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To The Girl Who’s Still Wondering If She’s Good Enough

To The Girl Who’s Still Wondering If She’s Good Enough

Hello gorgeous,

Let me start by saying that you’re good enough. No! Don’t debate it, don’t find excuses on why it’s not the truth, just believe me.

Life can be a wild ride. There are so many ups and downs that leave us nauseated and scarred at the end.

Your life hasn’t been so easy on you. Beside the fact that your heart was broken on multiple occasions, you were also left to doubt yourself completely.

People came and went as they pleased, not caring how much it would break you.

Just when you started to trust them, they’d always find a way to disappoint you. You didn’t have any expectations, yet they still managed to make you feel small and insignificant.

You were there for them, you cared for them, you made an effort to make them truly happy. But before long, they’d abandon you and the weight of the words you believed to be true would come crashing down on you.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

You ask yourself: Would they have left if I was good enough? Would they feel the need to leave and treat you like that if you were good enough?

Those same thoughts are the reason you’re here right now, doubting yourself.

I really do believe when people say that you need to think positive for your life to go in a more positive direction.

You need to feed your mind with positive affirmations about yourself in order to actually become the person you want to be.

When you keep telling yourself that you’re not good enough – that you’re too stupid, too slow, too fat or skinny – those words become the truth.

But they become even more prominent when you start to hear those belittling words in the voices of people who you deemed important to you.

They echo in your head long after their lips stopped moving. It hurts the parts of you that you’ve kept hidden for so long.

When you surround yourself with people and words like that, you’re surrounding yourself with absolute negativity.

You believe their words, you believe the words of the demons in your head, and it totally drains you.

But the very moment you start nourishing your mind with positive thoughts, you will learn that they can help you heal instead of continue to torment you.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

The simple reminder to say nice things to yourself from time to time can help you move mountains if you’re persistent enough.

Don’t just let someone break you – especially not yourself.

You shouldn’t let your demons grab you like that and drag you around until you can’t move anymore.

You’re more often than not left to fight for yourself, trying to mend your own wounds and heal yourself.

That’s why you just can’t become your worst enemy. You can’t make the decision to let your own mind be your poison.

Not even the people around you have the right to become that insufferable. They can stay in your life as long as they are kind and caring. The very moment that changes, you have to walk away.

And even if they decide to walk away first, don’t think of that as an insult.

They simply couldn’t be in your life because they aren’t what you’re looking for. They can’t handle who you are as a person because of their fragile egos.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

Because of their own misery, they drag you down. But you deserve so much better than that.

You shouldn’t be the one suffering because of the people that have abandoned you.

That doesn’t decide your worth. It doesn’t mean anything other than that you now have to learn to live without them.

No amount of love can keep someone from leaving if they truly want to leave. You have to remember that!

You may love someone, but that same love isn’t what will keep them from walking away from you.

It has nothing to do with being good enough.

Because you truly are good enough. You’re more than enough.

You’re perfect! In your own quirky, astounding, authentic way. You’re absolutely perfect and you have to own it.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

You can’t just walk around and believe otherwise because someone else wasn’t able to see your worth.

The girl I’m talking to is a girl who’s been through so much and come out as a survivor – not a victim.

The only person who’s now standing between you and self-love is YOU.

Now, you can’t just sit around and wait for your mind to change itself. You have to do that!

Whenever you catch yourself being self-degrading, you have the power to stop it.

Don’t entertain the thought for a moment and then try to figure out how to stop that toxic thought process. No!

Just stop that train of thought in its tracks and instead say affirmations that’ll help you see your own worth.

Instead of being lost in negative thoughts, take a moment and look at yourself.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

You’re absolutely beautiful. You’re more than enough.

Someone else’s opinion of you does not matter.

The only opinion that does matter is your own, and knowing that should make you walk around with your head held high.

The next morning when you wake up, do so with a new mindset. Wake up and tell yourself that you love yourself.

Wake up and make the decision to stop letting negative thoughts slip into your mind. Then hold to that promise.

Make sure you know that other people can only hurt you if you let them.

So if someone says something bad about you, brush it off.

Let them think that they’ve got the best of you, when in actuality, you’re more than they’d even dream to be.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your own mind and body.

Because you truly are good enough.

To The Girl Who's Still Wondering If She's Good Enough

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