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To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys: Don’t Fall For These 4 Mind Games

To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys: Don’t Fall For These 4 Mind Games

It’s like your own, personal little hell.

If you’re one of the girls who fall for bad boys, you’ll know how wrong it is, but the thing is – it always feels so right.

There is just something alluring about them. Something so mysterious.

They look like men who need help becoming the perfect boyfriends and husbands, while also looking like sin incarnate.

You’ve probably always been attracted to bad boys.

Since you can remember, you’ve been attracting them just as much as you were seeking them out.

Every time you get your heart broken, you promise yourself that you won’t make the same mistake again.

You promise yourself that you won’t fall for their little tricks – that the next time you fall in love, it’ll be with someone deserving of you.

DONE! To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

Of course, you’d love to say that you lived up to that promise and that you worked through this issue.

But it’s quite obvious neither you nor many other girls are going to fall out of this habit any time soon.

Because of that, it’s very important to know the games bad boys play with our minds.

You will continue to attract them. Simply because you are someone empathetic, loving, and caring. You’re their favorite target!

However, whether he’s toxic, narcissistic, manipulative, or something else on the spectrum of bad-boy behavior, he will most probably try to play these mind games with you.

Make sure that you don’t fall for them anymore and you just might break the habit of falling for bad boys.

Or you might turn a bad boy into a nice guy? Who knows?

1. Lovebombing

DONE! To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

When you meet a man for the first time and before he reveals himself to be a bad boy, he’ll probably make himself seem misunderstood.

It’s you who’s so special to him. It’s you he’s been waiting for his entire life and you’re finally here!

Bad boys often lovebomb their victims so that they don’t know what’s coming. He’s actually trying to make you grow attached to him.

You fall in love with him during this stage and you hold on to it when things start going bad.

He might pull out this game whenever he feels like you might leave him.

Is there a way to avoid falling for this trick? It’s extremely detrimental to your mental and emotional health, so there must be a way, right?

Well, look for inconsistencies in his behavior. Does he shower you with love, gifts, and attention whenever you’ve had a fight?

You might have even threatened him to leave and he made this grand gesture to show you how much he cares.

Those are all signs of lovebombing. And you shouldn’t fall for it.

If he isn’t able to respect you enough to be consistent with his love and affection for you, he’s just another bad boy.

2. Gaslighting

DONE! To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

Gaslighting is one of the most serious forms of psychological abuse that make the victim question their own sense of reality.

Any narcissist, manipulator, or toxic man in general, has at least once tried to gaslight the woman who’s in love with them.

If you’re wondering whether you’ve ever been gaslighted, you might want to look out for conversations that make you question your own senses.

Even your own memory.

For example, you might have told him that he never showed up to a date and he’ll tell you “Are you sure?

I was there waiting for you the entire time! You must be crazy or something.”

It’s scary when you think of it. You know that you searched the entire place for him, but was nowhere to be seen.

So when he tries to convince you otherwise, you start to question your own sanity.

He uses denial to pretend that some things never happened or that you’ve probably imagined them.

Another thing someone does when they’re gaslighting you is withholding information from you.

It’s not straight-up lying, he just doesn’t say anything at all.

This is very dangerous for your own mental health, so be extremely careful.

Bad boys are all fun and games until things go wrong and you become attached to the man that holds your sanity in his own two hands.

3. Breaking your confidence

DONE! To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

What can a narcissist do with a woman who knows her own worth? Absolutely nothing.

He needs to break your confidence as soon as possible. That’s why he’ll try to be demeaning and extremely unsupportive.

Whenever you tell him about something that excites you, he’ll find a way to make you regret ever saying anything about it.

He’ll make you feel miserable about the way you look, just so you’ll put more effort into yourself.

That’s also what makes him feel so powerful. He’s been playing games with you long enough for you to start questioning your own self-worth.

This man obviously is not just a bad person who manipulates you, but he’s someone who wants to break your spirit.

He gets off on knowing that you’ll be broken for years after he leaves.

4. Showing no empathy

DONE! To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

Something very common between all bad boys is that they show a lack of empathy.

It’s like he can’t empathize with you, no matter how hard you try to convince him that you’re hurting.

The obvious sign that he’s playing this game with you is when you cry and sob and he just stands there, expressionless, telling you that you’re overreacting.

In the long run, this little game he plays will be extremely bad for your emotional state.

He will make sure you feel bad about crying and being sad to the point where you deny ever feeling those emotions.

When you’re laughing, he’ll tell you that you shouldn’t be. When you’re happy, he guilt-trips you for feeling that way.

It doesn’t matter what you go through in life, he makes you believe that it was either your fault or that you’re overreacting.

It’s extremely disturbing to know that you’re in the presence of someone who has such a blatant lack of empathy.

To The Girls Who Fall For Bad Boys: Don't Fall For These 4 Mind Games

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