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To The Man Who Cheated On Me: This Is My Final Goodbye

To The Man Who Cheated On Me: This Is My Final Goodbye

“Hey girl, I know you don’t know me but…”, this is what I woke up to that morning.

It was 6 AM and I was just checking my phone to see how long until my alarm reminds me it was time to wake up. That’s when I saw her request. I’d never seen her before, never heard of her, but for some reason, I felt connected to her.

My world shattered to pieces before I even opened the message. It could’ve been anything. Maybe she was interested in my travel blog, maybe she just wanted to ask about something she saw on my profile or she was looking for some information about my University.

But I already knew what it was truly about…

So I got up an hour and a half earlier, drank a glass of water, and opened her message. Sent two hours ago, at 4 AM. I immediately thought about how this was just another proof. She was probably nervous, and couldn’t sleep so she wrote this message.

I was just stuck at the first sentence and it was so difficult to read the whole text. Eventually, I continued reading:

Hey girl, I know you don’t know me but I need to tell you something. The thing is, I recently started going out with this guy…

DONE! To The Man Who Cheated On Me This Is My Final Goodbye

Stop it. I already knew where this was going. I didn’t want to keep reading, but I had to. At least I would know, I would finally know who you really are.

We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks now. Last week, we even went on a small two-day road trip.” So that’s where your business meeting was, I thought to myself.

”He told me he’s single. I never had a reason to doubt it, but you called him when we were together. I never listened to his phone calls before, but that time something inside me told me to do it.

He spoke about the meetings he went to, I just thought it was something from the past, but then I heard him say that he loves you and he can’t wait to go home.

I remember. I remember the whole conversation. You told me your project was accepted, that you had a few more meetings and you would be back home to shower me with kisses. I told you I loved you, and I called my mom to tell her about how amazing your meetings went.

When he came back I asked him who was on the phone, and he told me it was his best friend. I kept quiet, maybe I didn’t hear it well I thought to myself.

DONE! To The Man Who Cheated On Me This Is My Final Goodbye

But when he finally went to the toilet I couldn’t resist taking his phone. I already knew his password, it’s like he wanted to be caught. Gallery, I thought! That’s where I saw your pictures.

I didn’t confront him. When we got back home I checked his Instagram looking for you. I recognized you, but I just couldn’t make myself send you this message immediately.

Hope you’ll forgive me. I had no idea and I’m as heartbroken as you are. We’ve stopped seeing each other, but I thought you should know all of this. I’m sorry.

Now you know how I found out.

As I closed the app, a tear ran down my face. One tear for the past four years. At first, I was numb. Then all the feelings came at once. I never felt this anger, this pain, this disappointment. How could I not see this?

I blamed myself. I was blind and foolish to trust you. But who would’ve guessed this after all these years? I had millions of questions, but no one to answer them. How could I trust a single word that comes from your mouth? I even missed you, and I was so mad at myself for feeling that way.

You made me feel worthless. I spent my days thinking about whether anything was real at all. Have you ever truly loved me? Was she the only one?

DONE! To The Man Who Cheated On Me This Is My Final Goodbye

On the other hand, it didn’t matter. There were at least two of us when it was supposed to be only me.

All these songs you wrote for me, were you really thinking about me? I’ll never understand how someone could do this to the person they love. At least you told me you loved me. Well, you must have had your fingers crossed.

I was so angry because I never realized it before. I was your Rose, and you were my Jack. Remember? Why did you have to ruin everything?

I wonder how you sleep at night, knowing that you’ve lost the one who loved you the most. Knowing that you broke her heart when you said you’d be the one she marries. The one who’ll always be there no matter what. And the one who’ll always protect her.

It’s been four months now. 4 months that lasted longer than our 4 years. I finally realized I’m not the one to blame. It’s you, and only you.

All I ever did was love you, endlessly. I gave everything to be yours, believed you and all you ever did was prove me wrong.

DONE! To The Man Who Cheated On Me This Is My Final Goodbye

You were the one who ruined everything. I wasn’t boring, I wasn’t too much and I definitely was pretty enough for you. You were the blind one, not me. You failed to see what you had in front of you, and now you’ll never have it again.

After all this time, I can only thank you. Thank you for making me realize what I want in life. Making me aware of my worth and what I’m capable of. I don’t need you anymore, even though you probably wish I do.

You weren’t the one for me, but deep down I wanted you to be. And I’m finally ready to move on. One day I’ll find the guy who will respect me and love me, the way you never did. You were just another lesson that made me stronger.

Now it’s time to let you go. From this point on, you’ll be just a feeling I never want to feel again.


To The Man Who Cheated On Me: This Is My Final Goodbye

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