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My Twin Flame Married Someone Else: What Can I Do To Let Go Of Him?

My Twin Flame Married Someone Else: What Can I Do To Let Go Of Him?

Is your twin flame married already? 

You can feel something special between you and him, but you don’t know how to explain it. Is he really your twin soul or are you just confused? 

He acts weird towards you and you believe that it’s because he can feel the connection, too. The karmic cycle has a weird way of making fun of us and you’re sure it’s having a blast with you. 

The twin flame connection is something sacred. It’s the only form of true love that you believe in. 

Now that you suspect the man you should be with has someone else in his life, it’s quite discouraging. You want to know if he’s a false twin flame or the real deal. 

Good thing you’re not making any irrational decisions before you’re sure that your feelings aren’t playing a prank on you. At the end of the day, you don’t want to take a man away from his family! 

It doesn’t matter if you met the guy at work or through mutual friends, there’s still an undeniable attraction between the two of you. You can’t even play it off anymore because it’s obvious that something is going on. 

The deep connection you have really doesn’t let you believe in anything other than divine timing. But why would the universe be so cruel? 

That’s why you need to know what’s going on and what you should do right now. Sometimes, things just aren’t that easy to figure out on your own. 

This is a complicated situation and I completely understand that you’re conflicted with all that you’re feeling and experiencing. So, you met your twin flame, but what now? 

What do I do when my twin flame is already married? 

A Hopeful Girl's Guide On How To Start Over In A Relationship

Don’t panic! Just because your twin flame is married already doesn’t mean that your soul connection is completely meaningless. 

Life has a weird way of working out for people. Especially when you simply hadn’t crossed paths until now, your heart can fall in love with other people, too. 

His heart fell in love with someone else. 

Twin flames are the only type of soulmates out there. There are so many different ways to look at the current situation you’re in, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you don’t react impulsively. 

Take things slowly. Take a deep breath, and really think this through before you jump into something that you could regret. 

For now, let’s figure out your options. If he’s truly your true twin flame, there must be something you can do!

1. Figure out if he’s really the man you think he is

If you believe that the married man you met is your twin flame, then we need to figure out if he’s really who you think he is. You can’t just go up to a random guy and tell him that you have strong feelings for him. 

There are many things you could consider signs he’s your twin flame. The synchronicities you keep experiencing, all those angel numbers, the unconditional love, and even the spiritual connection are obvious signs that can’t be denied. 

Your karmic partner couldn’t be someone who’s not special. You can feel something special between the two of you that a lot of people would describe as a karmic relationship. 

You should definitely spend more time figuring out if you’re just being delusional or if he’s really who you think he is. If you’re just seeing things because you have a crush on him, you may create a problem for this innocent guy. 

Don’t take this entire situation lightly because he’s not just any man you met on the street. He has a wife and probably a family at home. Saying that your married twin flame is meant for you could only be disastrous. 

So, take your time figuring out if he’s the guy that’s been your karmic lesson for many lifetimes. 

2. Talk to him about this, even if it’s hard

DONE A Hopeful Girls Guide On How To Start Over In A Relationship 10

How did you meet this guy? Have you ever exchanged a word with him or have you just been eyeing him from a distance? 

If you know him by now and you know that he’s open to talking to you, then you should also try to talk to him about this topic. 

I know that it’s hard to start this conversation. You don’t want to put him in an uncomfortable situation, but right now you need to think about yourself. 

You know that you won’t be able to let this go if you don’t confront him. Your mind will want to convince you that he’s aware of everything when he might have no idea what’s going on. 

So, you can definitely start this conversation with a disclaimer. Tell him that you understand that this comes off as weird, but you need to get it off your chest. 

This is when you could easily tell him everything that you’ve been feeling and how it makes you think that there’s more to your relationship than it may seem. Just remember, though, that not everyone believes in twin flames and soulmate relationships. 

3. Ask him if he feels the same

Talk to him about whether or not he feels the same way you do. Even if your twin flame is married, he may still be experiencing the same emotions. 

The connection between the two of you should be obvious to him. You’d assume he’ll be in denial about it and just trying to save his marriage, but I believe that he’ll be honest with you. 

The twin flame love is undeniable. He’ll even feel happy that he can finally talk about something that’s been eating him up from the inside out. 

What you need to do is create a safe space for him where he can talk about the things he’s been bottling up inside. Don’t just come up to him in an inappropriate moment and start this topic – at least be aware that it’s uncomfortable to talk about this. 

4. Ask an actual psychic for confirmation

A Hopeful Girl's Guide On How To Start Over In A Relationship

If you need someone to confirm that the married man you met is actually your twin flame, then you could go to a psychic reading. 

A twin flame reunion is mentally straining, so you could go and ask someone to help you out right now instead of letting your mind play games with you. Someone who can see the karmic cycle clearly and where things are going will help you immensely. 

However, you also know that there are fake psychics out there, just trying to suck as much money as they can out of the people who genuinely need some advice in life. 

Do extensive research to figure out who’s an actual psychic and make an appointment with them. They can tell you if you’re seeing the right signs and if your paths have been intertwined through centuries. 

The best thing you can do is go to someone who specializes in past lives. There’s the red string of fate that could be tying you to each other to this day. 

If there’s something more to this, then a professional should be able to see everything clearly. 

5. Take things as they are

Sometimes, you can’t get the things you want in your life. I know it hurts, believe me, but the twin flame experience isn’t a linear one. 

You can’t expect your journey to go from meeting to being with your twin flame without any turbulence along the way. This is a unique situation because of the fact that the twin flame in question is actually married. 

But just because you’re not together in this life doesn’t mean that you should lose your mind over it. You’re going to be together eventually again and you won’t have to worry about your relationship with him anymore. 

Now it seems like your entire world is falling apart, but do you really want your twin flame’s marriage to fall apart because of some selfish reason? You may believe that he loves you, but he loves his spouse enough to have married her. 

So, take things as they are right now. Stop obsessing over him and stop trying to make him leave his wife for you. You’ll only create a bigger problem for yourself if you continue being delusional. 

6. Don’t sell yourself short

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When the man you believe is your twin flame is married, you start to think about all the options you have. You want to be with him under any circumstance, even if that means selling yourself short. 

You let him treat you like garbage, let him call you in the middle of the night when he runs away from his wife, just to get a little affection from you. 

He’s not going to stop this behavior if you don’t tell him to. You’re the one who has to set the boundaries in this relationship. If you don’t do that, then he’ll take advantage of your kindness and your love for him. 

No twin flame reading will tell you that you’ll fall into this trap. That’s because of the fact that when twin flames meet, they feel so much physical attraction towards each other that it takes over everything. 

You’ll want to experience affection and intimacy with him so badly that you’ll settle for anything he can offer you. Don’t do that.

Have some respect for yourself and for your twin flame’s spouse. If he doesn’t respect either of you, then claim your power and tell him that you won’t just have crumbs of him.

It’s either all of him or nothing. You can still see each other in the next life. 

7. Give him a chance to make a decision

I’m definitely not suggesting you should put an ultimatum out. That’s always extremely toxic. If you feel like ultimatums are the only way you can handle things in your relationship, then this definitely isn’t the relationship to be in. 

However, this is just as much your responsibility to let him make his decision as it is yours. You shouldn’t just let yourself fall in love with a man who obviously loves his wife more than he could ever love you.

Also, people choose to stay in a marriage even if they don’t love their spouse. Simply because of loyalty or security – people don’t want to leave their kids or the house they live in. 

It’s hard on kids when their parents are divorced, especially when they get a step-mom not so soon afterward. It’s an awful situation to be in and he has the right to stay in the marriage, even if he feels the same way you do. 

Give him a chance to decide for himself what he wants to do. I understand that a twin flame separation may be heartbreaking and soul-wrecking to you, but you can’t let yourself fall too deep down this rabbit hole. 

8. Don’t investigate his marriage

A Hopeful Girl's Guide On How To Start Over In A Relationship

When your twin flame is married, you feel an obsessive need to stalk him and know everything about his marriage. You want to know how they met, and most of all you want to know if they have any relationship issues. 

If you get the chance to listen to him vent about his spouse, you may want to ask him more questions than he’s probably ready to answer. The truth is that it’ll only put a strain on your relationship/friendship. 

If he’s your best friend then you could consider asking him what’s going on, but if you’re just trying to get him to open up so you can get a sense of satisfaction, then let it slide. Don’t get involved in a situation if you can’t handle it. 

You’ll want to investigate it for your own happiness, to thrive on his problems. That’s not really the healthiest way to start a relationship during your twin flame ascension, now is it? 

9. Leave his wife out of this

It’s not her fault. She’s a woman who’d do anything for her husband, she loves him, and she genuinely believes that the two of them are meant to be together forever. 

No one gets into a romantic relationship believing that their partner will meet their twin soul elsewhere. Imagine the insecurities someone would suffer from if they continued to question absolutely every person their partner meets, fearing that their partner will leave them. 

A twin flame relationship should be one where no one on the sidelines gets hurt. The two of you may have some trouble figuring out your path, but other people shouldn’t be collateral damage. 

Don’t talk badly about her and don’t let yourself get jealous because you didn’t come into his life before he met her. She’s an innocent party in this entire ordeal, so she shouldn’t be on your radar. 

A twin flame journey has many ups and downs. The problem here is that you’ll only end up putting yourself down by thinking too much about her. 

10. Be patient

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Patience, my dear. I can promise you that things won’t become easier if you continue to fight against what the universe is giving you at the moment. 

A twin flame union is something that requires a lot of patience and time. You should be happy that you even met your twin soul in this life – so many people don’t get that chance! 

So, don’t run headfirst into this. Your twin flame married someone else before he met you – you can’t blame him for that! You also can’t blame yourself. But what you can and should do is sit back and relax. 

Give yourself the time you need to take a deep breath, and let yourself be in love with him from a distance. 

Also, if he says that he’ll leave his wife for you, then don’t rush him through the process. Stay by his side and be a support system that’ll give him enough space to make his own decisions. 

It’s very important that he does this on his own terms. If you rush him then he could decide he isn’t ready for this and he’ll blame you for the rest of your life.

11. Focus on yourself

It’s the most basic advice that you’ll ever hear. So many people tell you to focus on yourself throughout your life that you don’t take them seriously anymore. 

You just know that they’re being a bit too adamant about this. As if focusing on yourself could help you figure things out easily. 

Because there’s nothing much you can do right now, you need to find a way to take your mind off this entire situation. If you continue focusing on him, you’re only going to lose your mind completely. 

There’s so much spiritual growth that you need to go through right now and that’s the only thing you should be thinking about. You can do a lot for yourself. Your life cannot just revolve around one person. 

Self-love is undeniably important during the twin flame journey because you could lose yourself in the other person. You focus so much on him and your relationship, you forget to love yourself. 

It’s easy to forget all the things you stood for before you met him. You need to remember that you can’t erase yourself to fit into this fantasy you have inside your head. It’ll only confuse you more!

So, focus on yourself for the time being! If he ends up choosing you over his wife, then ride into the sunset. But if he doesn’t choose you and that breaks your heart, then you should have a beautiful life to turn back to. 

12. Understand what is and isn’t under your control

A Hopeful Girl's Guide On How To Start Over In A Relationship

There are so many things we’re trying to control in this life. And in this case, you want to control the outcome of someone else’s marriage, but you should know that it’s impossible. 

It hurts that your twin flame married someone who isn’t you. He chose another woman before he even met you!

He didn’t even know that you existed somewhere in this world, all he knew is that he genuinely did love that woman at the time. Even if he feels something towards you, he still has the right to stay with his wife. 

I know that I’m quite literally repeating myself at this point, but you need to realize you can’t control everything in this world. You can control your reaction to things, though.

What you do in this situation is completely up to you. But you can’t control the fact that he fell in love with someone else. 

Like a queen once said in her song: The heart wants what it wants! Let Selena’s words echo in your head and finally let go of this urge to always be in control!

13. Trust the universe

Your twin flame married someone else and you continue to blame everyone around you. You blame yourself for letting that happen, you blame your twin soul for falling in love with someone else, and you blame his spouse for stealing your soulmate from you. 

It feels like everything is going against you and that everyone’s betraying you. In actuality, the universe has a special plan for you. You can’t just lose your mind over something so minuscule. 

I know that it seems like a huge deal to you, but you need to trust the universe – there’s a perfect plan for you and your twin soul. Even if you believe that you’re miserable and everything is working against you, there’s still something special in this world that’s going to happen to you. 

The universe has a lot to offer to you. All you have to do is receive it all with open arms! Don’t cry over your lost twin soul. In another life, you’ll be happy together.

My Twin Flame Married Someone Else: What Can I Do To Let Go Of Him?

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