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Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Do you trust the timing of your life? Do you truly believe that both good and bad things happen in their own time, at their right moment?

We all have these broad ideas of how we want our lives to look. We make detailed plans about what we want to achieve in life.

Some of us want to graduate and find a well-paid job that will help us fulfill all of the big dreams we have. Others have an urge to find the love of their lives and build a home with them. They make arrangements with one thing in mind: to be the best parents and partners ever.

And then somewhere down the line, you look back and see that none of your plans have been fulfilled. You realize that life has taken you in a completely different direction, far away from the dreams you once had.

But you have nothing to complain about, as things turned out to be even better than you expected them to. It turned out to be exactly what you ever needed – you just weren’t aware of it at the time.

They say that life is what happens while you’re too busy making other plans. And I guess that this saying is worth gold.

Before I realized this, I was also too busy planning my future. And too busy feeling desperate because things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.

But at one point, it became clear to me that I have to trust the timing of my life. I have to accept the fact that there might be some bigger plans for me – ones that will make me happier than I could ever imagine.

How to trust the timing of your life

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you felt utterly broken by something that happened to you?

You feel like you can’t move on, spending days on different pages, reading through inspirational quotes in the hopes that they’ll help you pick yourself up. You feel like God has given up on you and you didn’t know what to do about it.

All of the things you worked so hard to get are nowhere on the horizon and your only thought is that you’re deprived of your happiness.

But we don’t realize that the timing of our lives is something we can’t control. And while we’re too busy worrying about how we’ll deal with the certain issues that come across our paths, we don’t realize that it’s all meant to happen that way.

Sometimes, there’s a greater purpose that we fail to understand right away. It takes us some time to see the meaning behind our circumstances.

And after that, you realize that every little thing you go through is a life lesson that will eventually make you the person you’re supposed to be.

With every new experience, you achieve personal growth. You steadily gain the self-improvement you always wanted so badly.

But the main difference is that the universe gives it to you in a different shape and form than you expected it to be.

So, in order to recognize the positivity in it all, you need to trust the timing of your life. You need to accept that everything is happening for a reason.

And here’s how you can do that!

1. Accept the things you can’t change

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Sometimes, we pay too much attention to the things we can’t change. We focus too much on the experiences in our life that we can’t control, no matter how hard we try.

Maybe you’ve recently gone through a breakup and been dwelling on it for months. You keep asking yourself if there was something you could’ve done differently, something that would’ve helped the two of you still be a couple.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the experiences you go through. That way, you recognize your mistakes and help yourself grow as a person.

But just because you went through a heartbreak, it doesn’t mean that you should keep thinking about it day and night. Obsessing over it won’t change the fact that the two of you weren’t meant to be together.

You have two choices in this case. You can choose to pay attention to the things you have no influence over. Or you can choose to move on and learn from the lessons life gives you.

The decision is always yours.

When something isn’t meant to last, no amount of overthinking and dwelling about the situation can change things.

The two of you would again break up eventually, even if you did your best to prevent it from happening. Maybe your relationship would last a week or a month longer, but eventually, it would all come down to the same conclusion.

It would end at one point in time because it was meant to happen like that.

And even though you feel broken about it, by trusting in the timing of your life, you realize that some things can’t be any different. Even if you did everything differently.

Once you stop worrying about aspects of your life that you can’t change, your mental health will thank you for it.

You’ll be thankful to yourself for finally realizing that sometimes, you simply need to go with the flow and accept the things you have no effect on.

2. Be aware of your feelings

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

If you want to learn to trust the timing of your life, you need to learn how to be aware of everything you’re feeling at any given moment.

Your emotions can tell you a lot about yourself. They can do wonders for your well-being.

Sometimes, you think that life is giving you all of the right things because you always planned your future around them.

You’re all elated because you believe that you’re getting everything you ever wanted. You feel like all of your dreams are finally coming true.

But then, you sit down to have a talk with yourself and realize that you aren’t as happy as you’re supposed to be. You don’t feel that this present moment is making you satisfied.

Let’s look at things this way.

Maybe all of your life you wanted to find someone who’d love and cherish you. You always put your love life first and ignored other aspects of your life because you truly believed that it’s something you need in order to be happy.

Now, you’re in a relationship and you’re already making plans for the future. You’re thinking about moving in with this person, saying “I do” in front of all of your friends and family, and starting a family.

At first, it seems like your dreams have finally come true.

But then, you sense that your feelings are telling you something’s wrong. You realize that maybe this isn’t the path to go.

It dawns on you that you’re not truly happy in this relationship and that you can get so much more from life. With a little bit of self-care and daily positive affirmations, you can make yourself happier than you currently are.

And then it hits you that you should trust the timing of your life. You should listen to what your feelings are telling you because they’re the truth you’ve been hiding from yourself this whole time.

So, from now on, listen to what your heart has to say. Let it express its worries because it’s hardly ever wrong.

If your heart isn’t happy, the chances are you’ll live with regret later on in life.

3. Appreciate all of the little things you’re given in life

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Most of the time, we focus too much on the negative sides of life. 

We deal with all of the problems and obstacles that get thrown at us, ignoring the many little things we should be thankful for.

As a result, you can’t really trust the timing of your life as you’re preoccupying your mind with all the things that are bad for you, instead of focusing on the ones that actually make you a better person.

Instead of wasting your time on negative circumstances, you should learn how to appreciate all of the gifts life gives you. Because trust me, there are plenty.

You have a place to stay and a family to confide in. You have a best friend who loves you to the moon and back, and would do anything for you.

You’re a healthy person worthy of love and attention. And on top of that, you’re capable and smart – nothing can stop you on your way to happiness.

There are so many things you should be grateful for, but you often ignore them as you pay too much attention to the ones that are less than ideal.

But once you realize that your life is already filled with amazing things you tend to overlook, you’ll be paving yourself a brighter future.

4. Focus on what you do have control over

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Besides accepting the things you can’t change, you should also know how to focus on the things you can control.

Do you feel that some part of your life isn’t making you happy? Then feel free to change it. Do something about it because you’re the one who has the power.

Maybe you realized that you haven’t been giving much love to yourself. You’ve brushed aside all of the battles you’ve gone through, thinking that you’re supposed to do that.

So, you never thanked the warrior inside of you for doing such a great work.

But if you noticed a problem in your life that you can address, you should also know that you have every right and opportunity to do so.

Practice self-love, learn more about yourself, and finally, prioritize yourself.

Do all of the things that make you happy and be thankful for your strength each day a week.

You don’t need anyone else to let you know how amazing of a person you are. You can easily do that on your own.

And the best part is that when you realize that you’re the one who’s in control, it will be much easier to trust the timing of your life.

You’ll know that you’ve been doing your best and that you’ve completed your part of the work. Now, it’s up to the greater forces to do their magic and send you the next thing you deserve to get in life.

The best thing about focusing on the things you can change is that after some time, you reshape yourself completely into a better version of yourself. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

5. Be patient

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

If you want to trust the timing of your life, you need to learn to be patient. You have to realize that sometimes things won’t go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting the right thing.

Even when it seems that life’s taking you down all of the wrong roads, you need to exercise patience. Somewhere down the line, you’ll finally see the rainbow you’ve been dying to see.

Good results take time, and it’s worth waiting a bit longer for something that will benefit your life forever.

You’ve worked your butt off to get a promotion but still don’t see any results. You’re stuck at your initial position and no matter how much effort you put in, your boss fails to notice.

But if you trust the timing of your life and have patience, you’ll finally be able to see the results of the long wait. You’ll finally get everything you ever wanted, and maybe even more.

Just need to let time do its job because, as you know, nothing good happens overnight.

6. Be persistent

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

There’s no patience without persistence. 

So, every time you find yourself in a place where you’re not getting the results you’re expecting, you should be persistent in your wishes.

Don’t end up feeling disappointed and giving up right away because that won’t get you anywhere.

Instead, let time do what it does best and try not to rush things up. Have faith that everything will turn out just fine, and maybe even better than you wanted it to.

In other words, you should trust the timing of your life because that’s the best thing you could do in situations where you feel like giving up. 

When the right time comes, you’ll get all of the things you’ve worked so hard for. And you’ll thank yourself for not giving up on them.

7. Always keep in mind that all things happen for a reason

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

Even when you feel like your life is falling apart, you should know that there’s a good reason for it. There’s a reason why life is throwing all of these obstacles at you.

Maybe you won’t see the greater purpose right away, but as time goes on, it will all make sense. You’ll reflect on your past and see the connection between the events you went through.

You’ll figure out that each of the things that happened to you led one to another, and if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be standing where you are today.

There’s a good reason why your relationship ended because it taught you how to love yourself properly. There’s a good reason why you lost your job because it opened up a new career door for you.

Everything happens for a reason” – however cliche it is – is a powerful life quote to live by. And just because you don’t understand the meaning of certain events right away, it doesn’t mean that they won’t make sense in a year.

Every single moment you have to go through in life takes you a step closer to your final destination on your journey. Don’t ever forget that!

Once you accept that there’s a reason for everything, it will be much easier to trust the timing of your life.

8. Stop comparing yourself with others

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

If you decide to compare yourself with other people, you’ll enter a grey zone that’s hard to get out of.

Maybe you and your college friend went through the same life events. You both grew up with the same resources and you fought your ways through life with equal amounts of effort.

Today, she’s a successful strong woman who built her career from nothing. You, on the other hand, still haven’t been able to connect all of your dots.

At this point, you might start to compare the two of you. You may start asking yourself why you don’t have all the things she does.

You know that you fought for them equally hard, but your results are still nowhere on the horizon, so why does have it all?

This is a mistake most of us tend to make, and one that can cost us our happiness.

If you want to trust the timing of your life, you must immediately stop comparing yourself with others. No matter how similar your life situations seem to be, the two of you will never be the same.

You’re not meant to have the same things and you certainly aren’t meant to get them at the same time. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You’ll never have it the same as the others and you should never wish for that. Just because your life is going in a different direction, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see the sun shining one day.

Have faith in the timing of your life. One day, you’ll wake up and realize that all this time you’ve been worrying over all of the wrong things.

9. Learn to let go of the past

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

You can’t trust the timing of your life if you’re still preoccupied with your past. You can’t appreciate the little things that life gives you when you’re still dwelling on past mistakes.

So, in order to help yourself get to a place where you’re meant to be, you need to learn how to let go of the past. You need to learn how to move on.

All of the mistakes you made before have nothing to do with your present. They were all lessons you had to learn in order to become the person you are right now.

The universe will lead you to a place where you’re destined to end. It can happen in a week, month, or year. But it certainly won’t happen easily if you keep holding onto your past mistakes.

So, learn to let go and have faith that everything will turn out just fine. A bright tomorrow is waiting for you, but you’ll never be able to grab it unless you move on from yesterday.

10. Enjoy life and don’t be afraid of the unknown

DONE! Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

While you’re working hard to achieve your dreams, don’t forget to enjoy life. That’s what helps you gain trust in the timing of your life.

We all tend to plan our lives down to the single details. But in all those plans, we forget to live. We forget to enjoy everything we have in front of us.

It can be scary to give yourself fully to something unknown – something you’re not familiar with.

But if you truly believe that all the experiences you go through are stepping stones to your ultimate destination, then it’s much easier to accept the reality of your current situation.

Both positive and negative happenings in your life will eventually lead into true happiness.

So, you can choose to be afraid of living, locking yourself in your room and crying over the fact that your life is a mess. Or you can choose to enjoy every second of it, and say yes to everything it offers you.

The beauty lies in all of the experiences that are invisible to the eye. But once you feel them with your heart and soul, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.

Learn How To Trust The Timing Of Your Life In 10 Steps

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