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6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

Having a hard time figuring out whether or not she likes you?

I know that dating is hard. However, not knowing if she is interested in you is worse than dating.

Most men go through hell trying to see if the girl they like is interested in them.

It’s difficult to accept sometimes that a girl has no intention of dating you.

There are times when a girl is just being nice or friendly to you.

Those flirtatious signs that you thought you picked up on are actually signs that she likes you only as a friend.

Then there are girls who have an outgoing personality.

Most of the time, those girls will avoid behaving flirtatiously in an attempt to not be misinterpreted.

Nevertheless, there are types of girls who simply do not know how to show a guy that she likes him.

Or she doesn’t want to be seen as too obvious with her intentions.

Yes, I know. All of this seems a little bit complicated sometimes, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, men like the thrill of the chase.

However, is there really a way to know whether a girl likes you or not? Or does she need to say it outright?

I’m going to explore some of the obvious subtle signs which could help you to notice if a woman is interested in you.

1. She reacts to your body language

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

An excellent indication of whether or not a woman likes you can be seen in her body language.

A woman is more focused on the signals that a man gives off. It’s important that you, as a man, send the right signals.

If you do that, she will absolutely say yes to you if she likes you.

Being good-looking has its advantages. I’m not going to lie, it can be helpful. However, what is important is the signals you convey to the girl you like.

No matter what type of guy you are, everyone can learn some simple body language which will bring you closer to your girl.

A woman will react to your body language, so you need to be aware that she is attracted to that. She will respond based on your signals.

2. She ‘fixes herself

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

When a woman is interested in a man, much of what she has to say is conveyed in her appearance.

We all know that women spend time and money on looking great and awesome.

If a woman preens herself, in the sense that she fixes herself, that is another way to recognize if she is interested in you.

These ‘fixes’ could be adjusting her clothes, putting on lipstick, running her fingers through her hair, and suchlike.

A woman who is genuinely interested in you will be conscious of how she looks when she is around you.

Nevertheless, it could also be that she is just nervous. Maybe she is anxious around you, and that’s the reason why she acts fidgety.

A woman subconsciously knows that fixing herself will make her look more appealing and attractive to you.

She pulls these moves when she is highly attracted to a man and she wants him to know about it.

Also, at certain times, a woman who is interested in you will look different from how she really is, so maybe she will start wearing clothes that may be appealing to you.

If you tell her that a black dress looks great on her, she will start wearing that more often in an effort to impress you.

You should show her appreciation and you should give her a compliment every time you see that she looks beautiful.

3. She cannot sit still

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

A girl who is honestly interested in you will hold an object almost every time that she is nervous around you.

Hear me out on this. Does she caress the object gently or maybe she looks directly at you while holding it?

This is quite a huge subconscious sign which is sometimes hard to pick up on.

If she just picks up an object and holds it tightly, with her eyes glancing around, that’s not a sign of anything.

Holding eye contact with you while she caresses an object in her hands is an excellent way to show that she is interested in you.

Do you know how women tend to point their feet or body in your direction when they like you?

The same thing applies here. If she is interested in you, she will hold the object in your direction and not move it away from you.

4. She is tactile with you

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

A great way for a woman to indicate that she is interested in you is to frequently touch you.

Women tend to lightly touch the arm of a man they are interested in. By no means should you see this as an invitation for a sexual encounter.

It’s just her way to say to you that she likes you.

If you are not sure about her feelings, a great way to test the waters is to slightly touch her first.

If she pulls away from you, then you should stop because this means that she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t automatically mean that she doesn’t like you, but maybe she is not naturally a tactile person.

If you notice that she is tactile with other people, then her pulling away from you is definitely not a good sign.

Don’t worry, it may take her some time to get comfortable with you. It’s not the end of the world if she pulls away from you.

5. She lets you in

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

Everyone has their personal space and most of us don’t let others invade that space, while others might create boundaries around it.

However, if a girl allows you into her space, that is a definite sign that indicates that she is interested in you.

It’s actually fairly easy to notice. The only thing that you have to do is be close to her and see how she responds.

If she is comfortable with you being close to her, there is a good possibility that she is interested.

Maybe she goes even a step further and initiates this.

You should bear in mind what being comfortable actually means, though.

If you have known her for a long time and she is comfortable around you, that might be her way of showing you that she sees you as just a friend.

On the other hand, if you haven’t known each other for a long period of time and she is comfortable with you getting closer to her, there’s a high probability that she is interested in you.

6. She will agree with you

DONE! 6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

Lots of people seek a partner who is similar to them, as having someone completely different from you will eventually bring about disharmony and fights.

If you two share similar beliefs, interests, and so on, and on top of that, she agrees with a lot of things that you have to say, believe me, she is highly likely to be interested in dating you and likes you a lot.

Arguing never brings out the good in people, so if you argue during the first couple of times you see each other, surely something deeper cannot develop.

6 Ways To Know If She Is Interested In You

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