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30 Ways To Be A (Much) Better Wife

You probably want to be the best wife you can be to your loving husband, but learning how to be just that isn’t so easy.

That is why I have made it easier for you by writing all the tips for being a good wife.

I’m sure that you’re already a good wife, but being a better wife is always possible, no matter how good of a wife you are.

You know how to be a good wife, but do you know how to be the best wife your husband could possibly imagine?

I believe my husband deserves the best wife in the world, so I learned how to be a better wife, and I have never seen him happier.

Discovering how to be a loving wife will have an amazing effect on your marriage. Your husband will be happier, and it will make your marriage even better.

The best husband in the world deserves the best wife in the world.

However, even if he isn’t the best, you being a better wife will motivate him to be a better husband.

Here are all the tips for being a good wife:

1. Welcome him home

After work, all men want to come home to a serene and calm environment.

Your husband wants to see you welcoming him home by showing affection instead of yelling at him. 

If he has had a hard day at work, all he wants is for his loving wife to welcome him with a smile and to serve him dinner so don’t nag him or complain about everything right away.

Let him cool off and then ask him about his day and tell him about yours.

If there’s some bad news, don’t tell him right away.

He needs to settle in, take a shower, and have dinner before he’s ready to hear it.

His home needs to be his peaceful haven, and you can make it an oasis of peace for him.

It’s the place where he should run to and unwind after a hard day at work.

2. Encourage him to hang out with his buddies

It’s a shame that when men get married, they often give up their guy friends but what you can do to be the best wife in the world is encourage him to spend time with other guys.

Guys get something from each other, and it’s something that they couldn’t possibly get from any woman.

It’s something with less responsibility that’s also more carefree.

That boost they get from hanging out with other guys is what they often use to make their dear wives even happier.

So, encouraging your husband to hang out with other guys gets you something in return. Isn’t that a great deal?

3. Give him your full attention

When your husband wants to talk to you about something, put your phone away.

Don’t check your phone while he’s attempting to talk to you because it’s very disrespectful.

Show him that he has your full attention by putting down your phone and he will definitely notice the difference. It will make him feel more appreciated as well as more connected.

The best thing about it is that you might even learn new things about him once you give him your full attention.

4. Don’t trash-talk him, and talk him up instead

Your husband needs to feel respected, admired, and adored so being a better wife means making a conscious effort to show him how much you appreciate him.

One way you can achieve that is to let him overhear you when you talk to another person about how lucky you feel to be his loving wife and how much you adore him.

When talking about him to someone else, say good things instead of trash-talking him.

Your words should be used to build up your husband, not tear him down.

When you have issues in your marriage, don’t report them to everyone else, but solve them between the two of you.

If your husband offends you, it’s not an excuse to expose his weaknesses. Avoid yelling at him and don’t use the word ‘divorce’.

5. Let him have some space

Everyone knows that women love to talk, but when it comes to guys, they aren’t usually so verbal.

When he returns home from a long day at work, you expect to hear everything about his day but before he starts engaging, he needs to decompress so let him start talking on his own.

We already talked about that in the context of welcoming him home but it’s also important to let him breathe on other occasions.

When a man needs some space, you need to let him have it.

6. Support him

How to be the best wife in the world? Well, one of the most important things is to support your man and his goals.

Whether he wants to start a new business or take up a new hobby, you need to encourage your husband to reach his goals.

The trick to how to be a better wife is to be your husband’s cheerleader. Be there for him during the hard times and support him. 

Life can be challenging, but a marriage that’s full of understanding will always work, no matter what.

7. Start saying yes much more often

Say yes, especially when it’s to something that you would normally say no to.

After getting married, people become more honest and therefore they tend to decline to participate in activities that could be fun.

Don’t stop doing fun things together just because you’re married.

Learning how to be a cool wife starts by saying yes much more often and participating in new, interesting hobbies as a married couple will do wonders for your marriage.

8. Don’t criticize him too often

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense if I was to say, “Don’t ever criticize your man,” because it’s impossible.

However, make sure that it is really necessary to criticize him before you do so.

You’ll be less critical of him that way, and that’s the trick to how to be a good wife.

All of us tend to make a habit of complaining to our husband when they don’t do something how we would like them to.

Every time you want to criticize your husband, stop for a second to ask yourself if saying something is really necessary. 

If it’s necessary, don’t hesitate but if it’s not, try to bite your tongue and don’t do it.

Less criticism will make your husband feel less controlled and less attacked. He’ll feel more appreciated, so he’ll be more eager to do things and help out.

9. Get up in the morning before him

This goes especially for those of you who work from home or are stay-at-home moms.

Get up in the morning before him and make coffee.

Why does this matter?

Well, even the best husbands tend to become resentful when they have to watch their wives sleep in while they’re going to work.

10. Don’t avoid confrontation

Arguments are an unavoidable part of marriage, but they are also good ice-breakers and they can help you to have a more positive communication.

So, stop avoiding confrontation but when you do confront your husband, do it as calmly and as respectfully as you can.

Fighting with each other is actually a healthy alternative to passive-aggressiveness and blatant avoidance.

11. Help him have a healthy lifestyle

You need to encourage your husband to be healthy without forcing it, which will benefit you as a married couple.

If you’re the one who cooks, make sure that you cook healthy meals. Hit the gym together, or walk for half an hour a day.

When one person decides to have a healthier lifestyle while the other one doesn’t, they later resent each other.

You need to work together on having a healthy lifestyle.

You have a lot of years together ahead of you, and you need to enjoy them in good health.

12. Don’t break his trust when he opens up to you

When your husband tells you something in confidence, you need to keep his secrets.

Don’t share that information with anyone, not even your best friends.

Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t share his secrets, no matter how much you’re tempted to do so.

It’s not easy for anyone, especially a man, to share problems with someone else and to be vulnerable.

If your husband opens up to you, don’t ever break his trust.

13. Communicate with him in the right way

Don’t hide anything from your husband, and don’t keep secrets from him.

You need to be your husband’s best friend, and best friends talk about everything.

Look into his eyes when he’s talking to you so that he knows that he has your full attention. Let your eyes communicate.

When you give your input, do so politely.

Avoid jumping to conclusions, because your husband might not need your advice; perhaps he just wants you to listen.

Ask him open-ended questions so that it’s easy for him to open up and when he’s wrong, don’t attack him.

It’s also important not to bring up past issues, because you need to let those things go.

You can also agree with each other that some words aren’t allowed. My suggestion is to ban the word ‘divorce’ from your arguments.

14. Don’t be negative all the time

Married couples tend to talk to each other more comfortably, which is only natural since they have been together for a while.

Comfortability is great but it sometimes leads to speaking bluntly when you should be speaking politely.

It’s great that you can get real with your man about any topic, but try not to be negative all the time.

15. Cook for him

You don’t have to start making complex meals every day if you’re not that into cooking.

However, when there’s something nice you would like to do for your man, you won’t make a mistake by choosing to cook.

Men are crazy about home-cooked meals.

Let him occasionally come home to find dinner waiting on the table, and he’ll love you even more.

16. Be kind to his mother

Even if his mother is not exactly your favorite person in the world, to be the best wife, you need to be kind to her.

Every man wants his wife and his mother to get along so try to have a relationship with her.

You can send her letters, take her to lunch, and make sure she has a nice birthday.

This will let your husband know that you support him and love him.

17. Don’t be too busy to spend time with him

You need to make time for your husband, no matter how busy your life gets.

Give him a full night or day of your time, and make sure that nothing interrupts you.

He needs affection and affirmation. If you’re too busy all the time to set aside time and be affectionate, it could harm your marriage.

18. Give him compliments

As I said earlier, your husband needs affirmation, so how to be a loving wife?

A compliment is a great way to make him feel loved and appreciated, whether it’s about his personality, appearance, or work.

He’ll feel great once he hears it!

A man really craves appreciation. He needs to know that his wife recognizes his hard work.

Appreciate him for the hard work he does, and he’ll see you as the best wife he could possibly have.

19. Have some nights without technology

Don’t automatically turn on Netflix every night and instead, plan some nights where your phones, tablets and the TV will be turned off.

You can take a bath together, cook together, read something to each other, or snuggle under a warm blanket.

There are other things you can do, and anything’s fine as long as you both agree that electronics aren’t allowed.

20. Be your husband’s best friend

Your husband probably has a best friend, but you should definitely act like one as well. 

There are some solid reasons why you should be your husband’s best friend. Best friends are loyal, and they love and support each other.

Be your husband’s cheerleader, and make sure that he knows that the two of you are an unbreakable team.

You’ll be by his side no matter what happens, and he needs to know that.

He will become more loving, vulnerable, and honest once he’s sure you’re his best friend and not just his wife.

21. Hang out with him and his friends

You don’t have to love everyone he hangs out with, but when he asks you to hang out with him and his friends, you should go.

He wants to show you off to everyone he knows, and you need to let him do that, even if you don’t like his friends.

Couples sometimes need to make sacrifices to build intimacy.

22. See past his flaws

There are surely some things you considered adorable about your man when you were still dating, but now you see them as really annoying.

Make an effort to become less annoyed by them, and it will help your marriage.

He has his quirks, shortcomings, and flaws, but you do too, and he sees past them because he loves you.

So, appreciate him for that and realize that it’s only fair that you do the same.

23. Respect him

One of the tips for being a good wife is to be respectful. A man who is respected by his wife will be ready to do anything for her.

Also, don’t think that being respectful is submissive and that it will make you his doormat.

After all, what is love without respect? You both need to respect each other in order for your marriage to last forever.

24. Take care of yourself

You need to take some time for yourself in order to be fully present for your man.

Go for a massage, draw yourself a bubble bath, and drink some champagne… 

Do whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and happy. When you show yourself some love, it’s easier to show it to your husband as well.

Another thing you could do is refresh your wardrobe.

Wives often only search for comfy clothes and neglect their appearance; however, you can still wear comfortable clothes, but choose ones that make you look attractive as well.

It’s a good idea to dress up for your husband every once in a while. You’ll remind him of the girl he went on a first date with all those years ago.

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25. Put the focus on your man

Isn’t it easy to just ask him about his day and wait for your turn to talk about yours?

Instead, make sure that your conversation is sometimes only about him.

Ask your husband about how he’s doing and don’t even share your own issues.

It will make you completely available, and he’ll know that you’re fully present to just listen to him.

26. Let your husband choose

Start with something small and let him choose what to eat for lunch or what to do on a Friday night.

We women often become micromanagers and that’s because, well, we pretty much have to be with families and jobs so we tend to manage every single thing, from which restaurant to try, which paint color to use in the bedroom, which movie to see…

Nevertheless, you need to let your man participate in these choices too.

27. Offer him a body massage

To be the best wife, give your man a massage from time to time.

If you’re not really skilled at it, watch a YouTube video or take a class on how to give a relaxing massage.

Massaging your husband’s back after a long day will help him relax and it also builds intimacy and helps you connect on a deeper level.

All men like to be pampered, so I’m sure that yours is no different.

He’ll enjoy your massage because it will take the stress away and make him relaxed.

28. Show him that you’re happy to see him when you get home

Small things like this one make all the difference.

When you get home, show him that you’re excited to see him.

Make eye contact, be enthusiastic, smile, and show him that you’re happy to see him.

This is so small but means so much but we often neglect it because some other things need our attention, which means we miss out on that special moment of true connection.

It takes just five minutes of your full attention… and your husband will feel loved, so he’ll show you how much he cares about you too.

29. Encourage him

Don’t make his life more complicated than it already is.

He sometimes doesn’t know what to do and he finds it hard to believe in himself, which is when he needs you to tell him that he’s the most amazing man in this world.

So many responsibilities could make him feel overwhelmed.

The truth is, our husbands need us to applaud them, they need to have a pat on the back, and they need our ‘thumbs up’.

Just telling him that he’s doing great could mean a lot to him and when he fails at something, tell him that next time, he’ll surely do better.

Even those who are too proud to admit it actually need to hear that from their wives.

Thank him for the efforts he puts into paying the bills, encourage him, and let him know that he can do anything he dreams of.

30. Every single day, do something to show him appreciation

I’m talking about small things such as leaving him a loving note to find or cooking him his favorite meal.

You could make him a cocktail when he gets home from work or send a text just to let him know how much he means to you.

It can be something small or even a larger gesture, but make sure to choose something that you’ll do for him each day because you need to show your appreciation and gratitude for having him in your life.

30 Ways To Be A (Much) Better Wife

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