do everything for your other half, then this is the perfect nickname to give her.

25. Angel

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

As I stated before, sometimes a girl’s nickname is just naturally her. Your girlfriend could be very innocent and sweet, to the point where you feel like there’s a constant white halo around her, so of course, her nickname would be angel!

You may feel like she’s your guardian angel, even though you’re probably the one to always protect her from this cruel world. She’s still your angel and you can use this nickname whenever you address her and you’ll see her melt.

26. My one and only

She probably knows that she’s the one and the only girl in the world for you but when you’re thinking about what girls like to be called, let me just tell you again that we love to be reminded of how special we are.

If you don’t mention to her on a daily basis that she’s your one and only, I really don’t know what you’re doing.

You should even use it as a nickname so that she’s constantly aware of her role in your life, so make sure to call her my one and only.

27. Cutie patootie

You’ve probably heard this one in cringy movies that definitely don’t seem realistic but who says that you can’t make it real for your relationship?

You may think that it’s embarrassing or absolutely unnecessary but your girlfriend would probably do a little happy dance if you called her this.

I know that you may think that this is too childish but she’ll appreciate it if you treat her like a little cutie patootie (whatever that may be!) as what you’re telling her is that she’s absolutely adorable to you.

28. Cuddle bear

DONE! What Do Girls Like To Be Called 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

When you want to figure out what girls like to be called, you can never go wrong with this nickname. Calling your girlfriend your personal little cuddle bear is absolutely beautiful.

You can call her this when you’re actually cuddling in your apartment in front of the TV or even if she just comes up to you randomly at a party and wants to hug you and stay like that for a while.

She does this because she loves to cuddle you so of course she’s your cuddle bear. Doesn’t it just suit her perfectly?

29. Kitten

You can call your girlfriend kitten if you know that your girlfriend loves cats but to be completely honest with you, that doesn’t even matter that much. You can call her this because she’s cute and fluffy like a kitten!

These animals need a lot of attention and they love getting cuddles and I can say with certainty that your girlfriend loves both of those things as well.

Kitten is also quite a commonly used nickname but it can be special if you know when to use it. Maybe reserve this one for when you’re alone with her and you need to give her an extra ounce of love and affirmation.

She will love it, I can guarantee you that.

What Do Girls Like To Be Called? 25+ Nicknames For Your Girlfriend