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To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

It has become unacceptable to make the decision that you are currently not interested in being in a relationship.

People give you weird looks and make comments as if you’ve arrived from another planet. It feels like a life without a man is impossible.

“How do you mean you don’t need a man?!” “Are you ever going to get married?”

“You will never be happy if you stay alone your whole life.” These are just some of the sentences all of us who choose the single life have heard.

Personally, I refuse to believe that my life will suck just because there isn’t a man in it.

Having a man is not the only way to happiness and it can be achieved through a number of different ways.

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

However, lets clear some things up. I am not saying that I will spend my whole life alone; I am saying that a man is not my priority at the moment.

My life can be fulfilled without a man by my side.

Still, a lot of people ask me what my life looks like. “How do you spend your time if you are all alone?”

To all of you who are telling me that I need a man, my answer still remains “No!” I don’t need a man to be happy in my life as I have other things to do. Period.

For those of you who are curious, I’ll share a secret with you. I’ll show you what a life without a man looks like.

I am working on my career

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

One of the great issues in any relationship can be your choice of career.

Sometimes, a woman is expected to quit her job in order to stay home and take care of the kids.

I’m not saying that one day, I won’t decide to do the same thing, it’s just that I’m waiting for the right time to come.

As of right now, I am not ready to take that step. I am currently dedicated to my career and I want that to be successful.

If I had a man, I would feel like I constantly have to choose between one or the other.

This way, I can fully dedicate myself to the things that make me truly happy.

I can spend time with my friends

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

Not being in a relationship doesn’t immediately mean that I am lonely or desperate.

People assume that being alone means you can’t do anything fun. However, they forget that I still have other people in my life.

I enjoy playing tennis with my brother and going on walks with my mum. My friends and I love hiking and we meet every Friday to play beer pong.

I am not deprived of life or fun, and my life is not stuck at the moment just because I am not in a relationship.

I have a number of close friends and family members around me, with whom I can do whatever I like.

Plus, I have myself – the most important person in my life. I can always try something new as I don’t have to beg anyone to do it with me.

I am aware that a relationship isn’t a direct road to happiness

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

A lot of people assume that a relationship is the only thing that can bring you joy.

Yes, relationships can be full of love and support but it doesn’t mean that I can’t get the same amount of either from other sources.

I feel happy spending time with my family, friends, and myself.

To jump into a relationship just because I want to find happiness would be the same as picking a flower and expecting it to bloom forever; it just doesn’t make any sense.

No one can make you happy until you can make yourself happy! Instead of looking for it, try creating it yourself.

I have time for myself

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

Throughout my late teenage years, I was never happy with myself.

The reason for that was I always expected others to make me feel good enough, but after spending a lot of time working on my personality, my confidence improved.

Now, I am aware that I need to appreciate myself in order to enjoy this journey called life.

Being alone gives me enough time that is just mine. No one can take it away from me.

I have the freedom to choose whatever feels good, and I love that feeling.

This helps me grow and evolve as a person and I will never be thankful enough for the opportunities that I created by myself.

If I found myself in a relationship, I wouldn’t dedicate enough time to myself, as I would probably prioritize my partner.

This way, I do whatever I love and I do it whenever I feel like it. The feeling is amazing and it makes me feel like a million bucks.

I still haven’t found him

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man

When I say that I don’t need a man, people assume that I hate men and that I will never be with one. I have never said those words, and I never will.

When the right time comes and when I feel like I am ready to dedicate myself fully to a relationship, I will start looking for someone.

I don’t know if I will spend my whole life alone, but I am sure that I will accept an opportunity of being with someone if it feels right.

I want a relationship to bring me more opportunities than alone life can. When I find that, I will be perfectly happy to agree to take a chance on it.

Until then, I am not ready to settle.

My life is a journey to discovering myself. It is not strictly a way to find a man as there are a number of things I want to experience.

If through that journey I find the one, then I won’t resist taking part in it.

To The People Telling Me I Need A Man