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10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

From all the types of girls that exist, which one are you? Or, if you’re a guy, which one are you dating right now?

We’ve talked about different types of guys, and now it’s time to look at all the different types of girls.

I know what you’re wondering… What types of girls do guys like? Well, the answer is that guys date all kinds of girls, and this is a complete list of the girls every guy gets to date until he finds the one.

Still, there are types of girls to avoid, but to be fair, even they can surprise you and turn out to be amazing.

If you’re a guy, you’re in for a treat because I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of dating these types of girls.

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

So, what types of girls do guys like? To be honest, they like all of them, it’s just a question of which one they are going to end up marrying.

What type of girl are you? Read this article and find out because it will be useful for you to see what guys think about your type.

All kinds of girls deserve to get a happy ending, and the lucky ones do. Different types of girls fall into different categories, and we’ve tried covering all of them.

Still, isn’t every girl special and unique? They sure are, and these types of girls are just generalizations because we tried to look for categories in which we can separate them.

It’s fun and has some truth to it, but don’t think for a second that you’re not unique or special.

No matter how great our list of types of girls is, a guy could equally fall for any of them and find what’s special about them.

All types of girls can be the type that a man looks for when he’s trying to find his soulmate so don’t think that just because you fall into a category that isn’t popular, you won’t get the attention and love that you deserve.

Types of girls are there to make it easier for guys to see who they have dated so far, but it’s equally fun to see which type you are.

There’s a right man for all of these types of girls, and hopefully, they’ll find him just like you will.

If you’re a guy, let these types of girls help you figure out who you have dated so far, and what types of girls are waiting for you to discover them.

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

Let’s get right to the list and see all kinds of girls who are out there. If you’re a guy, you’ll be happy to have found my advice and see what the pros and cons are of dating different types of girls.

Are you ready to meet the one? She’s waiting for you at the end of our list.

If you’re a girl, this will be a great way for you to see if there’s something that you can change about yourself to become the one.

Maybe you have low self-esteem or are too possessive? Don’t worry about it because you’ll still find the man of your dreams, but try to see from our list what causes a man to give up on a certain type.

10 types of girls every guy dates before finding the one (which one are you?)

1. The one who’s all about shopping and fashion

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One Which One Are You 1

I’m talking about the girl who has fancy designer clothes, a great sense of fashion, and loves shopping more than anything.

You’ll always find this girl in high heels and wearing beautiful make-up. This type of girl will never allow herself to get caught looking like she just got out of bed.

The girl who’s into fashion will most likely dictate her boyfriend’s sense of style as well and what you should know about her is that she has high expectations when it comes to guys.

She can be selfish at times, but she looks so great that girls want to be like her, and guys want to be with her.

What’s great about her? Well, your parents will surely love her, and you’ll get to enjoy the envious looks of your friends for having such a good-looking girlfriend.

It’s almost insane how good she smells all the time, and you’ll feel proud for having such a beauty for a girlfriend.

These girls are most often friendly, charming, skinny, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Still, there has to be some bad sides, right? In this case, it’s that your dates will most likely be at malls, and you’ll hear her complaining a lot about how her feet hurt in high heels.

This is not the type of girl who buys clothes because she needs a new shirt but because she buys them to complete her collection.

When it comes to your bank account, it’s going to get drained quickly, and she will want to give you a complete makeover.

You’ll always need to remind her that you like the way you dress and that money does not grow on trees.

2. The one who’s kind of a player

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

This is the girl who seems completely perfect. How could she not be when she’s the complete package.

Not only is she beautiful but she is also charming, attractive, and has a great sense of humor! If there was ever a girl who could make any guy feel wanted, she’s the one.

She’s into fashion and has a lot of male friends. This girl is aware of her attributes and has no problem with playing with people’s hearts since she gets them all the time.

Don’t think that she’ll just dump you like any other though because she’s clever and will make you believe it’s your fault. A girl who’s a player is never satisfied with her boyfriend and always wants a better one.

The upside of dating such a girl is that all your friends are going to envy you, but your parents probably won’t like her. Still, you won’t care about it because you’ll feel enchanted by her beauty.

This girl is the dependent type, which guys love because they like to feel needed. You feel like you’re everything to her, but wait, because there are downsides as well.

Your friends will talk about her behind your back, and she’ll have a lot of mood swings.

She might need you, but when she doesn’t, she forgets about you and you’ll end up feeling used when she dumps you for a guy she has been flirting with while you were in a relationship.

3. The one who’s a nerd

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

Are you a guy who has always dreamed of a girlfriend who’s kind of a genius? Well, this is the one.

She has valid opinions on anything you ask her, and she reads in her free time. It’s not that she dislikes fashion, she just doesn’t care about it much.

This type of girl is kind, but with her, studying comes first, and everything else comes second. A nerdy girl has big dreams, so she feels devastated when she fails academically.

This is the girl who will claim that she’s not interested in love and relationships, but, secretly, she envies the ‘regular’ girls.

The great thing about her is that she’s easily wowed, and she’s not looking for a nerdy type of boyfriend so as long as you know how to make her laugh, you’ll be able to win her over.

She is well-mannered, decent, and has a bright future, so your parents will like her and this type of girl is loyal, intellectual, and will always support your career goals.

There’s got to be something wrong with her, right?

Well, truth be told, your friends won’t really like her that much since she’s not a fan of movies and can be boring. They’ll have trouble communicating with her because all she talks about are her future dreams and books.

This girl is a little conservative, so you won’t really get a chance to be spontaneous, she won’t be a sports fan and will not like your desire to play games because she sees it as a waste of time.

4. The one who’s a born mother

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

This is the type of girl who’s most likely to be a good mother one day, since she is wise beyond her age.

It seems like she already has a sense of maturity, even though she doesn’t need it yet. She always thinks ahead, and she’s been used to planning her life from an early age.

This girl is pretty conservative and likes children a lot. Her friends think of her as a good listener who always knows the right advice to give when there’s a problem.

She is mature and decides things by herself, so she isn’t very concerned about what other people think. The great thing about her is that she’ll always help you get back on track when you accidentally make a mistake.

Your parents love her of course, and she is going to be an amazing mother someday.

All her friends will tell you that you should hold on to her and that she is prepared for everything. This girl is organized, tidy, and, all in all, an extremely reliable person.

So, what are the bad sides? If you aren’t interested in getting married, you’ll have trouble with her because she doesn’t do anything that seems pointless or just for fun.

She’s not so easy to please, and the worst part is that she kind of reminds you of your own mother.

Plus due to the level of maturity she has, she aces you in pretty much everything, which might cause you to have low self-esteem.

5. The one who’s feminine

shutterstock 1095333386

This is the girl who almost always wears skirts instead of shorts, and her style can be explained as old-fashioned.

Her heart is soft, and she prefers nude colors. Maybe she’s sensitive, but she’s also gentle and kind.

She drinks tea instead of coffee, and she is an amazing cook. All in all, she’s pretty, sweet, and quiet.

The great thing about her? Naturally, your parents will love her, and your friends will envy you.

She always tries to look her best, so you’ll be proud to call yourself her boyfriend.

Such a kind girl always listens to all your ranting and complaints because she knows how to be a supporter in a relationship.

You’ll enjoy her fancy home-cooked meals as well as the fact that she’s full of understanding.

So, what’s the catch? The only physical activity she might like is yoga or swimming.

She hates it when she makes a fool of herself, so she isn’t very interested in trying new things and this is the wrong type of girl for you if you are an adventurous type or a gamer.

Her style of life can be called too girly, so you might get annoyed by that.

If you’re a girl who would like to be more feminine, you can find useful advice in our other article.

6. The one who’s ambitious

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

Have no doubt about it, the ambitious girl is the typical leader in a relationship.

This is the girl who isn’t afraid to take the wheel, and her work life is a priority to her. Some people might see her as mean and selfish, but she has big dreams.

This girl works hard, maybe even too hard, so she doesn’t have many friends. Those who are close to her will have to deal with her high expectations, and if she sees you as advantageous to her, she’ll befriend you.

She is incapable of tolerating failure, and she has a constant thirst for success.

What’s great about dating her? You’ll have a lot to brag about because she’s so professional and clever.

She is capable of taking care of herself since she is so independent and you’ll grow with her when it comes to professionalism since she’ll make you because she wants you to succeed.

The downsides? Girls like this aren’t easy to maintain and will never submit under their partner’s leadership.

She’ll expect a lot of you, which might make you feel intimidated. You probably won’t be a priority to her, and she couldn’t care less about what others think a normal relationship should look like.

Gaining her trust won’t be an easy task, and she’s not one who easily opens up.

7. The one with low self-esteem

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

This type of girl usually has a lot of talents, and she’s quite attractive even though she doesn’t think so.

She is shy and has a problem with believing that she could be great like other people. As a matter of fact, she believes that she’ll never get the things she wishes to have.

This sensitive girl will need constant reassurance, so you’ll need to keep convincing her that she’s precious and loved.

What’s so great about dating her? This is a girl who really has a lot of potential, she will love you wholeheartedly, and she’ll always be honest with you.

This type of girl is a really good listener, she’ll care for you and support you.

But what are the cons? As I already said, you’ll always have to reassure her that you really love her, and she’ll need to hear it every day.

She isn’t confident about her skills, and you’ll need to convince her that she can accomplish anything she wants.

This is a girl who constantly thinks negatively, so it can be depressing for you if you also have problems.

8. The one who’s possessive

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

Have you ever been with a girl who wants to know every single thing about you? She needs to know everything about your activity all the time, and she gets jealous easily.

Don’t be surprised to see her crying because she’ll do that a lot to make herself seem helpless and to make you feel bad, so you’d cave.

This girl is dependent and clingy, so she’ll probably limit your freedom. She knows how to make you feel wanted, but not a lot of guys will accept being chained.

The upsides? You’ll hear every day that she loves you, and she’ll try to attend to your every single need, just to make you happy, as she tries hard to be the type of girl you want.

The downsides? Well, obviously, she won’t give you a lot of freedom, she is sensitive and won’t allow you to have female friends.

You’ll see her crying when you want to watch the game with friends instead of watching a chick flick with her and your phone will be blowing up, because she needs to get in touch with you every few minutes.

9. The one who’s innocent

shutterstock 1386982472

Have you ever met a girl who believes in everything?

She doesn’t realize the hidden agendas of other people, her sweet personality makes guys fall for her easily and she’ll often end up being used because she is so kind to everyone.

The unique thing about her is that she’s a bit slow at picking up any new concepts.

The pros? Your parents will like her since she is such a sweetheart and she seems so pure and different from the rest that you’ll love her innocent comments.

This is a girl who’s positive and a good listener and she’s also a gentle and kind spirit who loves smiling.

But what about the cons? You’ll start hating her innocent comments eventually.

It will drive you mad that you need to repeat everything to her several times before she gets the point and that innocence that you liked at first will soon seem like a negative attribute, and you’ll wish for someone more mature and intellectual.

10. The one who’s adventurous

shutterstock 602669993

If you were looking for a girl who loves everything that guys love, you have found her. This is the one who’s into sports and loves dates that include camping, fishing, and hiking.

She isn’t too concerned about what she wears and likes to get her hands dirty. Most girls don’t like the things she likes, so she’ll probably mostly have male friends.

She is a fan of science fiction movies and likes to travel and this is the girl who can, without any issues, be a part of a guys’ conversation.

The upsides? Your friends are going to love her! She might even be a gamer, and she’ll join you when you go to sports events.

Fine-dining restaurants aren’t so special to her, and she’ll love having pizza delivered for dinner.

This is probably the only type of girl in the world who you won’t have to wait for to get dressed because she doesn’t spend much time looking in the mirror.

The downsides? You might get the need to be with someone a little more feminine, as you’ll start missing high heels and skirts.

Maybe you’d like for her to cook for you, but she often isn’t interested in doing so.

Her many male friends could make you feel jealous, especially since she shares a lot of interests with them, unlike other girls, and your usual romantic ways won’t please her, so you’ll have to get creative if you want to wow her.

11. The one who’s simply the one

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)

The last one on our list is a keeper and she can be a combination of all the types there are.

Kind, funny, and attractive is how everyone would describe her, or at least you would.

She is committed, loyal, and supports you, and you see her as the most beautiful woman in the world.

If you’ve been wondering what type you’ll end up spending the rest of your life with, this is her.

The best part of it? She makes your parents happy and your friends envious of you.

Sure, she can make mistakes too, but what’s different about her is that she isn’t afraid to admit that she is wrong and apologize.

Everyone tells you that you have found a keeper, but you figured it out by yourself already.

What is the downside to her? Well, you’ll fall in love more than you ever have in your entire life, and this will most likely be the last girl you ever date… because she’ll become your wife.

10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?)
10 Types Of Girls Every Guy Dates Before Finding The One (Which One Are You?) 15

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