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To The Girl Who’s Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

To The Girl Who’s Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

Hey girl,

I know it’s been hard for you, but I also know you’re strong enough to get through it. If you had enough strength to listen to his lies, you definitely do to get over him too. Just believe in yourself and don’t let his behavior affect your future.

I’ve been through it and I know how it goes. At first, you notice some small changes. Like he’s not responding as fast as he did before, but he says it’s because he can’t use his phone at work anymore. And you believe him, because why would he lie, right?

Then you finally make some time just for the two of you. You decide that you’ll dress up and do your hair just the way he likes. You spend hours getting ready and being excited to see his reaction. But there isn’t any. Not a single compliment.

You decide to do your thing when you finally get ready, exit your room, and do the little runaway show for him. You think to yourself that he’ll definitely react to you now. But another disappointment comes. You glance at him but you can’t see that look he used to have when you did the walk before.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

You spend the whole evening wondering why he didn’t say anything. Then when you swallow your pride and ask him about it, he says you look pretty. And even though it doesn’t sound honest, you’re still happy to hear it. Because you just miss receiving compliments from him.

After some time, you realize he doesn’t ask you about your day anymore. The two of you used to have a little chat every night when you go to bed. And you always went at the same time. That was your thing. But now he suddenly falls asleep before you even come back home from work.

You feel like he doesn’t even want to spend time with you anymore. And those Sunday movie nights became Sunday game nights with his friends. Even though they already have their Wednesday.

You ask him about it, he says they’re preparing for some tournament you’ve never heard of. But you believe him, because why would he lie, right?

Then he starts ignoring you even more. You’re finally spending some time together but he’s looking at his phone and smiling, even though you haven’t finished talking. You lean on to see what he’s looking at because the two of you used to watch funny things together, but he locks his phone and calls you noisy.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

When you ask him about it, he says his friends sent a funny video to the group chat. But he assures you that you wouldn’t find it funny. Then a few days later, you take his phone because he has a better camera, and then it hits you. You type his password, but it says it’s incorrect.

It’s your birthday, how can you type it wrong. You try again, but it won’t unlock. Thousands of feelings rush through your body. But you try to stay calm and ask him about it. He snaps at you for taking his phone, but why? You always did that and he never complained before.

Honey, tell me honestly, why did you change your password?” you ask. And he replies that he leaves his phone everywhere when he’s at work, so he doesn’t want other people to have access to it. You believe him, because why would he lie, right?

And then one day, you finally realize he lied. You come home early and you see high heels that aren’t yours. The cake you brought from your mom falls on the floor, and the plate shatters into million little pieces, just like your heart. You rush to your room, and you see something you never thought you would.

The guy you love, and the one you planned to marry, with a girl you’ve never seen before. Then you start connecting the dots. Piece by piece, your puzzle is complete. You’ve been living with a liar. A cheater. A heartless monster.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

The days after happen very fast. More fights, packing things, and saying your final goodbye to the guy who broke you. And now you’re here. Looking for a way to finally start over.

I know it seems impossible at the moment. But love is real and you’ll find it. What you’ve experienced is only the “L” he showed you when things were good. But there’s someone out there who won’t stop until he gives you “LOVE”, and then he won’t stop until he gives you his “FOREVER”.

You’ll trust again. He is just a lesson you had to experience for some reason. And you’ll figure out why. It’s because you never thought you were strong enough. And you never thought you had enough courage to do some things you wanted.

But now you know you’re strong. Now you know you have enough courage. Come on, you had to leave the person you loved the most. It’s the scariest thing a person has to do. Saying goodbye to him and all the plans you had together.

But you still had enough strength and courage to do so. Because you knew it had to be done.

You learned to put yourself first. And you now know what you should settle for. You’ll never be with someone who’ll need reminders to give you compliments. You’ll never be with someone who’s keeping secrets from you.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

Nor will you ever be with a person who doesn’t have enough time for you, makes you feel forgotten and less important.

You’re amazing just the way you are. And he was too weak to handle the pressure of being with a girl like you. It’s his loss, and you should never think differently! Now you’re finally free to enjoy life and give yourself a chance to find true love.

Remember, he threw away a diamond, but there is someone special out there who will pick it up, and cherish it forever. Never lose hope in love just because some coward chose an easy way out.

The best is yet to come.

To The Girl Who's Been Trying To Recover After Being Cheated On

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