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To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth

To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth

Dear man,

She has been waiting by the phone for long enough.

You got her hooked, and you’ve been stringing her along without reciprocating her love.

As soon as she starts getting over you, you find your way back into her life…

She swallows her pride because of your coy smile and the witty words you enchant her with.

So, she reaches out God knows how many times and ends up crying herself to sleep. 

You make her feel inferior and never miss a chance to humiliate her.

The way you treat her isn’t the way anyone should be treated, but she still longs for your touch, hoping you’ll change. 

You always put her down, but she still loves you with all of her heart.

She sinks lower and lower for you, and you even take pleasure in it.

It makes you feel important when you know you have someone you can torture with your rude behavior, doesn’t it?

She boosts your ego by loving you more than she loves herself.

That love she has for you is slowly killing her, but she can’t help herself because you have made her weak.

She gave up her strength for you just so she could spend another day waiting by the phone for your call.

However, you just need to wait, and the day will come when she’ll laugh in your face.

You’ve degraded her enough, and she’ll realize you don’t deserve all the things she has done for you.

She’ll stop caring about you, and she’ll know that she shouldn’t settle for someone who treats her this way.

No one should ever let themselves stoop so low, and neither will she ever again.

One day you’ll send her a text, but you won’t get a response.

To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth

You are so used to her attention, and once you don’t get it anymore, it will drive you crazy.

You’ll ask her to come back, but she will reject you and that’s when you’ll finally realize that you had your shot with her, and you blew it.

You played your games with her and took advantage of her as much as you could.

That beautiful woman doesn’t deserve to be taken advantage of, and soon she’ll know that.

It will suddenly be clear to you that she was willing to give you everything, but you threw it all away.

You will even want to say you’re sorry and change your behavior, but it will be too late.

Once she’s not under your control anymore, she’ll make you realize that you need to change.

Maybe she was vulnerable and insecure with you till now, but you wasted so many chances she gave you to be a real man, and before long, she will be over you.

She reads you like a book, and you can’t lie to her anymore.

You’ll realize that you made a mistake by treating her like a toy, and you won’t ever be able to take advantage of her again.

Nobody else will ever tolerate the way you behaved with her, and you’ll become aware of this. It’s then that you’ll know you have to change, and that you have lost the only woman who loved you.

So, you’ll become a different man and change your bad behavior. You’ll finally be the man you should have been when you were with her.

It’s then that you’ll start missing her.

To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth 2

She has always been so kind to you, and you’ll want to get another chance to prove yourself to her.

It’s how she made you feel that you’ll miss the most because no one else ever made you feel so unconditionally loved.

At one point, you’ll run into her, but she will be with another man.

You’ll see how happy she is now that she’s with someone else who treats her right… the way you never did.

When you see him holding her hand, you’ll wish it was you who gets to walk with that beautiful girl.

You could have made her happy like that, but you haven’t, and by then you’ll regret it.

You’ll keep imagining what could have been, but it will be too late for that.

This amazing woman you thought of as inferior will have found a new man who makes her happy.

That man will always be there beside her, in good and bad times because he will love her the way you were never capable of. He will never make her cry like you do; instead, he’ll wipe away any tear that runs down her cheek.

You’ll see how different you are from that man because he doesn’t have to treat her badly just to realize that he loves her.

You have always put her down and made her feel like she isn’t good enough.

She has always begged for crumbs of your attention, and you won’t even give them to her.

By the time you realize, she will have a man who showers her with affection and makes her feel like she could accomplish anything. 

To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth 3

So, she will realize that it isn’t her who isn’t good enough.

It is you. You are the one who isn’t good for her, and she will find someone who is.

She’s not that insecure and vulnerable girl you used to treat badly anymore.

She has grown as a person and become a confident woman so she will manage to get away from you and find herself a man who treats her the way she deserves to be treated; the way you should have treated her all along.

Once she does, you will understand that, but the ship will have sailed by then.

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Don’t mess with her then, because she will have found her happiness and you already had your chance to make her happy.

Instead, you have made her miserable, and she won’t even believe that you have changed.

She will realize her worth, which means she won’t want someone who used to put her down.

All that’s left now is for you to remember this lesson.

The next time a woman loves you, treat her right unless you want it to end the same way…

Because once a woman realizes her worth, she’ll leave a man who treats her badly and she’ll find happiness with someone else.

To The Man That Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth
To The Man Who Will Lose Her When She Realizes Her Worth 5

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