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Wait For The One Who’ll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

Everywhere you go, you see happy couples. You see them holding their hands and romantically gazing into each other’s eyes.

They probably make you wish for the same love as they have – one that’s honest and lasts forever. As an outside observer, you believe that’s what they have.

But days after, you hear that they broke up. Looks full of love are now replaced with resentful glares. From best friends, they’ve turned into strangers.

What you don’t realize is that they were always strangers. Deep down, their souls never knew each other.

What pulled them to one another was the beauty. A guy impressed by a girl’s beauty feels a strong need to win her over.

He sees her as a trophy, something to brag about. He puts her on a shelf and keeps her on display for some time.

When the initial infatuation is over, they walk away from each other and getting tired of playing the romantic game.

In a world where partners are chosen based on their looks, be the exception.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

It’s easy to find someone who’ll love you for your beauty. Get dressed up, put some makeup on, and you’ll be a woman of men’s dreams.

But what’s not easy is to find the one who’ll love you for your soul. Someone who’ll want to get to know every part of you.

Someone who’ll dive deep into your depths and explore everything that you hide under your skin.

I know that after all those heartbreaks you went through, this seems impossible.

To find someone who would want to get to know the real you sounds like a failed mission at the outset.

You probably reckon no one wants to know what’s going on under that beautiful mask that you wear on your face.

As soon as they scrape off the top layer, they’re gone and have no intention of coming back.

But it’s always better to wait for someone who’ll love you for your soul and not only your beauty. Those are the ones who stay in your life forever.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

The one who falls in love with you because of the pretty face will be gone before sunrise. He’s not a keeper and never will be.

When beauty starts fading, he’ll be out of your life and you’ll be mad at yourself for letting him in.

But one day, after all those wrong ones leave your life, when you feel that you lost all your shots, the one who will see the beauty of your soul will walk into your life.

He won’t make a big fuss about it, but you’ll immediately realize that he’s different from all of the other guys.

Once he makes an appearance, he’ll never let go of you.

He’ll see you for who you really are, past your beauty and the mask of a perfect woman that you put on your face.

He’ll hold you carefully in his arms with one wish in mind: to always beside you.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

You won’t need to pretend around him. He’ll love you for who you are because he knows that you have a pure heart and beautiful soul.

He won’t bother with the way you look. You could wear no makeup, have your messy hair all over your face, and he’ll still think that you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

How? Because he knows that beauty comes from within.

It only reflects what’s hiding deep down underneath your skin, in the parts no one ever bothered to explore before.

All those things on your body that others saw as flaws, he won’t notice. He doesn’t care whether or not you look “perfect.”

To him, the only thing that matters is that your soul is perfect.

You won’t feel the pressure to look nice day-in, day-out. You won’t struggle to make him happy with extravagant outfits.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

From now on, it’s what’s hiding deep under your skin that will make him happy.

The heart that skips a beat every time you say his name, the soul that makes you who you are – these are the things that will matter to him.

Before, you used to be an ornament – a piece of jewelry that brightened people with its beauty.

But as soon as they changed their outfits, they took you off.

But once the one who’ll love you for your soul comes into your life, this changes.

You’ll become a part of him – something he won’t be able to leave on the side, because nothing can replace you.

From an option, you’ll become a priority. A woman who can’t be lost because the beauty of her soul makes her irreplaceable.

The connection that the two of you will share will be out of this world. It’ll be like something you’ve never felt before.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

Unique, special, once-in-a-lifetime.

He’ll look into your eyes and you’ll know that his love is genuine.

You’ll know that he won’t leave you on the side the moment he meets someone prettier by social standards.

It’s because he truly believes that the beauty of your soul is the only thing that matters.

Everything else can be replaced with something better, but once you find the one whose heart is pure, you’ve found yourself someone worth growing old with.

Trust me, the love you’ll share with this person will be powerful. That’s when you’ll realize why all those before him never worked.

It was because he was the one meant to be yours from the moment you came into this world.

He was your soulmate, your dream man, the one you want to wake up with till the end of your life.

DONE! Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

He’ll see how wonderful you are and make sure to never lose you.

This will be your Mr. Perfect. The only one who’ll see the beauty of everything you’re hiding inside, not only of the one on the surface.

If you love yourself and want to lead a happy life, wait for the one who’ll love you for your soul and not your beauty.

When you grow old, your hair turns gray, and your face becomes covered with wrinkles, he’ll be the one to stay.

Wait For The One Who'll Love You For Your Soul And Not Your Beauty

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