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Is He Interested In You? 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Is He Interested In You? 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

You like this guy, but you can’t seem to figure out whether he likes you back. Good thing is that men are quite obvious when they like a girl. But what are the undeniable signs that he likes you? 

You’ll see that it’s actually very easy to figure this out – if you know what to pay attention to. 

What’s going on in that head of his? Is he as affected by your presence as you are by his? How can you find out if you have a shot with him? 

You’ll be able to answer these questions by the end of this article. 

Men are generally the ones to make the first move, even though they can be a little bit apprehensive about it. Because of that, you may feel as if you’re waiting too long for him to make a move. 

However, he may be taking so long because he’s still figuring out his emotions and he’s really trying hard so that he can pursue you the way you deserve. 

Another reason could also be that he’s waiting to see signs you like him. He wants to know if he’s reading the energy between you correctly before he makes an actual move and confesses his feelings. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if he’s trying to hide his feelings for you because when a guy likes you, he shows obvious signs. 

He may even send you mixed signals that you don’t know how to decipher. Good for you that you came across this article!

What are the undeniable signs he likes you?

It’s very unlikely that one man will show every one of these signs. But if he really likes you, he’ll definitely show a couple of them. You’ll know right away if you pay close enough attention. 

That said, you shouldn’t lose sleep overthinking whether or not a guy potentially likes you. If he’s feeling something for you, then he’ll have to come up to you and tell you without leaving any space for misinterpretation. 

You shouldn’t expect anything less, even though he may actually assume you’ll be the one to make the first move. 

Of course, you could do that if you feel comfortable enough, but don’t feel pressured to do so. You can see these signs clearly and still make the decision to wait for him to admit his feelings for you. 

When you see these undeniable signs that he likes you, you can rest assured that he’s already mesmerized by you. 

1. He texts you a lot

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Text messages have become part of our daily routine. Together with social media, they’ve become a crucial part of our interactions with other people. 

So if you want to determine if he likes you or not, one undeniable sign to look out for is how often he texts you

It’s a good sign when he sends you good morning and good night texts. He wants to be the first and last person to talk to you each day. 

He probably always texts you first and even if that’s not the case, he makes sure to text you in a timely manner. 

You’re definitely texting him more than your other friends. That’s why you’re so confused if he’s just a friend or something more. 

2. He religiously likes your posts on social media

I know that everyone likes your photos and that you don’t really put much thought into liking someone else’s photo. The issue is that some people take this seriously. 

Do you know if he likes everyone’s photos or does he just make sure to like yours? 

He doesn’t think twice about liking your posts and most of the time, he’s one of the first people to do so. Bonus points to him if he hypes you up in the comments. 

It’s really one of the undeniable signs that he likes you – otherwise, he wouldn’t be trying so hard to get your attention. Even if it’s just online, it’s still valid. 

3. His eyes are always on you

Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he frequently make eye contact with you?

One of the signs he’s interested in you is when his eyes are always on you. You can feel him staring at you from the other side of the room and it feels like he’s roaming your entire body with his eyes. 

His eyes will always search for the premise of catching sight of you. 

When you like someone, you always want to know where they are and if they’re looking your way. That’s exactly why he can’t help but look at you. 

And when he suddenly averts his gaze, he knows that he’s been caught. 

You can feel his intense stare when he’s talking to you, too. He doesn’t take his eyes off of you for more than a second and seems to genuinely listen to what you’re saying. 

He enjoys looking at you because he sees something he likes. If he wants you, his eyes are a clear giveaway.

4. His eyebrows raise whenever he sees you

This is something that he has no control over. That’s why it’s so important for you to pay close attention to this little gesture. 

When he raises his eyebrows, it can be a sign of disbelief, surprise, or amazement. Whatever the case, though, it’s a sign of attraction. He wants you and he’s glad that his eyes were blessed by the sight of you. 

These little involuntary reactions are the things that will tell you the most about his feelings for you. Any reaction is definitely welcome, but this one shows that he’s thinking about you a lot. 

5. He’s always smiling when he’s around you

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 3

Whether it’s a big or shy, a smile is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. 

Does he have a smile plastered on his face whenever he sees you? If he is interested in you, he won’t be able to resist it. 

He’s just so happy to be in your presence and he really enjoys your company. 

On the other hand, there are many people in this world who are just polite. They will smile at anyone, acquaintances and strangers alike, it doesn’t really matter. 

The magic is in the way he smiles at you. 

When he’s looking at you, he’s really grinning from one ear to the other! He looks like a little child that just been offered to play his favorite game. 

A subtle thing to look out for is whether his eyes smile too. Do his eyes crinkle whenever he sees you? His smile will definitely reach his eyes and his entire face will light up. 

That’s a man who’s absolutely smitten with you. 

6. He checks his phone less when he’s around you

You know just as well as I do that men these days (especially players) are glued to their phones. They’re texting five girls at the same time and then they’re confused why you’re not okay with the fact that he’s always on his phone. 

But when a guy genuinely likes you, even outside of a relationship, he will make sure to put all of his attention on you. 

When he checks his phone, it’s probably because of something important. Other times, he’ll do it because he wants to check the time. 

He doesn’t need to text anyone because the object of his desire is right there in front of him. 

7. He compliments you a lot

 Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to understand that when a guy likes you, he won’t be able to stop complimenting you.

When a guy flatters you, he does so because he can really appreciate your beauty, intelligence, and all your other virtues. 

If he likes you, he also makes sure to notice and comment positively on the little things you change about your appearance or behavior. 

Getting those compliments feels so absolutely amazing! He continues to shower you with them because he wants to tell you that he sees so many positives in you. 

By giving you these compliments regularly, he hopes to actually convey the message that he’s into you. Especially if the compliments aren’t generic or cliché. 

For instance, he won’t just tell you that your eyes are pretty. He will take his sweet time analyzing the little specks of different colors in your eyes. 

8. He’s always around

When you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, you definitely want to pay attention to how often he’s around. One of the undeniable signs that he’s into you is when he simply can’t stay away from you for too long. 

He’s happy whenever he’s around you and that’s why he spends as much time as he possibly can with you. He will ask you out to just go get coffee because he wants to have a conversation with you. 

A man who’s interested in you, won’t be able to get enough of you. He genuinely enjoys your company and yearns to be close to you. 

A guy who didn’t have feelings for you wouldn’t do that. He’d be scarce, spending most of his time with others.

But this guy always manages to find an excuse to stay with you and talk to you. 

Another thing you may notice is that he makes an appearance at the places that you frequent. For example, if you have a café that you go to regularly, you’ll see him there. 

This man can’t stay away from you and he obviously doesn’t even want to try. 

9. He’s fidgety around you

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 5

We all get extremely nervous around the person we desire. You want to love them and cherish them so badly, but you don’t want to ruin your chances. 

That’s why he’s fidgeting so much. You will probably see him fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. 

He’s constantly moving his hand through his hair, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, and looking around as if he’s waiting for someone to make fun of him. 

It’s really unnerving to see a man act like this. Even if it’s little things, like stuttering over some words, it can seem very unusual for a man. 

That’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you, because your presence makes him super nervous. 

10. He mirrors your body language

There are many body language signs that may help you determine whether he likes you or not. Psychologists claim that we tend to subconsciously mimic the behavior of the person we’re attracted to. 

That’s why you need to watch the way he behaves. Does he always stand in a similar fashion as you? Does he mimic your hand gestures? Do you see that he always brings his drink to his mouth when you do? 

If he’s clearly mimicking you, you can take it as a strong indication that he’s really into you. If you’re able to catch him when he does this, you won’t need any relationship advice anymore. 

You have everything in your own hands. 

11. He remembers little details about you

Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Another undeniable sign that he likes you is when he listens to you intently and then remembers everything you’ve told him about yourself. 

What a guy remembers about you can tell you a lot about how he feels about you. 

Does he remember little things you tell him such as your childhood pet’s name? Or your favorite color? Or the fact that you loved to play a certain game as a kid? 

These aren’t even subtle signs he likes you. You can be sure that he’s into you if this happens. 

Be happy if you find a guy like this, because he’s definitely a keeper

He sees more than your looks when he’s talking to you and he genuinely cares about you. If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t pay much attention to every little thing you tell him. 

He wants to create a deeper bond with you because he is interested in the person you are. So he holds on to every bit of info you share with him. 

A guy who remembers the little things is the best type of man out there. These days, people don’t even listen to what we’re saying, they’re just waiting for their own turn to talk. 

So when you find someone who listens, remembers the details they’ve been given, and actively uses that knowledge in conversations, it’s truly something special. 

12. He gives you a helping hand

Does this guy offer to help you out a lot? 

We all know that men love to play the hero. Their hero instinct gets activated whenever they’re talking to a girl they’re interested in. 

That’s when they do their best to show her that they’re the best man out there. It’s kind of like showing off the fact that he can be extremely helpful to you. 

Whether you’re working on some project with a tight deadline or throwing a party for your sister’s birthday, he’s there to give you a helping hand wherever he can. This is definitely one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. 

He chooses to spend his time helping you, so what else would this mean? Of course, your other friends will be there for you and help you out, but he doesn’t really have an obligation towards you. He’s not your best friend. 

​All he wants is for you to know that you can count on him for everything you need. 

A real man will always help out a girl he likes. If you really want to figure out if this is true, go ahead and ask him for help. See how he’ll react! I can guarantee you that he’ll grab the opportunity to spend time with you and show you that you can rely on him. 

13. He has a cute nickname for you

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 7 1

When a man is interested in you, he may give you a nickname. 

Perhaps it’s based on some inside joke that only the two of you understand. It doesn’t have to be anything super unique, though, because even shortening your name counts.

It’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you and he wants you to remember him! Once he gives you a nickname, he will use it to flirt with you, sometimes so subtly, you’re not even aware of it. 

You’re his number one girl right now and that pet name is reserved for you only. You’ll see that he’ll use it whenever he’s talking sweetly to you or trying to catch your attention. 

Everyone around you thinks it’s adorable. Do you have a sweet nickname for him as well? 

Such a thing strengthens your bond and brings you closer together.

I know that our friends have nicknames for us too, but I can guarantee you that your intuition will tell you that this time, it’s different. 

14. His friends know everything about you

You know just as well as I do that men don’t really talk about their emotions much. Yes, they do talk about the girls they’re seeing, but they don’t really go into a lot of detail as it is a little bit awkward to share feelings. 

So if you haven’t met his friends until now, but they already know everything about you, you can take it as an undeniable sign that he likes you more than just some average girl. 

How do they know so much about you if they haven’t met you yet? Well, he tells them all about you. This is because he thinks about you a lot, so he can’t help but talk to anyone who’ll listen about you. 

He thinks of you as an important part of his life already and that’s why he wants to prepare his friends. He’s making sure that they will like you, too. 

When you like someone, you immediately go to tell your friends about them. Your friends have to approve of them as well. You want everyone to know about this amazing person that’s walked into your life and you want to keep them. 

People always share their love life with their closest friends. So, if his friends know about you and random things about you like where you work and so on, it’s because he told them about you. 

I wouldn’t say that he loves you (although he might), but you’re definitely important to him. 

15. He uses every chance to touch you 

Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

The desire to establish physical contact is a large part of being attracted to someone. 

So, does he often touch you? Does he make it seem accidental? Well, it’s most likely not an accident. 

He may put his hand on yours, brush his hand against yours when walking, or just accidentally touch your thigh. And if he is confident enough, he may even rest his hand on your knee. 

He’ll use any chance he has to touch you. 

He may even apologize for it and say he didn’t do it on purpose. You should know that it’s probably a lie, especially if it happens a little too often for it to be coincidental. There’s so much more to it. 

This is undoubtedly one of the obvious signs of affection. 

16. He wants to hear about your past

In order to plan a future with you, he first has to find out more about your past. 

When he asks you to tell him about your past and listens carefully, it’s a strong sign that he likes you. You definitely have a chance with him. 

He is interested in who you really are – your fondest memories, where you grew up, and how all of it affected your personality. These things are important to him. 

Some guys are only interested in appearances, but this one sees you as a real human being with a soul and heart. 

He wants to know what’s beneath that beautiful exterior. That’s why you shouldn’t overthink this and tell him about yourself. Satisfy his need to get to know you. 

Don’t take offense if he asks questions about your ex – he just wants to know how your love life was before he met you. He wants to be in your future, so he’ll do all the research on your past that you’ll let him!

17. He speaks with a seductive, manly voice

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 9

Just like women tend to talk in a higher-pitched voice when they like someone, with men, it’s the other way around. When a guy wants to be a little flirty with you, he will lower his voice and speak in a seductive tone. 

His voice changes when he’s around you, and especially when he whispers something into your ear. He’s trying really hard to establish dominance and show you that he really likes you. 

Also, men know that women like more dominant men with low voices, because it’s extremely attractive. 

He will be happy once he sees that you’re actually paying attention to him speaking. That’s why he’ll feel more confident to use his deeper voice with you. He knows the effects his voice has on you. 

18. He always wants to sit near you

Another one of the undeniable signs that he likes you is when he always wants to sit close to you. 

This is actually because he wants to be close enough to touch you and catch your scent. It also makes it so much easier for him to seduce you from this close proximity. He wants to be able to talk to you without being distracted. 

If you have noticed this behavior in this man you’re interested in, then you should know that he feels the same way about you. 

He will always try to be near you wherever you are and that need to be close to you is the best sign you can get. 

From this closeness, you can also read his body language perfectly. Try to show him that you feel the same way about him by being the one to sit next to him when you’re in the same room. 

He may finally see that both of you actually want one thing – to be near each other – which will lead to some seduction games where both of you will be winners. 

19. He always looks his best when he’s around you

Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does your guy get all dressed up when he’s about to see you?

If he wants to attract your attention, he will definitely always look good. The way he looks is important to him because he knows that that’s exactly how he’ll catch your eye. 

Isn’t it important for you to look good for the guy you like? We always dress up for the people we’re interested in because we want them to notice us. 

He probably looks drop-dead gorgeous and you should compliment his efforts. Without a doubt, it would mean a lot to him if you noticed it. 

20. He tries to be a gentleman

Chivalry isn’t dead. Does he open doors for you? Maybe he pulls out a chair so you can sit down? Does he help you take off your coat?

These are all things a true gentleman always does for the girl he’s interested in. Unfortunately for us, gentlemen are rare these days, so if you have a hold on one, don’t let go. 

A true gentleman will make you feel like a lady. He does this so that he can impress you. He likes you a lot and he definitely wants to make a good impression on you. 

You feel special in these situations and that’s exactly what he’s aiming to achieve. 

21. He shows his emotions

DONE Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 11

Guys can express their feelings just the same as we girls do. Does he also wear his heart on his sleeve? 

What that means is that he feels safe enough to trust you with his feelings. He feels like he’s talking to his best friend when he’s talking to you. 

He’s reassured that he can tell you anything, including his deepest, darkest secrets. This man sees you as someone he can depend on to not take advantage of his vulnerability. 

This is really a sign of trust. He feels secure around you and if anything, that’s a clear sign that you have a chance with this man. 

It’s great that he sees you as such an amazing woman, but if you want to be more than friends, one of you will have to make the first move. 

Is it going to be him or you? You can use one of these moments when he opens up to you to ask him if he likes anyone right now.

You can even be direct and ask him if he likes you. If you’re brave enough, that is.

But if he truly feels so good around you, then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to open up. 

22. He’s playful around you 

It depends on his personality, but he may either tell you jokes or act silly in general. 

He might even cross a line and unintentionally offend you with his jokes, but make sure to tell him right away when something isn’t funny. 

Regardless, this is a great opportunity for you two to see if you share the same sense of humor. Playfulness is a fun and flirty way of interacting with the person you’re interested in. 

If he really tries to make you laugh constantly, then it’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. When a guy is acting like an idiot, you know that you mean a lot to him.

It’s just because he wants to make you happy. Putting a smile on your face is his biggest reward ever!

23. He pays more attention to you than anyone else

DONE! Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

There’s no one more interesting to him than you! He will always turn down an opportunity to talk to someone else if you’re there because he prefers to talk to you instead. 

He will make you feel special and important. 

A man who’s not attracted to you won’t do this. He would probably just pay you enough attention to play with you, but this guy is doing his utmost to show you his interest. 

Whenever you go out and someone comes up to you two to talk to him, he will let them know with boring replies that they need to leave. 

Even if a girl tries to flirt with him, he doesn’t reciprocate her efforts. He makes it clear that he’s already talking to you. 

24. He asks personal questions

Someone who wants to be your future boyfriend will do whatever he can to get to know you. 

He will ask you about your future plans, your loved ones, and what traits you’re looking for in a soulmate

This is one of those surefire signs that he’s really interested in you and that you have a chance with him. He’s trying to find out as much as he can about you. 

That’s how people fall in love with each other! They learn as much about the other person as they can in order to establish an emotional connection. True love is born this way. 

Some of the questions he’ll ask you may be a bit uncomfortable to answer, but if you want to get to know each other properly, then you’ll want to open up to him and then ask him the same. 

25. He asks for your opinion on different topics

DONE! Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he want to know your thoughts on matters? Maybe he even asks for it? This is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. 

He considers your opinion important and values your input on things.

Men usually value the opinions of people they respect and are very close with, so if you’re not that close yet and yet he still cares about what you think, then he definitely does like you. 

Maybe he even tries to get you involved in helping solve some issues. It’ll come up in conversation where he genuinely asks for your standpoint or he may even subconsciously turn to you.

He wants to know what you’re thinking and how you perceive certain issues. 

This just means that he wants you to be a part of his life. You have a say in it, even if you’re not officially together. 

26. He tries to impress you

This may seem like a subconscious sign he’s interested in you, but you can definitely know that he’s serious when he tries to impress you. 

He’s spending so much time talking to you about his achievements and the things he’s done in his life so far. 

He’s actually trying to impress you because he wants you to think highly of him! He’s trying really hard to show you that he’s worthy of your attention. 

Do you know how peacocks act? Well, he’s showing off a little and it’s only in order to get your attention. 

Guys always try to impress girls who they like. Men are prepared to do crazy things – even stretch the truth if they have to – just to impress a girl.

So if you’re the lucky one he’s trying so hard to impress, let him know if it’s working. 

27. He gets a little jealous

DONE! Is He Interested In You 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Who wants to listen to the girl of their dreams rant about another guy? 

You can see that he’s jealous, even though he’s trying to hide it. You can see it clearly in his body language. 

He may all of a sudden shut down and not seem to be interested in the conversation anymore. 

You can also interpret it as protectiveness because he’ll make comments about wanting you all for himself. You’ll think that it’s a joke, but he’s probably quite serious about this. 

Has he somehow implied that he doesn’t like it when you pay attention to other guys? Well, he might not say as much directly, but you’ll see it in his behavior. 

He may even tell you to never mention a certain man’s name again in front of him. Especially if it’s one of your exes. He’ll feel like he has to compete with him for you and that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

Is He Interested In You? 27 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

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