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We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

“You were together for four years and you just broke up?”

“Why would you leave him after so many years if he never cheated?”

“You’ll probably get back together, you’ve been together for so long.”

“Think about your decision and call him before it’s too late.”

This is what I’m listening to ever since I left you. I won’t lie, it’s tough, but the years we spent together were even tougher. It took me so long to finally do it. But honestly, leaving you was the smartest and the best decision of my life.

You thought I won’t have the guts to leave, but now you see that you were wrong. Why were you calling me the other day? You know I’ll never pick up the phone. You had your chances, and you blew them all.

I was thinking about whether I should explain anything to you. At first, I wanted to disappear and make you realize what you’ve done on your own.

DONE! We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

But then I remembered that you probably won’t be able to reach a conclusion without my help, so I’m here to say my final goodbye. Consider this my last good deed for you and the years we had together.

Let’s go back to the first year we dated. It was the best year of my life. Our first overseas trip! You were so afraid of flying and I teased you for a whole week before our flight. But when we actually got to the airport, I was even more scared.

Then you ended up calming me down and you didn’t have enough time to freak out. You’re welcome.

Then we arrived and spent the most amazing two weeks ever. It felt like we were in a movie. Remember when it rained the second night and you woke me up to make me dance in the rain? I was so surprised because that was one of my wishes.

Then you bought me a coconut and a straw, another wish of mine. And then that same night you suggested sleeping in a tent instead of our hotel room. One more wish I had!

I was so surprised and I was wondering how’s it possible for you to know all the things I want to experience. On our way back I took your phone to see the photos we’ve taken, and I saw a picture of a notebook with familiar handwriting. Well, of course it was familiar – it was mine.

DONE! We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

You took a picture of a bucket list I made like 5 years ago and you wanted to make my wishes come true. I swear if you asked me to marry you at that moment, I would jump and scream “Yes, yes, I’ll marry you!” I couldn’t believe that I met someone who would try so hard to make me happy.

Oh, when I think about the moments like these I kinda miss you, but then I remember the rest of the story.

The rest of our story began shortly after we came back. It was time for me to go on my first job interview! Remember how excited I was? You probably don’t since the only thing you told me was that I don’t have much chance of getting that job because I’m not qualified enough.

Well, jokes on you, I got it! There were 42 candidates and I was amongst the 3 that were accepted!

When I told you the news I expected you to be happy. But you started yelling at me, telling me that the house is going to be a mess if I have a full-time job. That we’ll need to spend more money because I wouldn’t have time to cook.

And that I’ll meet other men there which could be threatening our relationship. Even though you worked with a bunch of girls. But that’s different you said.

DONE! We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

You promised we’ll have everything we need and more if I just stay at home. I was stupid enough to believe you. But that’s because I had hope. I had hope in you and I thought you were right. Because you already had several jobs, so you probably know how it goes better than I do.

So, I stayed at home. Cleaned, cooked, and made sure you were happy all the time.

You were often home late, but that’s because you worked so hard, right? That’s what you said. And before I knew it, two years had passed. You did take me to fancy dinners and we did have our movie nights every week, but I felt lonely.

I was at home, you were at work or with your friends. So I decided to call a few of my girlfriends and go out with them.

I got dressed up, and for the first time in years, I felt alive again. They picked me up and we went to our favorite bar. The bar that used to be my favorite when I was actually going out, though. I had so much fun. But when I got back home you snapped at me.

You were so angry that I left the house without you that I got really scared of you. It’s sad getting scared of the person you love the most, you know?

DONE! We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

Then you sat me down and explained how dangerous it is for a beautiful girl like me to go out without her partner. There are many dangerous people out there you said.

Well, there was a dangerous person in my home as well. It was you. You were dangerous for my mental health and for my future.

You tried to take my happiness away. And you succeeded for some time, but soon I realized all you ever did was disrespect me. Every day.

I need a man who will support me and who will see that I have big goals and plans for the future. Not the one who’ll make me refuse jobs. I need the one who will encourage me to enjoy life, nourish my friendships, and reach my goals.

It’s sad that when I look back, the only good memory comes from our first year. How is it possible for a person to act so sweet and innocent, but actually be the complete opposite? I had hope. I had hope that everything will work out in the end.

That you knew why you did what you did because you always had an explanation.

Eventually, I realized I was wrong. I want you to know that if I didn’t have my hope we would end this many years ago. So think about how you’ll behave toward the next girl you meet; because I don’t think you’ll meet anyone as hopeful as me.

I hope I made it clear to you how you destroyed something that started so well. If you still don’t understand – read my letter again. Goodbye.

We Lasted So Long Because My Hope Was Stronger Than Your Disrespect

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