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To The Girl Who’s Been Taken For Granted

To The Girl Who’s Been Taken For Granted

I’m so sorry that you’ve been taken for granted.

As a woman, you have it hard. People talk over you, they don’t listen to you.

So when you give them your everything, they still aren’t able to see how much effort you put into everything. You give everything there is to offer, especially when you’re in love.

He became your entire world. He became a person for whom you would go to the ends of the earth and back.

There’s nothing in this world that you wouldn’t do for him, you would do anything. So how does a beautiful woman like you feel when you’re taken for granted by the man you love?

The first time, you thought that he just didn’t notice how much effort you put into dressing nicely for your date and that might have been why he didn’t compliment you. You thought that he just forgot to thank you for every time you made a meal for him.

He couldn’t seem to be bothered with any of it. Like complimenting you or thanking you was too much like a chore for him.

However, the very moment you weren’t able to do these things for him, he accused you of being lazy.

When it first happened, it confused you. He took you for granted back then but you didn’t want to think he was, as you wanted to believe that he needed more time to understand you.

He ignored your efforts like they were to be expected of you. But whenever you asked him to do something, he thought that you were crazy for asking it of him.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Taken For Granted

You couldn’t ask him to wash the dishes without getting a speech about how he was too tired to do them and that you should because you were the one who had had less work to do that day.

He obviously doesn’t understand how hard you work every single day!

He makes you feel like he doesn’t have to do anything as long as he has you around. This man doesn’t even understand or respect your boundaries.

He makes it seem as if he has the right to touch you and order you around as if you are his own personal slave.

He doesn’t respect your boundaries. When you say that you don’t want to do something, he takes it as a personal attack and then guilt-trips you into doing things against your will.

You think that he’s actually a nice and sweet guy. You think that he simply doesn’t know how to behave in these situations so instead of confronting him or being mad at him, you forgive him and try to talk about it calmly.

These conversations never go well. Even if he does apologize, he still does these things over and over again because he knows that you won’t leave him.

Being used like that by the one person you love the most in this world feels absolutely awful.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Taken For Granted

You want him to explain himself, you want him to tell you why he takes you for granted. However, he doesn’t seem like someone who’d ever want to talk about this.

He’s not even the type of person to make any changes in his life. He’s so comfortable with who he is that you aren’t going to change him, however hard you may try.

So you’ve given up trying. It’s simply not worth it, even though you can feel your heart break daily.

He convinced you that he truly shouldn’t have to thank you for your efforts. He calls it the bare minimum you could give him, forgetting that he isn’t even giving you anywhere near that much.

This man has the audacity to cancel on you, even when you’ve put all your make-up on and got yourself all pretty for him. You made sure to look extra presentable tonight but he obviously couldn’t care less.

You’re left to wonder whether this behavior has anything to do with you, as if you’re not doing the best you can to make him happy. He doesn’t see your efforts, nor does he see the love you put into everything you do for him.

A man who takes you for granted like this is not a man you should want to be with.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Taken For Granted

These words are so much easier said than done nowadays. You feel like you’re not giving him enough attention, that if you tried just a little bit harder you’d succeed.

He makes you feel like you’re not doing enough and that he’d be thankful if you only tried harder. He makes you feel like what you’re doing now is a joke.

So how long will you be able to endure this before you make a conscious decision to stay? You’re going to stay for a while longer or maybe even spend the rest of your life next to a man who obviously isn’t able to appreciate you.

You put so much effort into your relationship and you want to show him how much you appreciate him. You want him to see how much you love him but he takes you for granted.

He doesn’t give you the same effort in return. If anything, he makes you feel bad about even wanting something from this relationship.

He’s obviously going to take you for granted until the very moment he loses you for good. Once he realizes that you’re not able to stay any longer because you’re done with him, he’ll also realize how much you did for him.

The people around us aren’t aware of what they have until it’s gone. He isn’t able to picture what might happen once you’re fed up with him because he thinks that he’s God’s gift to you.

He actually believes that you will never realize your own worth. But show him that he’s wrong.

Show him that you’re not going to take this type of ungratefulness from anyone anymore. He needs to know that you can and will stand up for yourself.

DONE! To The Girl Who's Been Taken For Granted

He can choose between being grateful, showing you his gratitude, and treating you like the queen you are or absolutely losing you.

You need to be strong right now. Seeking his approval has become second nature to you by now but you’re worthy of so much more than he can give you.

Never let anyone take you for granted! There’s someone out there who would do anything for a moment of your attention and you’re wasting it on a man who doesn’t even know you’re there.

Don’t disrespect yourself. Don’t let him take you for granted any longer.

Find your own voice and get rid of his chains, because you deserve someone who’ll always make things special for you.

To The Girl Who's Been Taken For Granted

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