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22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

You like a guy, but you can’t seem to figure out whether he likes you back? Don’t worry, because it isn’t so hard to see if a guy is interested in you.

You’ll see undeniable signs that he dlikes you, once you learn what to pay attention to.

What’s going on in that head of his? Is he interested in you? Do you have a shot with him?

Once you read this article, it won’t be so hard to answer those questions. All you really need to do is notice the undeniable signs that he likes you.

You’re going to find out what they are, and then it will suddenly be clear to you if he likes you.

Some signs that he secretly likes you might not be so clear, but these undeniable signs that he likes you are as clear as it gets.

If he is showing them, there’s no doubt about it; he likes you, and he might turn out to be your new boyfriend!

Are you confused because he’s sending you mixed signals? Well, after you read these undeniable signs that he likes you, you won’t be confused anymore!

He might not want you to find out the truth, but he can’t hide it so well that it can’t be seen from the way he acts around you.

He can’t hide the undeniable signs that he likes you, and you’ll start noticing them.

Check out all of the undeniable signs that he likes you to finally know for sure. Here they are.

22 undeniable signs that he likes you

1. His eyes are always on you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he frequently make eye contact?

One of the signs he’s interested in you is when he’s eyes are always on you so makes frequent eye contact and always stares at you when you’re in a crowd.

His eyes will always search the room to catch sight of you.

The fact that he’s looking you in the eyes and carefully listening to you says a lot; it says that he is interested in you.

He likes to look at you because he sees something that he likes. What is he like when you two talk?

If he makes eye contact and seems interested in everything you have to say, it’s pretty clear that he likes you.

2. He has a smile on his face

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Whether it’s a big smile or a shy one, it’s one of the signs that he likes you.

Does he have a smile on his face whenever he sees you? If he is interested in you, he won’t be able to resist it.

He is simply happy to see your face and enjoys your company, so he can’t seem to stop smiling when you’re around.

Does his face light up whenever you walk in a room? You’ll see a clear sign that he likes you on his face.

Isn’t his smile a good enough reason for you to try to make the first move? Try your luck and approach him.

Let him know that you’re interested because his smile means that he is.

3. He often gives you compliments

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

When a man compliments you, it’s one of the signs he’s interested in you.

Does he notice the little things you change about your appearance or behavior?

If he not only notices them but never misses a chance to compliment you, they are both signs that he likes you.

Getting those compliments must feel good, but is there more to it? Is he trying to tell you that he’s interested? It’s very likely that he is.

He’s serious about you and wants you to know that so he might not be telling you directly that he likes you, but he’s doing so with his compliments and he also wants you to feel good around him.

4. He’s around all the time

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

What is he looking for? Could it be that he’s around all the time because he’s looking for you?

He feels happy spending time with you and enjoys your conversations so he always tries to be around you because he can’t seem to get enough of you.

This is one of the signs he likes you more than a friend. He wouldn’t be around all the time if he didn’t like you!

When a man enjoys your company so much, he is hoping to get to enjoy even more of it.

The only way that could happen is for him to become your boyfriend. Is that what he’s hoping to be? Seems like it.

5. He remembers little things about you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

What a guy remembers about you can tell you a lot about how he feels about you.

Does he remember the little things you tell him such as your childhood pet’s name? If he does, it’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

Be happy if you have found a guy like this, because such a guy is definitely a keeper!

He sees more in you than just your looks and genuinely cares about you, otherwise he wouldn’t pay so much attention to every little thing you tell him.

He wants to create a deeper bond with you because he is interested in the person you are.

A guy who remembers the little things is the best guy there is. It means that he really cares about you and wants to know everything about you.

6. He gives you a helping hand

Does your guy offer to help you a lot?

Whether you’re working on some project with a tight deadline or you’re throwing a party for your sister’s birthday, he’s there to give you a helping hand, which is one of the signs he likes you as more than a friend.

If this man wants to be your helping hand whenever you need him, he’s into you.

He chooses to spend his time helping you, so what else would it be for? All he wants is for you to know that you can count on him for everything you need.

A real man will always help out a girl he likes. You should even ask for his help and thank him for it to trigger his hero instinct.

Once you’re done with the undeniable signs that he likes you, be sure to read about that as well.

7. He gives you a nickname

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

When a man is interested in you, he will give you a nickname.

It doesn’t have to be anything special, because even shortening your name counts. It’s one of the signs he likes you and he wants you to remember him.

Once he gives you a nickname, he has actually already started to flirt with you even if you’re not aware of it yet.

When a guy thinks about a girl a lot, he gives her nicknames to make her feel special and it’s even more special if he’s the only one who calls her that.

Do you have a sweet nickname for him as well?

Such a thing could strengthen your bond and drive you closer together and it’s best when it’s based on some inside joke that only the two of you understand.

8. His friends know everything about you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

If you haven’t met his friends yet but they already know everything about you, it’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

How do they know so much about you if they haven’t met you yet? Well, he tells them all about you.

This is because he thinks about you a lot, so he can’t help telling everyone about you.

What he really wants is for you to be an important part of his life and that is why he wants to prepare his friends so they will accept you.

We all know how falling in love feels – you can’t stop thinking about the person you like, so you can’t stop talking about them either.

You want everyone to know about this amazing person who walked into your life and you want to keep them in it.

So, if your guy is acting like this, it’s one of the signs he secretly loves you.

9. He uses every chance to touch you

The desire to establish physical contact is a part of being attracted to someone.

So, does he often accidentally touch you? Well, it’s most likely more than just an accident.

He might put his hand on yours or just accidentally touch your thigh and if he is confident enough, he might put his hand on your knee.

In any case, he will use every chance he gets to touch you.

He might apologize for it and call it an accident but you should know that there’s probably more to it.

After all, it’s one of the signs that you have a chance with him.

Be sure that he isn’t really sorry when this happens, but instead he’s happy he got to touch you.

10. He wants to hear about your past

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

When a guy is into you, he’ll want to know everything about you, including your past.

So, when he asks you to tell him about your past and listens carefully, it’s one of the signs that you have a chance with him.

He is interested in who you really are because he likes you as a person.

Some guys are interested only in your looks, but this one sees you as a real human being with a soul and a heart.

He wants to know what’s behind that beautiful exterior so tell him about yourself and satisfy his need to get to know the real you.

He might ask questions about your ex; after all, he is mainly interested in your love life because he wants to become a part of it and he will want to know if your ex hurt you because he cares about you.

11. He speaks with a seductive, manly voice

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Sure, guys have manly and deep voices, but it actually depends on the person they’re talking to.

If your man speaks to you with a seductive, manly voice, it’s one of the signs he likes you, which  is why his voice changes when he’s with you.

He also wants to make you laugh with his jokes and impress you with his stories and don’t forget that he needs feedback from you, so be sure to show him your feelings. 

He will be happy once he sees that you’re actually paying attention to his stories so show him that you’re entertained and interested, and laugh at his jokes.

He will feel more confident that you like him too, so he might finally make the first move!

Till then, notice how differently he speaks to you in comparison to how he talks to others.

12. He always wants to sit near you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Is this guy always trying to sit near you wherever you are?

This is actually because he wants to be close enough to touch you and smell your perfume and another reason for it is that it makes seduction much easier for him.

If you have noticed this behavior in your man, you can be sure that he’s into you.

He will always try to be near you wherever you are and that need to be close to you is the best sign you can get.

Try to let him know that you feel the same way by trying to sit near him as well!

He might finally see that both of you actually want the same thing – to be near each other, which will lead to some seduction games where both of you will be winners!

13. He always looks his best

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does your guy get all dressed up when he’s about to see you?

If he wants to seduce you, the way he looks will be important to him so if you always see him dressed up, it’s probably because he’s dressing up for you.

Isn’t it important for you to look good for the guy you like? Well, interestingly enough, it’s important to him as well!

Guys also like to look good for the girl they’re interested in, just like we girls like to look pretty for them.

Is he dressed to kill? Well, so can you be. Why don’t you get dressed up for him as well?

Show him what it really looks like when someone looks drop-dead gorgeous.

14. He tries to be a gentleman

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he open doors for you? Maybe he pulls out a chair so you can sit down? Does he help you take off your coat?

These are all things a true gentleman always does. Unfortunately for us, gentlemen are rare these days so if you have hold of one, don’t let go!

A true gentleman makes you a lady and a guy like that is a keeper!

So, maybe he’s not really a gentleman but only acts that way to impress you but it’s good enough! If anything, it means that he likes you a lot.

15. He shows his emotions

Guys can express feelings just the same as we girls do. Does your guy wear his heart on his sleeve?

What that means is that he is confident enough to trust you. He feels like he’s talking to his best friend when he’s talking to you.

It makes him feel like he can tell you anything, including his deepest, darkest secrets. He sees you as someone he can rely on.

If that doesn’t mean you have a chance with him, nothing does.

It’s great that he sees you as such a close friend, but if you want to be more than friends, one of you will have to make the first move.

Is it going to be him or you? Use a moment when he opens up to get closer to him and see whether he is really ready to become more than friends.

16. He is playful around you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

It depends on his personality but he could be telling jokes or just acting silly.

If you don’t like it or he crosses some line, don’t hesitate and tell him about it.

However, this is a great opportunity for you two to see if you share the same sense of humor.

Playfulness is a fun and flirty way of interaction and it shows that he’s interested in you.

He wants to make you laugh but that’s not all; guys always tend to act silly around a girl they like.

When a guy is acting like an idiot, you know that you mean a lot to him.

It’s just his way of showing you that, hoping that you’ll laugh and like him back because your smile is worth it to him.

17. He pays more attention to you than to others

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

When a man likes you, he will show interest in you and pay you attention. He will make you feel special and important.

Do you feel that way around him?

If he’s not attracted to you, he won’t make you feel important or even noticed so this is a great way to check how he really feels about you. 

Does he pay more attention to you than to others?

That’s a great sign! It shows that you mean to him more than anybody else and he wants you to become the most important person in his life… even though you probably already are but don’t know it yet.

18. He asks personal questions

If he likes you, he’ll want to learn all about you, which is why he will ask you personal questions.

Maybe they will be about being single or about how you spend your weekends.

Whatever he asks you, if it shows how desperate he is to get to know you better, you know what’s going on; he is most likely preparing to ask you out.

Still, he needs some answers from you first, so he can get to know the real you.

Maybe he asked for your number or started following you on social media, which is him finding even more ways to connect with you because he likes you.

19. He always finds an excuse to spend time with you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he show up at places where he might find you?

Maybe he visits you at your workplace? Remember that once or twice could be a coincidence but if it happens more often, it’s certainly a sign.

The truth about guys is that they aren’t really that complicated.

When they want to be with a girl, they’ll find a way to do it so if he’s making excuses to see you, you know the truth.

Spending time with you is what he likes best and the time you two spend together isn’t enough for him; that is why he creates more opportunities to spend time with you.

After all, you’re probably always on his mind.

20. He wants to know your opinion

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Does he want to know your opinion? Maybe he even asks for it? This is because he cares about what you think.

If he finds your opinions important and values everything you say, he’s definitely interested in you.

Maybe he’s even trying to get you more involved in his life by asking you for opinions.

Does he even ask for your opinion when he needs to make an important decision?

He wants you to be a part of his life and have a say in it, even now when you’re still not together, at least not officially.

21. He tries to impress you

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Maybe he talks about some recent success or the great adventures he had in the past.

This is him actually trying to impress you because he wants you to think of him as important and interesting. 

Do you know how peacocks act? Well, he’s showing off a little and it’s only in order to get your attention.

Guys always try to impress girls who they like, so this is one sure sign he’s interested in you.

Men are prepared to do crazy things and lie if they have to, just to impress a girl so if you’re the lucky one he’s trying so hard to impress, let him know if it’s working.

22. He’s a little jealous

22 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

Is there a little jealousy coming from his side?

Of course, he won’t be too obviously jealous, but he might show protectiveness or make comments about wanting you all for himself.

Did he somehow imply that he doesn’t like it when you pay attention to other guys? Well, he might not say so directly, but you’ll see it in his behavior.

If he is acting a little jealous from time to time, there’s no doubt about it – he’s into you.

Now, all that’s left is for you to ask yourself if you like him too.

If he shows signs he secretly loves you, maybe you can do something about it so it won’t be such a secret anymore.

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