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To The Woman Who’s Gotten Used To Goodbyes

To The Woman Who’s Gotten Used To Goodbyes

Your entire life, people have walked in and out of it whenever they chose to, without feeling guilty about leaving you alone.

There might have been some differences, but the story always goes the same…

Once you let down your guard and start trusting someone, they prove you wrong.

You get used to their presence, but as soon as you do, they show you that you made a big mistake.

Sometimes you don’t even get a proper goodbye, they just leave.

The saddest part is that you can’t do anything about it. So, you just watch them walk away, left to stare at the empty space they leave behind.

Sometimes, they leave you for another person, but more often, they leave because they never truly cared for you… at least not enough to stay.

They leave you with only shared memories then forget about you.

While you’re stuck in those memories from your past together, they even forget that you once existed in their lives.

This has happened throughout your entire life – with your friends, family, and partners. Sooner or later, they all said goodbye or walked away without even a word.

DONE! To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

You can’t understand why, but at some point or another, everyone you ever cared about abandoned you.

They used to promise to be there for you forever, but they never fulfilled those promises… Instead, they left you to deal with problems all alone.

All this made you think that there’s something wrong with you. How could so many people be the problem and not you?

You keep thinking you’re doing something that causes them to walk away from you… But you can’t figure out what.

The guilt is killing you, and you’ve been looking for an explanation for a long time. Why aren’t you good enough for others to stay?

What makes everyone leave you? Is there something wrong with you?

You’ve asked yourself these questions repeatedly but been unable to figure out the answers.

The truth is, you’re not the problem. They just never really loved you the way you deserve.

After being abandoned so many times, you’ve gotten used to goodbyes. It changed you, especially when it comes to your love life.

DONE! To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

You decided not to allow any man to fool you into believing his promises.

No matter how good the romance would be, you knew that it was temporary.

You became painfully aware that every one of your partners will eventually walk away from you. Everyone else did, right?

You can’t let yourself expect anything else from a man than to see him turn his back on you.

Your entire life and happiness would come with an expiration date… every single time. This made you learn to enjoy it while it lasts.

You’ve become more careful, though, and you’re constantly on the lookout.

Even if things are going smoothly with someone, you can’t let yourself relax again.

You always feel when the end is near, and you’ve learned that it hurts less when you expect it than when it catches you off guard.

Everything I mentioned so far sounds quite sad, and it’s definitely changed you in more ways than you can imagine…

But being a woman who has gotten used to goodbyes isn’t always so bad.

Are you aware of how independent and strong you’ve become because of this? What could possibly destroy a person who has been abandoned by everyone they ever cared about?

DONE! To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

Yes, every time the wrong man breaks your heart, it hurts… But it isn’t possible for someone’s departure to break you.

Yes, it still hurts that you’ve had to watch so many people walk away from you… But now you know that you’ll always survive.

After all the losses, you’ve become aware that, regardless of who or what you lose, you’ll keep on living.

You’ve become completely independent because you’ve gotten used to goodbyes.

It’s made you see that you don’t really need anyone to survive, let alone a man who doesn’t treat you right.

Maybe you were the type of woman who wore her heart on her sleeve…

But you’ve turned into a woman who doesn’t tolerate anyone’s bad behavior anymore.

You don’t put up with the wrong men anymore because you’ve learned that you can be perfectly fine without a man in your life.

Before, you would be ready to settle for a lot less than you deserve. Now, you’re the one who gets to say goodbye.

DONE! To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

You say goodbye to anyone who doesn’t treat you right, and you don’t stick around when you’re not appreciated.

After being left so many times, now you’re the one who leaves.

This is something you need to be proud of.

All the awful people who left you at least did something for you… They helped you learn not to be scared of goodbyes.

People who hurt us always teach us something, but I’m not going to talk about that. I want to give you a new perspective on things instead.

You won’t have to listen to goodbyes anymore. Don’t get used to people leaving you because someone will come to stay.

When the right man walks into your life, he won’t ever walk out of it.

Some people have to leave to make room for those who are meant to stay.

DONE! To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

When you don’t even see it coming, you’ll meet someone who’ll stay by your side forever.

There’s a right person for everyone, and when you find yours, you’ll finally be truly loved.

True love is never temporary. It has no expiration date – it lasts a lifetime. You just haven’t found it yet, but it will find you.

When the right man comes into your life, he’ll have the intention to stay in it from the start.

He’ll make you see that you can trust him and that he’s a man of his word.

When he promises you forever, you won’t have any doubts that he’ll keep that promise for as long as he lives.

You won’t have to be afraid that a day will come when you’ll watch him walk away from you…

Instead, he’ll even make up for all that those before him did. You’ll know that you can trust him.

Whenever he says goodbye, he’ll kiss you… And he’ll kiss you again in a couple of hours when he says hello, because he’ll always return.

To The Woman Who's Gotten Used To Goodbyes

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