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To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

You thought that you two were going to last forever. You believed with all your heart and soul that he was your happy ever after. And why? Because you fell for him hard. The way you only fall for the one who’s meant to be yours forever.

You couldn’t believe that you got so lucky with him. You thought that he was the one you’d been waiting for. And he was the one who helped you get back on your feet again.

This was the guy who wiped your tears away and had your back whenever you needed him. Who exactly knew what was going on inside that beautiful head of yours without you having to say anything to him.

He was the first person you could be whatever you wanted to be with, and most importantly, you could be yourself and weren’t afraid to be judged by him. He always supported you in your decisions.

And while there were days where you just wanted to be left alone, he was there for you and told you how beautiful you were.

He made you feel like you were in seventh heaven with just a simple embrace and gentle kiss.

DONE! To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

He was your safe port, the first person you would go to whenever something bad or good happened to you. He convinced you to trust him and you believed every word he told you.

You’d never been happier in your life. There was a certain feeling no other man could ever trigger.

And what did you do? You gave him your heart, soul, and body.

You saw him as your future husband and couldn’t picture yourself with anyone else ever again. You were so crazy in love that you missed all those red flags.

You failed to see that those hugs of his had a secret meaning. And he gave you them, not to show you how much you mean to him, but to take you away from your friends.

Turned out all those soft kisses and gentle touches in front of others were just for show, so others would know that he owned you. He didn’t want anyone to hit on you.

And every time he said he’d always be there for you, he wanted to make you believe that you didn’t need anyone else except him.

DONE! To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

By doing all that he could to make you happy, he was actually luring you into his trap. The one you barely got out of alive.

His intention was to get under your skin so you’d be addicted to him. And that’s exactly what happened.

You were head over heels for him, thinking that your happiness depended on him and that no one could ever make you feel that way. You trusted him blindly.

His presence made you feel alive. You wanted to spend every second of every day with him. You couldn’t stand being without him. He was like a drug to you. You needed him to keep your sanity.

Soon, he started being the only person who could calm you down. And he did that by telling you lies about how he loves you unconditionally and that he would never look at another girl ever again.

Only when he saw that you couldn’t live without him did the real show begin. He started really having fun playing with your mind and heart.

He began flirting with other girls and started looking at them while you two were on a date. He began to completely neglect your opinion and feelings.

And the worst is, you always found an excuse to forgive him, just to end up being treated the same way over and over again.

DONE! To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

I’ll hand it to him, he truly was an excellent player and actor. He knew just what to say and do to get into your mind and heart. He effectively brainwashed you.

Even though your gut was telling you that something was off and that you should leave him, you didn’t trust it. You preferred to believe that everything was just a phase and that it would eventually pass. But it didn’t.

You became a woman who lost herself over a man who didn’t even care about her. You lost yourself for love, but it was anything but that. It was emotional abuse and he took you for granted.

He did everything in his power to hurt you. And even when you mustered the courage to try to break away from him, he’d come up with some stupid excuse and you’d go back. You fell into his trap all over again.

When you finally came to your senses and realized that you have no one except him, you started thinking about your future. You knew you couldn’t bear living like that for the rest of your life.

You didn’t want to have to force him to love you or beg for love and attention. And you knew that with him, anything else was quite impossible.

You constantly asked yourself if there was something you could’ve done to save yourself from a lousy life. And there was, you just had to have the strength to leave him, so that became a part of your past.

DONE! To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

But that is all behind you. Now you’re finally free from his shackles and you can breathe again.

He isn’t there to abuse you anymore. You feel serenity and calmness again.

You feel so good in your own skin and you know that next time, you’ll be smarter. Next time you’ll think with your head and not just with your heart.

There won’t be another guy who’ll use you as he did. You won’t allow that to happen.

Next time, you won’t be hurting. And you know why? Because you’ll find the right one for you.

To The Woman Who Lost Herself Because Of Love

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