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To The Girl Who’s Hurting Right Now

To The Girl Who’s Hurting Right Now

Let it out of your system. Don’t hold back your tears. Don’t hold back your disappointment or anger. Don’t be the big person when it comes to your feelings because you are allowed to feel them just the way they are. You are allowed to be hurt in the way you are. You are allowed to have your heart broken even when no one understands why you’re still hurting. You are allowed to take all the time in the world to heal, to deal with the pain you’re feeling, to take a break from everything. So, don’t be hard on yourself when it’s taking you time to get over it.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be weak every now and then. It’s okay to be confused about what you want. It’s okay to see the world in black and white. It’s okay to feel too tired to do anything. It’s okay to struggle with what your emotions mean.To The Girl Who’s Hurting Right Now

It’s okay to find it difficult to silence your thoughts. It’s okay to be overwhelmed with your own thoughts. It’s okay with feeling stuck. It’s okay not to know what the right thing to do is. It’s okay to zone out until you feel like yourself again.

It’s going to get better, just give it some time. Slow down. Give yourself the break that you need. Take care of yourself because that’s the first step towards your journey of loving yourself. Choose what’s best for you, even when it’s hard for you to do so.

Be proud of who you are because it takes a lot of courage to go through the things you have been through. Be easy on yourself because letting go of someone who meant the world to you is never going to be easy.

Give yourself credit for accepting that someone who you would do anything for doesn’t feel the same way about you.To The Girl Who’s Hurting Right Now

You are where you need to be. So, be as present in the moment—take from it what it’s trying to teach you, and be grateful for the things your pain is teaching you right now.

Because believe it or not, it’s making you the person you need to be. It’s challenging you, it’s showing you parts of you that you didn’t know about, it’s pushing you to deal with things you’ve been running away from.

You’ll get through this. You’ll recover because you’re strong. You’ll get better because you never give up. You’ll get back up again because your persistence and hard work will pay off.

You’ll be yourself again. In fact, you’ll be a better version of yourself because you’re self-aware. You’ll heal again and you’ll fall in love with someone because deep down, you know love is worth it.

You’ll regain your passion for life and everything else because it’s in your veins. You just need to be patient, you just need to be kind to yourself. I believe in you. And so should you!

To The Girl Who’s Hurting Right Now

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