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Wait for That Special Guy Who Will be Worth The Wait

Wait for That Special Guy Who Will be Worth The Wait

You deserve a guy who is not hesitant to express his love and affection for you in public, someone who can hold your hand proudly in the middle of a busy street and kiss your forehead.

He will grab your side as you step up a curb and hold the door for you to enter or exit a store. Wait for that guy who will look at you as if his entire world is standing right in front of you.

And he does this as and when he feels deeply for you without worrying about the time and place.

Wait for someone you can be silent with. You can sit together on a mountain cliff without uttering a word and simply get immersed in the majestic breeze and the breathtaking view, experiencing and cherishing each moment in each other’s presence.

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It will be a shared experience where both of you are aware of how exactly the other person is feeling without feeling the need to ask or confirm.

Wait for a guy who loves making you laugh. He will do his best to put a smile back on your face whenever he sees you feeling low or anxious. And he’s not doing this for you.

He does this out of the absolute pleasure he gets when he watches your face brighten up as you smile. And knowing that he’s the reason for that beautiful smile makes him fall in love with you all over again.

Wait for a guy who is not scared of introducing you to important people in his life such as his family and friends. In fact, he wants to share the joy of having found someone like you with them and will make sure you are comfortable in their presence.

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You are a special person in his life and he wants everyone around him to know it for a fact and also understand the reasons for it.

Likewise, he will also take interest in getting to know those who are close to you because he is aware of how much they mean to you.

Wait for a guy who will fulfill his promises – a man who honors his word. If he has promised you something, he will make it his life’s mission to accomplish it with all his might.

He is not someone who will offer a fake consolation or assurance to simply get something from you in return. He thinks before he speaks and understands the significance of the spoken word.

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Wait for a person who is willing to consider a future with you. He won’t be reluctant to make a long-term commitment. Yes, he will want to discuss it with you in detail because once he’s in it, he will be in it for good.

He won’t commit to a relationship once he is a hundred percent sure that he will do justice to it.

But this won’t stop him from acknowledging your concerns about the uncertainty of his relationship with you and discuss these with you openly along his own thoughts and doubts about the relationship.

Wait for that guy next to whom you can get some sound sleep. There is so much comfort and peace in knowing that he is right beside you to take care of all your problems and worries.

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A guy who wakes you up every morning with a forehead kiss and never gets bored of it is the one worth waiting for.

You deserve a guy who helps you feel grateful about all the relationships that didn’t work out for you in the past. He makes you believe strongly that everything does happen for the best.

You think about the guy who cheated on you, the guy who suddenly stopped responding to your texts and calls, the guy who always used a condescending tone towards you because he didn’t find you ‘good enough’, and many others who didn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

And then you look at this guy who is with you right now, sitting across the table and telling you how beautiful you look with the sun highlighting your mysterious brown eyes. And you realize just how valuable it was to have waited all these years for him!

Wait for That Special Guy Who Will be Worth The Wait

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