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Wait For A Man Who’ll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

Wait For A Man Who’ll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

After being hurt many times, you created your safe zone – a wall around your heart that no one can cross as it’s too high and one that’s so tough that no one can break it.

You gave people many chances and all of them showed you that you can’t trust anyone. You let them in only for them to hurt you and abandon you the same moment they left a mark on your heart.

That’s why you decided to be on the safe side from now on.

You no longer believe anyone when they tell you that they won’t leave. You don’t trust them when they keep assuring you that they love you.

After ending up on the floor many times before, you can’t really be sure whom to trust. You don’t really know who’s telling the truth and who’s showering you with sweet lies.

That’s why it feels better to live a life inside of your walls. It feels better to know that no one can walk into your life and hurt you the way you’ve been hurt many times before.

Others keep telling you that you’re distancing yourself from true love. You’re sacrificing that moment when a real man will walk into your life but you won’t let him get close to you as you’re too scared of people.

They keep convincing you that you’ll spend the rest of your life alone just because you’re protecting your heart.

But trust me, they don’t know the pain you’ve gone through. They don’t know how much it hurts when people keep walking away from you, one after the other, even though they promised you eternity.
DONE! Wait For A Man Who'll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

So, instead of letting everyone just breeze into your life and giving them the right to break your heart again, you should wait for a guy who’ll make all of your walls tumble down. Once he comes into your life, everything will play out the way it’s supposed to.

You’ll meet him all of a sudden and you’ll quickly realize why no one before him was meant to stay. You’ll instantly feel that you’ve been looking for him your whole life.

His heart will be pure and you’ll see the kindness in his eyes. You could look at him for hours and you would never get bored.

He’ll feel like a magnet for your body and you’ll keep pulling each other closer and closer. Until one day, when you finally realize that you’re meant to be together.

The connection you’ll feel with him will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’ll feel different but it’ll also be the best feeling you’ve ever felt.
DONE! Wait For A Man Who'll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

You’ll start a sentence and he’ll already know what you’re trying to say. You’ll look him in the eyes and it’ll feel as if you already know what he’s thinking about.

It’ll feel strange and completely out of this world but maybe that’s what you needed all this time. You needed someone different, someone who would understand everything you’ve gone through.

He’ll never push you further than you can take. He’ll never pressure you to do something you’re not ready for.

If he sees that you’re uncomfortable with sharing your life story with him, he won’t force you. He won’t make you feel vulnerable before you’re willing to do that on your own.

He’ll hold you in his arms and all of the pain of the world will be gone. You’ll feel calm and safe, the way you always wanted to feel in the arms of the person you love.

Just like that, you’ll realize that you love him. You’ll realize that you don’t want anyone else except for him.

In the good times and in the bad, you’ll only want him.
DONE! Wait For A Man Who'll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

And day after day, you’ll feel like you’re slowly giving yourself in. You’ll feel that the walls around your heart are steadily tumbling down.

Without any effort, he’ll show you that you can trust him and that he’s not here to hurt you.

The only emotion he’ll make you feel will be love; that special kind of love you experience only once in your life, the one that changes everything from the bottom to the top.

And besides changing your life, he’ll also change you as a person. He’ll make you see all of the things you’ve been missing out on while you were living inside of your fortress.

He’ll show you how love is supposed to feel and you’ll love him even more for that. Bit by bit, you’ll be falling for him harder.

Even when you wake up in the middle of the night because you had a terrible dream that he left you, you’ll realize that he’s right there next to you. He’s not going anywhere.

A man who’ll make your walls tumble down will show you how real love is supposed to feel.

DONE! Wait For A Man Who'll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

He’ll show you what it looks like when a man and a woman love each other dearly and when they both put an equal amount of effort into the relationship they truly want to work.

You should wait for that guy.

You should wait for the one who’ll make you feel all of the emotions you’ve never felt. Wait for a man who’ll make all of your walls tumble down.

With him, you’ll finally be able to realize how it feels when you love someone more than yourself. You’ll also be able to know what it means when someone loves you truly, without any intention of hurting you.

Because a real man will love you exactly like that!

Wait For A Man Who'll Make All Of Your Walls Tumble Down

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