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Unicorn Man: 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

Unicorn Man: 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

When you think of the term “Unicorn man,” and your first thought is a guy who’s dressed in a weird suit with glitter on his face – you are unfortunately wrong.

It’s the man of your dreams! He’s so rare that everyone refers to him as a unicorn in modern pop culture. Sometimes, you may feel like he doesn’t even exist, but the thought of him sparks a small amount of hope within your soul.

The truth is that every woman deserves the man of her dreams. Not because we have some type of birthright to them, but rather because we know how much effort we put into relationships.

So, since the day we start to dream about a perfect partner, every woman has a few traits in mind that she wants to find. Most of them are quite universal because we have the same understanding of what a loving person should act like.

The human form of a unicorn will be different than the men you were attracted to before him. He’ll show you how you’re not expecting too much from a relationship.

I would even argue and see that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the things we’ll list in this article. However, sometimes it’s hard to break old habits.

Because of that, you should know that a unicorn man is so rare because he really is that special. So, let’s figure out what differentiates the unicorn guy from any other bystander.

Unicorn man: 19 traits of the man of your dreams

1. He wants to know everything about you

Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

Let’s be honest for a moment: we all want to talk about ourselves. We love to tell someone what we’re thinking and how we feel to see their reaction. Sometimes, we get so excited about the things that are happening to us that we can’t help ourselves, and we have to share that information.

There’s nothing worse than being with someone who simply doesn’t care about those things. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about this when it comes to unicorn men.

The man of your dreams will love hearing about your day and the things that you get excited about. He’ll hang on to every word that comes out of your mind, and he’ll remember.

He won’t be a passive listener and will show you that he wants to know more. He knows how to actively listen to you.

2. He avoids senseless arguments

So many couples tend to have completely useless arguments nowadays. They fight about every small thing that crosses their path, and it’s exhausting to listen to, let alone be a part of.

A unicorn man knows that fights won’t solve problems because he thinks that it’s the two of you against the problem. It’s never the two of you against each other.

Solving an issue works much better if you approach it with the intent of creating a safe space in which your relationship can become better with every upcoming day.

3. He’ll always be authentic

DONE Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams 2

So many men out there tend to play pretend until the moment you fall for them. But, once you fall in love with that non-existent version of him, he shows his true colors.

He’ll pretend to like the things you like and to be interested in the things you’re talking about. He may even change his appearance in order to appeal to you more.

However, that’s not something that a unicorn man would do. He’s unapologetically himself, and you should like him for the person that he actually is, not some act. He probably isn’t even thinking about being anything less than the amazing person he already is.

4. He knows what he’s looking for

In a world where no one knows what’s going to happen, it’s amazing to find someone who knows what he wants from his life. This is exactly the type of trait that makes him so unique.

He’s the type of guy who has his entire life planned out, and he’s ready to move through the world with that clear image ready to remind him of his path. That’s an amazing trait to look for in your partner because then he’ll also know where your relationship is going.

5. A unicorn man cares about your opinion on things

Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

You thought that no one but your best friends would care about your opinion. But here you are, talking to him on the phone about a big decision he has to make.

He called you because he knew that you can help him solve this problem. Can you imagine how important you are to him? He wants you to influence whatever decision he’s about to make!

Anyone else would probably go with their gut without even trying to consult with you about it.

6. He supports you completely

Having a supportive partner is one of the most important things in this world. You can become a much better person if you have someone who will love you through every stage of that process.

I am quite sure that this is one of the most important traits to look for in every relationship. You don’t want someone who’ll throw a tantrum every time you do something that’s out of the norm.

You want to have someone who’ll support your crazy ideas and always stand by your side. Having an unsupportive partner can destroy every bit of motivation you have.

7. He makes an effort (and stays consistent)

DONE Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams 4

A unicorn man makes an effort and actually doesn’t stop being a gentleman after a few months.

How many times did you meet a guy and you thought that he was the one? But he wasn’t a unicorn; he was just a random dude in a unicorn costume.

It’s frustrating to see the way men start to text you less when they start losing interest in you. They don’t show you consistency in any way, shape, or form.

Once an ordinary guy realizes that you’re hooked on him, he simply stops trying to impress you. This is when you see how emotionally unfit he is for a relationship.

8. He talks openly about his future

It’s a nuisance to be with someone when you have no idea what you can expect from the future. There are so many men out there who are so scared of commitment that they don’t even want to tell you the basics about their life.

With that being said, there are also those rare men who know what they want and also are ready to share that with you. When a guy sees you as a potential partner, he doesn’t just want to leave you when his dreams come true.

You become a part of that dream, and he wants you to know everything that he has planned. Even if those plans show a vulnerable side of him, he doesn’t really mind.

9. He always protects you

Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find a guy who will protect you. Many of them can, but they choose not to.

Your unicorn man won’t think about his reputation within his friend group when it comes to this topic. Instead, he’ll make sure to protect you even when it comes to his family and friends.

Everyone knows that when someone wants to offend you, they’ll do it no matter how close they are to your partner. They may disagree with you, raise their voice, or even become violent.

The man of your dreams will make sure to always stay by your side and always protect you. He knows that you’re a wonderful woman and that you deserve respect! If someone disrespects you, leave it to him to handle these arguments.

10. There’s a perfect balance between codependence and independence

How many times were you in a relationship with someone who’s codependent to the point where you don’t have any freedom at all? Those men make their entire lives revolve around you, and you can’t do anything without them looking over your shoulder.

Other times, you date someone who’s so independent that they literally don’t need you in their lives. You feel like eye candy at certain events because that man doesn’t have time to even talk to you; let alone give you any type of emotional satisfaction.

The golden middle is the unicorn man! When I look at it now, it actually sounds like a superhero name.

He’ll find the perfect balance. He’ll want to be with you and spend a lot of time with you, but he’ll also understand that you’re a successful woman who needs her alone time.

He wants you to wear his t-shirt, so everyone knows that you’re his, but he also doesn’t mind you going out with friends while he stays home to play video games.

You even play Minecraft together sometimes because you love to spend time together. But you still have your separate lives!

11. He knows how to forgive and forget

DONE Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams 6

I see so many couples nowadays who forgive things like cheating and disrespect just to hold that above their partner’s head for the rest of the relationship. That creates so much unnecessary tension between those two.

It doesn’t even have to be such huge issues within the relationship. But, more often than not, people hold onto small things that don’t have any meaning in the grand scheme of things.

A unicorn man will know how to forgive and forget. He won’t just ignore a relationship because he doesn’t want to work on a problem. He respects himself enough to know that he doesn’t have to tolerate awful behavior, but it also means that once he forgives, he won’t hold things against you anymore.

12. A unicorn man performs thoughtful gestures

Thoughtful gestures are what sets the tone of your entire relationship. These gestures can include things like planning a date night and buying you the perfect present for your birthday.

He takes you to your favorite restaurant because he knows that you have some sort of emotional attachment to it. He cares about “female interests” because it makes him feel closer to you.

These little things are very important for your relationship because, without them, you’d feel like a burden. You could even feel like the guy doesn’t care about your happiness at all.

Rest assured, the man of your dreams will never make you question his love for you with all the thoughtful gestures that he has up his sleeve.

13. He apologizes and then changes his behavior

Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

How many times did you have a conversation with one of your exes about the things that you don’t like in their behavior? Either your ex was being disrespectful, or he was a real douche about something, but after he apologized, he continued with the same behavior.

In those situations, you don’t even believe that the apology was sincere.

So, when you start dating a unicorn man, you start to see that men actually can be good-hearted creatures who mean their apologies. He does his best to change his behavior and to show you that he’s trying really hard to make you happy.

He doesn’t do this because he simply wants to please you, but rather because he sees how damaging his behavior is for your relationship.

An apology without any change doesn’t mean anything. It’s only a waste of time, and it doesn’t give you anything good to hold onto.

14. He respects your family members

Is there anything more attractive than to see the man you love the most in this world having a good relationship with your folks? You’ll definitely get that with a unicorn man.

He’ll give your parents every reason to believe that he’s the right choice for you. He takes care of you, and he pampers you with attention to the point where your parents couldn’t be happier.

Once you start dating a man like this, no major event can pass without him being present. He’s always there, ready to bring gifts and to show you that nothing is too much for a man who values you and respects the family that you came from.

I would like to believe that this is something everyone strives to have, so you can trust him to stand by your side and become your new family if that’s what you need.

15. He doesn’t try to hold you back from living your own life

DONE Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams 8

At this point, you’re tired of men mansplaining to you how you should and shouldn’t live your life. They don’t even try to understand the reasons behind your actions; they just jump to conclusions.

Because of that, it’s very hard to find someone who’ll be understanding and supportive of the life you want to live. Especially in a day and age when women don’t get the same freedom as men do!

So, when you get into a relationship with a regular guy, you can see how intimidated he gets when you have friends, hobbies, a career, and so much more to live for. A unicorn man will push you forward and always be the wind in your wings.

If he tries to hold you back from doing something, then he’s not the man of your dreams. Sometimes, we can understand when someone is holding us back from doing something stupid, but our life belongs to us.

That mythical man understands that.

16. He never wants to make you jealous (other girls are the jealous ones)

Ugh, don’t you hate men who believe that it’s attractive to make their girlfriend jealous? Like, why would you even bother to be in a relationship if you’re only going to make her feel uncomfortable?!

Once a woman loses her trust in her man, it’s over.

But it’s so attractive when a guy treats his girl so well that every other woman nudges her boyfriend to tell them that they’re trash. So, when he starts treating you so well that every other girl gets jealous of you, then you know that you hit the jackpot.

Please know that every guy who makes you jealous intentionally shouldn’t even have access to your energy. There’s someone out there who will do everything in his power to show you that you’re the only woman for him.

17. He respects EVERY woman

Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

Oh, how beautiful he is. You’re looking at a guy who helps an old lady carry her groceries, a guy who doesn’t yell at a girl who accidentally spilled his drink on her, and a guy who treats his mother with all the respect in this world.

You can see that he respects his mother, his sister, and every other woman without a grain of judgment for their gender. It’s a rare thing to witness that you have to remember it for the rest of your life.

Now, you may believe that I make men sound like a bunch of awful people, but you know exactly what I mean! You saw with your own eyes that men have respect for only a certain type of women.

They’re nice to women they’re attracted to, they respect women who have a man, and they’re completely oblivious to their behavior towards everyone else. There are even too many men who don’t even remember to call their mothers!

Dishonor on them!

18. He won’t be afraid to show everyone how much he loves you

For some reason, men believe that they’ll be considered a simp if they show any kind of affection towards their girlfriends. They think that even the slightest sight of vulnerability makes them a target for bullying.

It’s so exhausting to have this conversation with a guy who believes that the opinion of his friends is more important than you. He even goes as far as to say that you should understand him because showing affection in public is gross.

How pathetic. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, you’ll never have to worry about these things when you’re dating a unicorn man. He’ll always make you feel like the most loved woman of all time.

Of course, it’ll never be in an inappropriate way. If anything, he’ll show his love to you respectfully. There are always small displays of affection that can still be PG13.

19. He’s ambitious because he wants to create a better future for you both

DONE Unicorn Man 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams 10

It doesn’t matter what his plans are; he always has you in mind! Why would he want to create a better career for himself, other than to be able to create the best future for you two?

When he’s ambitious regarding his career, it actually means that he’s trying to find the best options for your future. A good career will make him happy, and when all of our other needs are met, we tend to be happier in our relationships.

It also brings him a stable income where he doesn’t have to feel like you’re the sole breadwinner in the relationship. He can give you everything that will make you feel loved and fulfilled.

It may sound like an outdated concept, but in order to create a family, he has to be financially stable because raising a family isn’t the easiest thing in this world, especially with capitalism being at the root of everything.

His ambition for a better future will give both of you the possibility to live your lives with fewer worries. It’ll also motivate you to be a better version of yourself every day.

You won’t be just a trophy wife when you’re dating a unicorn man. You will feel the urge to become just as successful as your man is.

With that being said, the man of your dreams will always find a way to help you live out every fantasy you’ve ever desired. He’s definitely the guy who’ll meet all of your expectations for love.

Unicorn Man: 19 Traits Of The Man Of Your Dreams

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