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To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

(Not so) dear ex-boyfriend,

This one is to my ex who told me I would never get over him. This one is for you.

It’ll serve as proof of everything you made me feel and everything you made me do.

When it came to our relationship, I was the one who called it quits while you were the one who laughed at me.

You said those words, “You will never get over me!” with an ironic smile on your face. So, some time later, I’m glad that I can prove you wrong.

To be honest, I got over you maybe even before I ended the relationship. But I just needed some time to process everything.

DONE! To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

The wound was still too fresh for me to think straight so I waited to see if I really didn’t love you anymore.

And the truth is that I don’t. That feeling is completely gone from my mind and my heart.

I was aware that my mind already knew that we were done but I was scared that my heart would have trouble letting you go.

Thank goodness my heart realized that you were too toxic to hold on to.

If you want me to be honest, then I’ll tell you that our relationship became dangerous for me months before the breakup. I lost myself completely.

I was no longer confident enough to do the things I used to do. In a crowded place, I always looked for you to signal to me if I could do something.

That’s the first red flag I noticed. After that, I realized that our relationship wasn’t going the way I planned.

Afraid to make a move, I let some time pass to see if things would change. Of course, nothing changed but I couldn’t find the courage to walk away.

Besides my confidence, I lost my ability to speak my mind. I wasn’t that talkative girl who wasn’t afraid to say anything she thought anymore.

Instead, I became a quiet creature who always listened to others but didn’t say a word.

Maybe you made me that way, as every time I said something, you would make me feel useless.

You turned my words around and ruined their meaning completely.

DONE! To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

I had a fear that every time I said something again, the same thing would happen.

In order to free myself from that fear, I decided that the best option was to keep quiet.

You couldn’t make me feel bad about my words if I wasn’t saying anything, right?

But later on, I realized that it did make me feel bad. Actually, I can say that it made me feel worse than I expected.

I felt like I was going crazy and no one was able to hear me. I never felt good and you never noticed anything.

Being in a relationship with you made me realize how lonely you can feel in someone’s company. You were always around but it made no difference.

I can even say that I felt better when I was alone than when I spent time with you.

They say that romantic partners understand each other. If that’s so, we were not even close to being partners, as you had no idea what I was going through.

I can honestly say that I had no idea what you were going through either. It’s like we were only together because we didn’t want to be alone and that’s all.

Out of the blue, something clicked in my head and I decided that I couldn’t be with you anymore.

Our relationship made no sense and I had to end it for good.

That’s when I told you that I was leaving you and you replied with your famous words, saying that I would never get over you.

Well, I want to tell you that I’m more than over you. I’ve learned to love myself again and I didn’t realize how much I missed me.

DONE! To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

I’ve gained my confidence back. I’m once more that strong woman I used to be before you broke me into pieces.

I don’t keep quiet anymore, as I did that for too long. Now, I openly express my opinions without paying attention to what other people think.

Finally, I don’t rely on anyone and I don’t wait for anyone to tell me what I’m supposed to do.

I did that while I was with you and I have no intention of doing it again.

I’m free from everything that held me back. I’m free of you.

DONE! To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

Actually, I’m free of all those similar to you too. I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone who’s even a bit like you.

Even though you made me feel worthless and you affected me on so many levels, you also made me realize how much I actually deserve.

You were an experience that I had to go through. Without doing so, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Without doing so, I would never have developed into a strong and powerful woman who no longer begs for love. Thanks to you, I’m that woman now!

I don’t hate you and I can’t wish you anything bad. I chose you so I have to accept my mistake.

But I just want to tell you that you were wrong and that I would be able to get over you. I already have and it feels amazing.

I’m happier than ever and I’m glad that I had the courage to leave a guy who wasn’t the right one for me.

DONE! To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

You can lie to yourself and make yourself believe that we could have made things work but we both know that isn’t true.

People like us could never work. You wanted to control me and I couldn’t accept that.

My mind won’t let anyone treat me the way I don’t deserve. It now gets mad and makes me react to bad treatment.

And I’m thankful for that.

So, now that we’re over, I wish you all the luck in the world. I hope that you’ll see your mistakes and that you’ll change.

With your current attitude, you won’t keep anyone for long. This is just friendly advice and it’s up to you to take it or leave it.

Signed, the one who learned to change herself after you


To My Ex Who Told Me That I Would Never Get Over Him

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