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Waiting For A Response That You’ll Never Receive

Waiting For A Response That You’ll Never Receive

Are you still looking at your phone, scrolling through your social media feed, hoping that his name will pop up? Are you waiting for him to send you a message where he’ll express his emotions to you and tell you how he loves you the same way he used to when the two of you started dating?

Your soul yearns for him and you want to see that he cares for you. You want to believe so badly that it’s not over between you and him and that he gives you the response you’ve been waiting to receive this entire time.

But you need to wake up from that dream and realize that no response is still a response.

DONE! Waiting For A Response That You'll Never Receive

If it’s been a couple of days or even weeks since you’ve heard from him, you shouldn’t lock yourself up in your room. Don’t waste any more time on someone who doesn’t even bother to tell you the reason why he wanted to break up with you.

He doesn’t seem worried about the fact that he’ll lose you forever. His emotions changed, he started to behave like a half-wit and he’s well aware that he’ll lose you eventually.

I mean he can’t be so stupid to think that by ignoring and ghosting a woman, he’ll get her attention or affection. He’s purposely not responding to you. No matter what excuse you come up with, you’ll need to face the facts here.

I’m sorry to be the one to burst your bubble but it’s the truth. He doesn’t love you anymore.

Do you have the faintest idea of what he’s doing to you? Do you actually believe that a man like this loves you even the slightest bit? This man who doesn’t reply to your calls or messages and doesn’t seem to be interested in asking how you’re feeling?

Contrary to what you may believe, a man who genuinely loves you and is afraid to lose you would never hurt you or push you to your breaking point.

DONE! Waiting For A Response That You'll Never Receive

He would hold you tight, give you sympathy and emotional support, and spend every waking hour next to you. A real man who wants you to be part of his life won’t make you wonder whether or not he’s into you. You’d be able to see that through his actions.

You would feel appreciated enough by him and he wouldn’t play any silly mind games with you, as he knows that they’re meaningless. But this man, who isn’t keen to respond to you, will definitely be shocked the next time he sees you on the street or in a bar if you don’t pay attention to him.

Take back control over your life. Don’t pick up the phone when he calls you and don’t text him back and you’ll see how surprised he is at how quickly the tables have turned. He’ll regret not making an effort to make you stay by his side.

I can tell you for sure that your actions will prompt him to think about the consequences of his decision. His mind will go crazy and the only thought that will be stuck in his head is what would have happened if he had acted differently.

He won’t accept your cold behavior that easily because he won’t know how to deal with people who act the same way he does. You’ll knock him off his feet and he won’t know how to cope with it.

You don’t deserve to stare at an empty screen every night and dream that he’ll contact you first. You deserve much more than beating yourself up and questioning your worth all the time just because he’s an insecure piece of trash.

He taught you a valuable lesson about yourself and what you don’t want to have in a relationship. He taught you that without trust, there can’t be any love between two people.

DONE! Waiting For A Response That You'll Never Receive

Yes, he made you feel so special sometimes but those were rare moments when he kept his focus on you. Now that all those moments are part of your past, you’re left wondering what went wrong and where you made a mistake.

You thought that you two had a future together. You patiently waited for him to make the first move to get back together but it never happened.

This vicious cycle of tears and agony is hurting your soul and mind and it keeps you from moving on. Your heart is constantly breaking down piece by piece and you feel it screaming and begging you to stop.

However, you have to stay strong and not surrender. You can survive this but you need to shift the focus on to yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on something real. After all, there was clearly never anything real between you two if he left so easily. You’re walking away from someone who isn’t capable of loving you or fulfilling your needs.

Don’t think that you’re weak just because you’re walking away from him. You had an experience with someone who didn’t even bother to show you their respect or admiration.

DONE! Waiting For A Response That You'll Never Receive

In the end, you have to wait for someone who won’t hesitate to invest his time in you or your relationship and show you what true love really means. Wait for a real man who’ll do anything he can to make you happy.

He’ll be someone who’ll prioritize you over everyone and everything and he’ll be glad to call you his girlfriend. So, don’t get stuck waiting for a man to reply to you.

No response is still a response. Live your life because you won’t get a second chance.

Give yourself the permission to enjoy the things that nourish your soul without ever needing that call or text.

Stop waiting for a response that you’ll never receive.

Waiting For A Response That You'll Never Receive

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