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Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You’ll Meet In Life

Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You’ll Meet In Life

Do you believe that out there, there’s a person who’s waiting just for you? While describing them, most people think there is just one soulmate. But little, do they know there are many different types of soulmates that you encounter throughout your life.

Most of us believe we’re destined to meet the one true person who’s meant for us and who we share a magical and mystical connection with.

That Romeo and Juliet type of connection, one that seems unbreakable.

Those are the types of connections we can see all around us. Those happy couples seem more compatible and cheerful in every way.

Even so, the story of soulmates is much broader and richer.

There are different types of soulmates that we encounter in our lives who play a crucial role in helping us to find what truly matters: LOVE.

Love is such an important factor in a person’s life.

We all give and take love. That said, I believe that our purpose is to find and return unconditional love.

We all love someone, be it our friends, family, or a person who we hold dear to our hearts and share a romantic relationship with.

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Different types of soulmates will enter your life, but very few will stay. Some will make you happy while others will teach you a valuable life lesson.

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

That’s just how it goes in life. While one person decides to stay, others may leave because they didn’t get from you what they needed.

They didn’t have their needs met. And that should be okay.

Life is quite unpredictable. It’s like a rollercoaster of content and discontent.

The universe will send you different types of soulmates who’ll help you get through whatever you might be going through at that particular moment.

And as Paulo Coelho once said:

“Important encounters are planned by the souls
long before the bodies meet each other.” 

Each of those different types of soulmates will have an intense and deeply meaningful impact on our lives.

As I said, some soul connections won’t stick around, but they’ll be there just long enough to teach you a lesson.

Sharing that deep and thoughtful connection with someone can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult to accept the fact that some soulmates have served their purpose in our lives and now the time has come to let them go.

Now, let’s jump straight into the types of soulmates you’ll encounter in your life.

Take note that some of them you might have already met but just didn’t know what to call them.

1. Accidental Stranger Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Now tell me if you’ve experienced this.

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly you bump into a stranger and you just stand there staring at each other?

You get this overwhelming feeling that you know this person, and he seems so familiar to you.

It feels like you already met somewhere, but you can’t remember when, where, or how.

And the sensation of feeling safe and peaceful with him takes over you. You suddenly feel liberated and free.

It’s an unearthly feeling you experience at that particular moment. You feel a strong connection with a complete stranger, and it feels surreal.

You have this urge to hug or kiss him, but it just seems inappropriate.

You may even think that this is the person you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

It’s like you’re talking to that person mentally, and he completely gets you.

Suddenly, you feel like time has stopped. Like everything around you froze and you’re present in that moment with your entire body and soul.

You look at each other with wonder, and that’s it.

Nothing else. You don’t exchange numbers, don’t exchange names. Nothing. But he leaves a mark on your heart.

You think of him for days after, and you’ll remember him forever.

You might even start walking the same route you did that day just to see him once more. But it’ll never happen again.

Even though he was just a stranger, you miss him. He stays in your mind forever and the feeling is wonderful.

This strange encounter happens once in a lifetime. You won’t ever see him again, but your heart starts beating faster just at the thought of him.

You find yourself imagining a scenario where the two of you are happy together somewhere in the mountains.

And it makes you feel content and at peace.

2. True Friendship Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Sometimes we meet a person and you just clicked from the moment you set eyes on each other.

It’s like you’ve known each other for an eternity, even if you met only a couple of minutes ago.

You tell each other everything. You know you could talk with this person for hours on end and still have something to talk about.

Your conversations are never boring.

You tell them everything about you without fear of being judged by them.

These types of soulmates you can encounter early in your life or when you get older. It doesn’t matter.

The true beauty is, you’ll be in each other’s lives always, no matter where the two of you live.

You may grow apart in distance, but that won’t stop you from seeing each other.

And when you talk with them again, it feels like no time has gone by at all, and you pick up right where you left off.

You share your innermost secrets with them, and they appreciate that. You know you can always confide in your friendship soulmate.

What’s beautiful about this type of soulmate is that you share similar tastes, styles, and interests, so you have things to talk about for hours on end.

You laugh at each other’s outfits and they’re the first person you share your new favorite song with.

As I said, this type of soulmate seems to you like you’ve known them forever.

If you believe in past lives, they were usually your family members, maybe a cousin or a brother.

Sometimes you feel like they know you better than you know yourself. It’s why they play an important part in your life.

They know what you’re thinking in ways nobody else does, and they can help in situations when life hits you hard.

You must treasure your friendship soulmate because they’re here to stay.

3. Life Lesson Soulmate (Karmic Soulmate)

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Soulmates are people who either bring happiness to your life or teach you a valuable life lesson and then disappear.

This type of soulmate may or may not enter your life peacefully.

Sometimes you have to shake things up if you want to learn a valuable lesson. And that’s what this type of soulmate comes to do.

They challenge you mentally and make you question everything you might have known about life.

It’s hard to recognize them while they’re still part of our lives.

They often negatively affect our lives, and only after they leave do we notice how much of an impact they’ve had on us.

It’s like you are reborn after they leave. You realize you’re a completely different person from the day you met them.

This type of soulmate can come in various forms, but it’s mostly a romantic relationship that has left us feeling like we’re being attacked by a shark without warning.

You’ll lose a part of yourself.

But fear not. That means you’ll have to fill that emotional hole once they leave your life.

Despite being attacked off guard, the beauty of meeting such a soulmate is that they force us to rebuild ourselves from the ground up.

This type of soulmate will appear when your life needs a change. Luckily, they’re not meant to stay.

The purpose of their appearance is so you can start a new chapter with a fresh perspective.

The life lesson soulmate can also take other forms, like a friend or an acquaintance. It doesn’t matter, really.

They’ll appear when we least expect them. Maybe they appeared because you needed to learn how to be courageous, or to learn how to be patient.

It’s important to know that we too are the life lesson soulmates of others.

Luckily, you won’t end up hating them. You’ll just become wiser and more gracious than before.

4. How-Do-I-Look Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Also known as ego mates, they come into our lives when we are still concerned with how we look to others and what opinion others have about us.

This type of soulmate is also considered a sub-category of the karmic relationship.

For our soul to strengthen, we have to experience such a type of soulmate at least once in our lifetime.

They are mostly concerned with their physical appearance and whether or not the other person makes them feel good and attractive. They constantly adapt to their environment and change to fit every situation.

Ego soulmates are careful in always trying to do the right things because they don’t want to feel left out.

So, they behave the right way, go to the right places, and try to have all the ordinary things that society imposes on them.

They even go to the extreme lengths of having the right type of house or the right career.

And if you don’t live up to their expectations, they feel really embarrassed by you.

Such a relationship will feel unsatisfying, forever draining your energy without getting something in return.

Sometimes you’ll have this feeling like they’re stuck in puberty and never reaching true emotional and life maturity.

Such soulmates don’t make excellent partners. They don’t understand the true meaning of having an emotional relationship.

They’re just focused on the superficial things.

They never experience having a deeper connection with someone, not at least until they reach real emotional maturity.

You have to be careful when meeting such a soulmate, as they’re prone to cheating.

5. Past-Life Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

When you meet this type of soulmate, you’ll feel really comfortable around them because they’ve might be a lover or soulmate in your past life.

Not everyone believes in such soulmates. The idea of having a “past life” doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Still, there are plenty of people who can agree they’ve met someone and felt some sort of familiarity and peacefulness with them.

If you have met someone and immediately felt like you’ve known them before, even though it’s your first time meeting them, then they’re most likely your past-life soulmate.

It feels like you two share a significant past life together and you’re drawn to each other unexplainably.

It’s important to know that the energy you’re feeling when you’re with them has been built up while spending lifetimes together.

These types of connections are very powerful and often romantic.

It can also overlap with other types of soulmates, such as the twin flame soulmate, which I’ll describe in a moment.

I believe this type of soulmate is brought into our lives to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves. They help shape us in an inexplicable way.

These relationships help you learn how to trust and believe in yourself.

They are meant to guide us to the goals we strive to achieve with no pain or suffering.

On the other hand, this type of relationship can be platonic and casual.

That happens when there’s a lack of physical attraction between the two of you.

Instead, you try to sustain and protect the friendship you have with them.

6. Lover Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

I know it’s hard to believe, especially if you have a lover soulmate right now in your life, but this person won’t be your forever person.

You won’t spend the rest of your life with them.

You share a deep and emotional connection, a unique chemistry that’s really intense.

But they won’t be a part of the rest of your life story.

A lover soulmate relationship holds a powerful passion and attraction. The chemistry is off the charts. This is obvious to other people around you.

Sometimes, such a relationship can be very draining and tough if the two people are not on the same frequency.

They may share the same physical attraction, but not match up intellectually.

They might be your first love or simply a lover you’ll share a no-strings-attached relationship with.

The purpose of such a relationship is to teach us how to emotionally grow and those lessons will prove valuable and meaningful down the road.

When you meet your lover soulmate, you won’t feel butterflies in your stomach.

Instead, your relationship will gradually build-up into something more serious and meaningful.

As time passes, you and your soulmate will notice that you’re not meant for each other.

Although the romantic portion of the dynamic will fade, you’ll remain friends with each other.

That’s because you’ll cherish and respect the lessons you’ve learned during your relationship.

7. Twin Flame Soulmate

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

The person usually called your twin flame possesses all the characteristics of the other soulmates.

They’re your life lesson, true friendship, and lover soulmate all in one. And you’ll share a super strong connection with them.

There are many theories about twin flames.

While one might believe it’s a person in this earthly realm, others think it’s a soul that exists in the spiritual world and acts as your guide during your crossing to the afterlife.

Others may even suggest that your twin flame soulmate is hidden inside yourself.

The theory is that we are all one, all unique. And when we’re created, we lose our divine feminine or divine masculine side.

Eventually, upon finding it in this world, it seems like we’re coming home as if we have found ourselves whole again.

But let’s say that your twin flame soulmate is a person. How would you feel when you meet them?

Well, the passion, the love, and the spiritual maturity will be gathered as one.

The energy you two create when you’re together will be intense, and others might envy you for it.

You share the same passion and have a common goal. You strive to accomplish a shared goal that’ll benefit humanity on a global scale.

You’ll heal, love, teach, and challenge each other compellingly and uniquely.

It’s hard to distinguish such a relationship from the other ones because every relationship you enter with another person (be it romantic or casual) possesses the potential to help you achieve more wisdom.

8. Once-In-A-Lifetime Soulmate (Divine Love)

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

The ultimate divine love that happens only once in our lifetime. The one that evokes those feelings you thought you never had.

Maybe you won’t be able to describe your feelings when you meet him, but deep inside you, you know it’s genuine love.

This is the soulmate that all of us want to experience.

If we’re lucky enough, God will bless us to meet them and to live the rest of our earthly lives with them together.

They encompass all the things I mentioned above.

The feeling that you’ve known someone your entire life, the deep connection you experience with him, it’s all wrapped up in this one person.

And when you meet him, you’ll know that the other ones just prepared you for this special person.

Trust me, you’ll be ready. The true friendship soulmate taught you the beauty of friendship.

The accidental stranger taught you the meaning of patience, and the lover taught you how important attraction is in a relationship.

That said, every soulmate has its individual purpose in your life.

This one will satisfy you entirely and you won’t have to search anymore.
You’ll thank God for giving you the chance to meet your divine love.

And he’ll be there for you to make you happy, to support you in your endeavors, and finally, your soul can rest assured that this one is meant to be for the rest of your days.

How do you know you’ve met a soulmate?

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Now that you’ve uncovered the types of soulmates there are, how can you know that you’ve met them?

Are there signs that he/she might be a soulmate?

Well, actually there are. Whether you’re in a relationship or marriage, it’s important to recognize what role this person has in your life.

Answer yourself these questions to test whether or not a person has met your soulmate criteria:

Does he/she embrace your flaws?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, even those with your soulmates. But the difference is such a bond is much harder to break.

You and your soulmate will accept each other as you are and love the imperfections you possess.

The relationship that you have with your soulmate will sometimes feel unbreakable.

How do the two of you team up?

When thinking about whether he/she is your soulmate, think about how you stack up against the world. Is it the two of you against the world or are you fighting on your own?

Most of the time, soulmates value loyalty and unity above else. They’re ready to take on the world together and won’t stop at anything.

Do we all have soulmates?

DONE (SEO) - Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

Well, I believe that everyone has a soul friend in life, and there are many life lesson soulmates that you’ll experience in your lifetime.

But divine love is something that some of us may never find.

You must discover first who you really are and only then can you try to seek your soulmate. That’s why most of struggle to find “the forever one.”

Some of us lack understanding, love, and self-awareness, and that’s what keeps us from finding our one true love.

While some soulmates have the potential to cause you heartbreak, others will allow you to grow.

No matter what, you’ll learn from each of these relationships, and by moving forward with love, you can say that your life has been successful and fulfilling.

Soul Connection – 8 Types Of Soulmates You'll Meet In Life

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