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To The Person Who Broke Her: You’ll Miss Her One Day

To The Person Who Broke Her: You’ll Miss Her One Day

Betrayal and heartbreak are the worst feelings that a person can experience in life.

But those feelings can only come from people who we allow to be a big part of our lives.

You might wonder why she’s writing this now – after all, you were the one who broke her. It should be you who needs to apologize to her.

But, that’s not the case here. Finally, she’s gathered the courage to express herself freely, in a way she couldn’t when she was with you.

She felt trapped and bothered by your words, so she was unable to let her thoughts out candidly.

Now that you’re gone, she’s decided to let her negative emotions go.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

Because even after all the things you’ve done to her, you’re still going to miss her one day.

That day will surely come and you won’t be able to comprehend what’s happening to you.

You’ll be confused and angry because you won’t know the source of those emotions.

That hollowness that you’ll feel will creep up at night when you lie in bed alone and lonely.

Don’t get me wrong, she was ready to accept your turmoil of emotions.

Even though you weren’t ready to express your feelings for her, she was waiting for you.

She hoped that you’d change and become the man she thought you were, but you disappointed her.

You broke her many times, but one day you’ll miss her.

You’ll miss her absence and the smile she gave you in the morning.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

The happiness with which she looked at you when you opened your eyes at daybreak is now long gone.

You’re going to feel empty and sad. That’s when you know you miss her.

Your mornings will feel strange and odd, now that she’s gone from your life.

You’ll miss the way her hair smelled when she laid her head on your chest in the morning.

You’ll miss those good morning texts you received from her because she missed you, even though you didn’t reciprocate.

You made her wait for your response, thinking it would make you seem more attractive.

But rejecting and making her wait was the worst mistake you ever made.

You’ll bang your head against the wall thinking who she’s gives her mornings to now.

You will never find out, and it’ll make you miss those sweet mornings when the two of you were together even more.

One day you’ll miss her and wonder if she still has feelings for you. But those emotions will be long gone – her heart will be renewed.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

Her mind won’t be occupied by you anymore. She’ll have someone special in her life and that guy won’t treat her like you did.

He’ll know what a gem she truly is and he’ll protect her.

All those times you thought that she couldn’t live without you, have disappeared into thin air. Now you’re just somebody that she used to know.

Someone who made her stronger and wiser. Someone from the past. Another ex that taught her a valuable lesson.

An ex-lover who she doesn’t recognize anymore.

You’ll miss her one day.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

You’ll definitely miss those sweet smiles that conveyed all the love she had for you, grinning because she was happy to be with you.

Now you can’t get that smile out of your head. It’s deeply embedded in your mind and you can’t seem to get it out.

You’ll miss her uncontrollable laughter that was full of excitement and joy.

She was genuinely happy with you, but you threw that away. Your behavior made her leave you, even though you were the reason for her smiles.

And you’ll miss that one day.

You’ll miss her when you have one of those crappy days at work.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day


Because she made everything better.

She was there for you in times of need. Her presence gave you a sense of tranquility.

She sat there and gave a damn about what you were saying because she knew how frustrated you were.

She found ways to cheer you up because she knew it was her duty to make your day better.

The sad thing is that she thought you’d be there for her in the times when she needed you.

But you left her alone when she was sad, when the only person who could make her feel better was you. And that broke her to pieces.

She cried herself to sleep over and over again thinking you’d change and that you’d see her true emotions.

She thought you would be more supportive.

But now that she’s left, she’s learned to be okay on her own.

And you’ll miss her one day. You’ll miss her presence in times when your crappy boss yells at you at work and you have no one to vent to.

You’ll miss her even more once you realize how thoughtful she was.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

She’d always find ways to surprise you with the little things because she cared about you. But you didn’t seem to appreciate that, and it broke her.

You’ll miss her when you notice that not every girl comes with a generous heart as she did.

You’ll regret your decision to leave her. But it will be already too late to go back.

You’ll always other women to her because she set the standards for all your future relationships.

And that’s why you’ll miss her one day.

You’ll miss her when you see that she’s moved on with her life without you.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

She’s moved on without you and so will you, but the thoughts of being with her once more will haunt you.

You’ll miss her because you’ll realize just how happy you were in the relationship.

And now that the tables have turned, you’ll remember her, but she’ll have long forgotten you.

Yes, you broke her, but she’s learned to live without you.

DONE! To The Person Who Broke Her You'll Miss Her One Day

She’s learned that happiness comes within, and if she wants to love someone else, she needs to love herself first.

She knows now that being loved means to be respected and taken care of.

She’s realized that enough is enough and that she shouldn’t settle for someone who doesn’t know how to take care of a lady.

And she’s resolved to give her heart to someone who’ll love her unconditionally and sacrifice himself for her.

That’s why you’ll miss her one day. But come that day, she’ll be long gone.

To The Person Who Broke Her: You'll Miss Her One Day

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