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To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

This is to all of you who see nothing but disappointment and pain when you look back on your life… To every woman who breaks her own heart over and over again.

You’ve been hurt so many times and men would always do nothing but take advantage of you and cause you pain.

When you look back on your life, you realize that your heart has been broken more times than you can even count. Naturally, not every heartbreak has permanently damaged your soul, but there were some that were utterly devastating.

Now, you wonder why that’s so and how come it’s impossible for you to have true love. Why can’t you leave this painful cycle of getting your heart broken, being the girl who gets hurt, and then having to pull yourself back together?

Why do these wrong men always choose you just to hurt you and leave you picking up the pieces? Why do they always leave, and how come no one can give you the love that you deserve?

This is to every woman who breaks her own heart over and over again because you’re actually doing this to yourself.

You fall for these wrong men and you let them keep hurting you after they’ve already hurt you once… And you keep suffering for them.

DONE! To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

I know that you don’t want to hurt yourself, but somehow you keep doing it every time.

Every time you allow the wrong man to come into your life, you actually break your own heart. It’s what you’ve been doing every time you’ve met a guy who you knew was trouble or a player.

Each time you refused to listen to your gut when you thought that you could change a man, you broke your heart. I know that you always hoped your love would heal these emotionally unavailable men and change them.

But that rarely happens and, deep down, you knew that.

While they move on and live their lives as if nothing happened, you’re the one who’s left emotionally damaged. It is why I want to say something to every woman who breaks her own heart over and over again:

Every time you’d take back a man you knew would just hurt you, you broke your own heart.

DONE! To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

You did that every single time when you’d give a man a second chance, hoping that things would be different. Each time you went back to someone who clearly wasn’t the right man for you, you broke your own heart.

You hurt yourself by when you allowed an abuser back into your life believing that he wouldn’t keep hurting you. And when you forgave a man for something you shouldn’t have.

If you keep breaking your own heart over and over again, you need to hear this because it’s the only way you’ll stop.

Of course, I know that love can make you do crazy things, but letting someone hurt you is not going to get you anywhere.

You keep doing it though, and you broke your heart when you kept forgiving someone for treating you badly. When you forgave a man for abusing you or cheating on you, you twisted that knife even deeper.

To the girl who confused abuse for love, I want to tell you that it’s not your fault. But by allowing an abuser to continue hurting you instead of going through the stages of healing after emotional abuse, you’re intentionally hurting yourself.

I know you want to forgive men when you love them, but the sad reality is that you’re just giving them a one-up.

DONE! To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

You’re just showing them you’ll accept their behavior by forgiving them. And that’s the reason they keep acting the same way.

Every single time you chased a man, even though there were no signs he wants to make you his girlfriend, you broke your heart.

You shattered it whenever a guy was clearly scared of commitment and it was clear you wanted different things in life.

Instead of leaving these men and trying to find the right person who’d treat you how you deserve, you kept letting them hurt you.

You let them use you to boost their fragile egos, and treat you like an option when you should be someone’s priority.

Every single time you thought one of those jerks would change because of you, you inevitably broke your heart. They would have never changed for you because they didn’t want to, and deep down you knew that.

Instead of searching for the type of person you can have true love with, you chased men who needed to be changed.

DONE! To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

And sadly, they never did. Instead, they changed you by putting you through all that pain of loving them without getting anything in return.

Most importantly, you hurt yourself when you believed that you didn’t deserve better than that. You convinced yourself that you weren’t worthy of anything better than a guy who just treats you badly.

God knows how many chances you missed with nice guys who’d give you the love you’ve been hoping for. Instead, you wanted to change the wrong men and make them better, but they only made you worse.

And now that you realize that you’ve been breaking your heart over and over again, I hope you find the strength to stop.

Don’t keep chasing men who aren’t worthy of your time. Realize your true worth instead.

Realize that you deserve true love and a good man who’d never let you suffer.

Men like that are out there. But if you keep letting the wrong ones into your life, you’re not making space for the right one. You need to stay single until you meet the man who’ll do anything to be with you.

He’ll be afraid of losing you, and there will be nothing about him that you’ll need to change. This man will be the best version of himself for you. And he’ll help you be the best version of yourself too.

So, instead of chasing players and men that have trouble written all over them, wait for true love. You will find it! Just stay single until your soulmate is ready to walk into your life and never leave you alone again.

To Every Woman Who Breaks Her Own Heart Over And Over Again

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