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12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won’t Be Able To Miss

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won’t Be Able To Miss

Twin flame reconnection signs aren’t subtle. They completely change your view of your surroundings and you’ll know for sure that your twin flame is coming. 

Surviving the separation stage of your twin flame journey isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Understanding that you have to lose your “other half” simply to reconnect with them sometime in the future is like a promise left unfulfilled. 

Who’s to say that you’ll meet each other again? You want to be sure that you’ll have this person next to you at one point, but how will you know that it’s them? 

How will you know that the person you’ve just met is your twin flame? 

Well, before any of those questions drive you crazy, let me tell you that there are very intense signs you’re going to reconnect with your other half. 

However, you might run into someone else, someone who isn’t your twin flame, and then get stuck with them. So to prevent that from happening, you need to make sure these signs lead you to the right person. 

Your twin flame won’t be that hard to spot, but you might confuse someone else for them because of the basic chemistry you might feel. 

What is a twin flame? 

DONE 12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Wont Be Able To Miss

You may already know this by now, but a twin flame connection is much more powerful than your connection with a soulmate. You can have multiple soulmates throughout your life, but only one twin soul. 

In ancient Greek mythology, it’s believed that the Gods separated our souls into two bodies. Because of that, we’re doomed to spend our lives searching for that other half of our soul. 

Even if you don’t believe in this, there’s still enough evidence that suggests that two souls who vibrate at the same energy level are actually drawn toward each other. 

That energetic pull makes you follow this path and the moment you meet your twin flame, you feel complete – as if you’ve found that long-lost missing piece of yourself. 

Not to say that you can’t feel complete without them, but you’ll definitely see that life has so much more to offer once you meet the other part of you. 

Your twin flame is probably the only person you’ll ever meet who’ll love your flaws just as much as your strengths. They’ll love every inch of you as if you were the most perfect person to ever exist. 

People always wonder about the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. It’s quite easy, really.

A soulmate is a soul that exists beside yours but they never fuse into one. However, your twin flame has the same energy as you do, but at the same time, they’re your mirror image. 

For example, you could be very calm and collected, but your twin soul could be very lively and spontaneous. You complete each other. 

The twin flame relationship

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

Your relationship with your twin flame can turn into a very toxic one because it’s extremely intense. The emotions that come out of it can be so overwhelming that you don’t know how to express them. 

Throughout your life and your many reincarnations, you might fall apart and then reunite. You’ll have that karmic cycle with each other, always finding your way back.

The relationship you’ll have with this person can either elevate you and turn you into a version of yourself you never knew existed, or it can completely knock you down. 

The idea behind the twin flame relationship is to jerk you out of your senses and completely awaken you. They’re there to help you reveal your true self. 

That can be an extremely rocky road to go down. This eye-opening experience can be hard to understand or even go through. That’s why many twin flames fall apart and their relationships seem so toxic. 

There is a lot of emotional tension and that’s why these relationships don’t really last long. Your twin flame can come back into your life without you even noticing.

They’ll teach you one lesson after another before you’re ready to move on from the experience.

However, sometimes, people actually stay with their twin souls forever. Because the thought of walking away from them is so much more painful than staying together. 

Top twin flame reconnection signs

So is there a twin flame reunion coming your way? Or is it just a false twin flame? 

​There are many signs that you can look out for to know that your twin flame is approaching. They won’t be able to come near you unannounced. 

It’s unlike any of your other relationships. Your twin flame will make you look at the world and consequently yourself from a completely different perspective. 

So watch out for these signs because they’ll overwhelm you and you won’t be able to ignore them. Your twin flame is closer than you think if you do see any of these things happen. 

1. You feel stronger than ever before

DONE 12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Wont Be Able To Miss 3

You and your twin flame will go through many challenging things during your lives.

You’ll go through the necessary separation, you’ll cry and break. You’ll be exhausted and disappointed, and experience pain that you never thought you could endure. 

However, when you’re about to reunite with your twin soul, you’ll feel a sense of strength. You’ll feel more motivated to get through every day. 

If you went through a depressive episode, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world. You might also sleep less than usual. You’ll be able to power through the night working on a project or simply get some other work done. 

Instead of the constant exhaustion you felt before, now you’re completely energized. The strength that overtakes your body is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 

This is a very intense and obvious sign of twin flame reconnection. 

2. You’re excited for no reason 

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

There is a clear difference between anxiety and excitement. Sometimes we confuse those two. If you’re anxious about a job or school, then that’s not exciting. 

Excitement is a positive drive that keeps you going. You’ll feel excited for no particular reason. You simply wake up every day feeling completely refreshed. 

This excitement combined with a new sense of strength is what will push you through your toughest time. 

This is one of the signs that the reconnection is near – that your twin flame is coming back into your reality.

Even though you might not recognize that it’s your twin flame and the energy that’s coming your way, you’ll feel this sense of power.

You’re ready to receive this and your soul is excited. Your soul can feel them coming your way and their energy is what’s making you feel so giddy and excited. 

3. You keep seeing the same symbols

DONE 12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Wont Be Able To Miss 5

If there’s something very significant to your twin flame love, then you’ll start seeing symbols that’ll show you you’re near each other. 

For example, that could be 11:11. But not just on your phone as a sign of divine timing, but you might see these numbers everywhere. This is also known as the awakening code. 

Or maybe there are yellow roses everywhere you turn? It’s just a flower and surely it’s a coincidence, right?

But why haven’t you seen as many before? Now it seems like they’re everywhere. 

You might notice the same type of bird on your way to work every single morning or a pair of swans in a lake that you never saw before. 

These little signs are actually good omens of your twin flame reconnection. The more often you start to encounter these signs, the closer you are to your true twin flame. 

4. You feel a pull toward certain locations

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

When the time is right for your twin flame connection to happen, you’ll feel compelled to visit certain places. It’ll feel like you just have to go there. 

This may manifest itself as images that randomly pop up in your head. You see that image clearly in your head and something is telling you to visit that place.

It doesn’t even have to be in your country. You could feel that pull toward a town on the totally opposite side of the world. 

Or sometimes that pull can simply draw you to a cafe you’ve never visited.

It could be that big park you’ve never even thought of walking through, but now you feel this strong need to walk through it or simply sit down and admire the view. 

This doesn’t mean that you will meet your twin flame the first time you’re there, but it’s one of the strong signs of reconnection. 

5. You feel complete

DONE 12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Wont Be Able To Miss 7

When your twin flame reconnection approaches, you’ll feel whole and complete. This is a part of your spiritual awakening. Your soul has found its other half, so of course, you’re going to feel that sense of fulfillment. 

You will feel completely unbothered by other people and their need to bring you down. Because of that, you might not even feel anxious or nervous that you’re about to meet your twin. 

It’s everything you wanted and you’ll welcome your perfect match with open arms. This is probably the biggest difference between a false and a real twin flame. 

You’ll feel at peace and when you’re reuniting with your mirror soul. Your body, mind, and soul will say “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”​​​​

The separation phase is over. You’ve found each other. 

6. You dream of meeting them

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

Dreams are some kind of a medium for the universe to send messages to us. We can learn many lessons in our dreams. However, you can’t dream of a face you’ve never seen before. 

So, when you start dreaming of someone you don’t actually know, it means that your soul remembers them. 

On the other hand, you might have already met them in this lifetime yet didn’t think much of it. You may dream of your twin flame and then reunite with them. 

This only means that you’re promised a new beginning with this person. The universe is using your dreams to send you a message to try and find your way back to that person. 

This isn’t a sign that you can ignore if someone is a recurring part of your dreams. It’s a definite sign of twin flame reconnection. 

Your twin flame union is just around the corner. 

7. They always pop into your head

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

There doesn’t have to be an obvious trigger for these thoughts, but your mind naturally gravitates toward daydreams of them. You don’t even get the chance to prepare yourself before they pop into your head. 

This shows that the one is quite near. Because you sense them on a spiritual level, your mind simply goes to a place where it can spend time with your perfect match. 

Sometimes, you might not really have a face to think of in these moments. Sometimes, it’s just their energy and the vibe you get when you think of your twin flame. 

​Other times, your mind naturally gravitates to a certain someone. Even if you try to think of an entirely different person, the energy of your twin flame completely overshadows every other thought. 

You can’t control it. However hard you try, they’ve made a permanent home in your head. 

It’s said that this causes an instant reaction in the mind of your twin soul. Some might say that it’s just synchronicity, but other times we’re sure that the universe is bringing the two of you together. 

8. You’re able to communicate with them

DONE 12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Wont Be Able To Miss 10

The connection between two twin flames is so strong that you’re able to communicate with each other on a spiritual level.

This communication isn’t necessarily through words. In most cases, it’s just the transmission of emotions. 

Have you ever felt bad for no apparent reason? You had no explanation for it, but you simply couldn’t shake this awful feeling. 

Or other times, you will have a bad day and someone else will completely get you without you having to say anything. These emotions are being transmitted through your twin flame bond. 

This is reassurance that every twin flame separation you might face during your multiple lifetimes is just temporary. You’ll always find a way back to each other. 

9. You’re able to sense their presence

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

When the time comes and you finally reconnect with your twin flame, you’ll be able to sense each other’s presence.

Before that, though, your chakras have to be aligned, you’ll need to be able to receive and give unconditional love, and you’ll have to possess a certain sense of inner peace. 

But when they’re there, you’ll feel them. You’ll eyes will be drawn to a certain part of the room they’re in. It’s quite possible that they’ll be looking at you already.

When your eyes meet, you’ll know that this the person you’ve been separated from for so long. 

Then other times, you might feel yourself go crazy with the sense that someone’s watching you. You feel like you’re just waiting for them to show up, but you’re not able to spot them anywhere. It’s driving you mad. 

This sense might have even made you approach random people and then not be able to feel that connection fall into place. It’s extremely painful. 

10. You learn a lot of lessons

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

You can’t really meet your mirror soul if you haven’t learned all of your lessons.

Your perfect mirror will only appear when the time is right. And the time won’t be right unless you have grown into someone who can accept their twin. 

This is another one of the bigger signs of twin flame reconnection simply because life seems to be falling apart and back into place at lightning speed. You’ve been learning so much and life isn’t really giving you a break right now.

That’s the universe trying to prepare you for meeting and accepting your twin soul. 

You’ll go through a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. One day you’ll feel like you’ve finally found your true self, but then you’ll hit a brick wall and have to work on yourself even more. 

Until the very moment you feel that sense of wholeness, you won’t stop learning and experiencing things. It’ll feel like someone has your voodoo doll and they’re having a right ball with it. 

Actually, everything is preparing you to meet the other part of your soul. 

11. You’re able to meet them when you’re meditating

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

People speak of experiences where they’re able to meet their twin flames on a spiritual plane. They would astral project or simply follow the path down their mind to get to their twin flame. 

​When you’re meditating, you’re freeing your mind of everything that’s confining you to this body. That means that your soul is able to roam free. 

And what other thing is your soul supposed to do but to go to its missing part? 

Sometimes, there are obvious roles you play in this game the universe has created. One of you may be the twin flame runner while the other is the chaser. 

One of you is running from the bond while the other is chasing it. So if you’re the chaser, your soul would be the one to reach out to your twin. 

This little exercise may be extremely exhausting, with you feeling like you’ve run a marathon. But if you do it right, you and your twin flame can actually come in contact. 

If you find a way to communicate with words – known as twin flame telepathy – you can even tell them where in this world you are and vice versa. It’s pretty exhausting, but totally worth it. 

When you’re just trying to get to them through meditation and the time isn’t right, you won’t be able to reach them, no matter how hard you try. 

One of the twin flame reconnection signs is definitely when you’re able to reach your twin soul through meditation. The universe will lead the way and help you find them. 

12. You’ve found someone to complement you

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

People usually say that when you find your twin flame, you’ve actually found someone who’s so much like you. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re the same person as you. 

They don’t have to have the same interests as you do. Of course, with some twin flames, that’s the case. They have the same perspective on things or they’re very similar when it comes to wishes, dreams, and desires. 

Other times, it’s the opposite. Your twin flame is there to complement you in areas that you’re different from each other. 

For example, you’re someone who’s very shy and you can’t stand up for yourself, so you have your twin soul to step in and help you out. They’ll protect you if you’re not able to do that yourself. 

You two are simply mirrors of each other. 

You’ll know that the time for twin flame reconnection has come when you realize that you’ve found your mirror soul. It’s simply no coincidence anymore. 

In closing…

When you read all of these signs of twin flame reconnection, it’s natural that you want to meet them right away. You’ll look even into the smallest synchronicities just to find an excuse and say that you’re near your twin flame. 

But as you’ve seen, these signs aren’t subtle. You won’t have to look under a rock to see them. They’ll overpower you and completely overwhelm you. 

So don’t worry about this. When the time is right, you will reconnect with your mirror soul. You’ll meet them and won’t be able to escape your fate. 

You are two sides of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other. 

If you believe that you have a soul, there is someone out there who shares that same soul with you. And when you do meet them, you’ll just know.

12 Intense Twin Flame Reconnection Signs You Won't Be Able To Miss

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