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Are You Tired Of Dating? These 16 Things Will Cure Your Dating Fatigue

Are You Tired Of Dating? These 16 Things Will Cure Your Dating Fatigue

Do you have dating fatigue? A lot of people swipe through dating apps in search of ‘the one’ but single people can get tired of the dating game. The first time you meet a potential new partner, you can never be sure that there will be a second date. You believe in true love but go on so many bad dates that you want to give it all up. You’re tired of dating and tired of dating apps. Even when you get to go on a second date with a new person, there’s always a possibility that it won’t be a healthy relationship… You have had your share of abusive relationships, and they also began with a first date.

Single people get tired of the dating life and all the hookups that don’t lead to serious relationships. Tinder is great, but constantly swiping and going on bad dates tires you out. All you want is to have a healthy relationship with your true love but no one said that searching for ‘the one’ would be easy. You have to go through a lot of bad first dates before you find yourself with the right one. The first time you tried them, dating apps were great, but you have grown tired of online dating. A lot of other people are unhappy with their dating life too; they have dating fatigue just like you, and I am here to help you.

Let’s first check whether you are really tired of dating and why.

Signs you’re tired of dating:

1. You’re tired of it all

You simply feel exhausted, both mentally and physically. Meeting new people, spending money, getting rejected, or having to reject someone… you’re tired of it all. You don’t have the willpower to get through another date. You’re tired of dating apps and the dating game altogether. All you really want is to have a serious relationship with a partner who will be your best friend too but you’re starting to lose hope that you will find that person on Tinder.

2. They don’t really know you

You feel as if your dates don’t really know the real you. It’s like all there is is meaningless chatter that leads nowhere. Most single women are looking for a long-term relationship but are offered only casual hookups. No one really tries to get to know the real you and act like your best friend. It seems like hookups are all you can find on dating apps.

3. You don’t want to go on another date

Every single woman dreams about just waking up in a long-term relationship… in the arms of ‘the one’ but you are tired of ‘the many wrong ones’ so you don’t have the will to get out of bed when you need to go on a new date. All the excitement you had before is now gone. Even your Tweets have started to reflect your dating fatigue.

4. You have been on many wrong dates

It’s no wonder that your Tweets reflect your dating fatigue. After all, you have been on so many horrible dates. Whether it’s through online dating or any other way, you have met only the wrong men. Judging by the men you’ve been meeting, it seems that the only choice you have is to be single or in an abusive relationship. You’re tired of dating because you can’t remember the last time you were on a good date. All the dates you end up on are bad, and your Prince Charming is nowhere in sight.

5. It always ends on the first date

There never seems to be a second one… Maybe it’s because of a lack of chemistry or poor communication but whatever the reason is, you keep investing and don’t get anything back. All your effort goes to waste again and again. You’re tired of online dating because none of the guys look like their profile picture. You are tired of dating because none of the guys act like you expect them to.

6. It’s not fun anymore

You are so tired of dating that you no longer enjoy dressing up and texting. You used to love putting your make-up on before a date, but now you don’t know what the point is as you’re sure that it’s going to be a lousy date anyway. You no longer like the game, so you refuse to play it.

Are you tired of dating? These 16 things will cure your dating fatigue

1. You’re allowed to take some time off

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but it’s okay to take a vacation from dating. You’re not going to achieve anything when you’re tired of dating. You take your bad expectations to the date so, naturally, your expectations come true. Take a break from it all. Take a week, maybe even a month off from dating. Focus on yourself and try to make yourself happy. You can return to the dating world after you have had some time for yourself. Give yourself some time to really figure out what it is that you want. Try to become a successful and positive person who people would like to date. Once you start glowing with contentment, you will attract people. After all, everyone tries to get away from those who are negative, as such people attract negativity into their lives. Try being more positive to attract positive people. You will easily achieve it if you just work on being satisfied in your own skin.

2. Don’t have too many expectations

If you don’t want to wait, there’s still something you can do. Try to go on a date with as few expectations as possible and that includes both good and bad ones. Maybe the reason why you are so tired of dating is that you expect too much too soon. Give your date a chance to turn into something unexpected. You might feel like the men you meet don’t really know you, but do you bother to get to know them? Or do you give up on a man as soon as you see him just because he isn’t what you expected? People can amaze you if you just give them a chance. Still, don’t give just anyone a chance – but more on that later. Stop expecting that the date is going to be bad and it might turn out great. However, don’t expect that you’ll meet the love of your life either. You don’t know how the date is going to go when you go on one. Let things run their course.

3. Change your perspective on dating

When you go on a date, realize that it’s only about getting to know each other. It’s just conversation. Don’t think that it’s the path to finding real love; it’s just a date. Try to get to know the person you’re on a date with and enjoy the date for what it is. People who have happy lives don’t obsess about things so if you have been obsessing about finding real love, you might have sabotaged yourself. As I said earlier, do the things that make you happy, have a life outside of your love life. Don’t obsess about dating and you won’t get tired of dating. You’re not in a rush. The date might go well, and it might go poorly; you never know. All you can do is enjoy it while it lasts so make sure that you do. It will lift the weight off of your shoulders.

4. Make the first dates short

Especially if you want there to be a second one. This little trick will create excitement and tension. Maybe the reason why you are tired of dating is that you have been missing the excitement. After all, let’s face it, you know in the first 10 minutes whether you want to see the person again. If you like the show How I Met Your Mother, I have a reference for you. Barney Stinson once said that it takes a woman 8.3 seconds after first sight to decide if she would sleep with a guy but let’s be fair and give it 10 minutes. Once you decide that you want to go on more dates with this guy, make the date short but make sure that you agree on going on a second one soon.

5. Stop talking about your dating life

If all you do lately is talk about your dates and how it’s hard to find a man, stop it right now. I have to be honest with you, your friends are tired of it. They don’t want you to be alone and sad, but they are tired of hearing about it too. What’s more, you’re becoming obsessed with dating. I’m sure that there are a lot of other things happening in your life that you can focus on. Having a man is important but being single till you find him is great. You should enjoy it. Sure, it gets rough sometimes, but that’s all part of the game. It’s a game that you have to lose a few times in order to win it. After all, if winning was so easy, everyone would be a winner.

6. Don’t give everyone a chance

It might seem that this contradicts what I said earlier but what it actually means is stop wasting time. When you don’t like someone, stop wasting their and your time. You’re not doing anyone a favor by pretending you like them when you know you never will. Not everyone is your cup of tea and that’s perfectly fine. Stop spending your time and energy on people you don’t like and don’t be desperate to find a boyfriend. Sure, you desperately want to be in a relationship but that doesn’t mean that you want to be in a relationship with just anyone and nor should it. It’s okay to give chances to people you’re interested in but when you start giving them to just anyone, you’re wasting time and energy.

7. Don’t lie

Maybe the reason why you’ve had such bad luck in dating is that you lie. You pretend to be who you’re not and say what the other person wants to hear. You’re actually lying to them in an attempt to impress them. Stop doing that. Communication should be honest, especially when you’re searching for a life partner. After all, you don’t want your relationship to be based on lies, do you? Be honest with the people you date and don’t hide the truth about you. Let them get to know the real you; after all, that’s the only way to get someone to fall in love with you. Always be yourself and tell the truth. You would want that from your partner as well so don’t start a relationship with lies, but let the truth make the bond stronger.

8. Don’t be focused on finding the right man

There are not enough times I can repeat that you need to focus on yourself. Surround yourself with family and friends. Pick up a new hobby or dedicate yourself to the one you have right now. Start going to the gym and it will work out for the best as you’ll get to have an amazing body and meet guys. If fitness is not your thing, you can always join a book club. I take acting classes which is another great idea that can boost your confidence. Whatever you do, occupy your thoughts with something other than finding the right man. After all, that is when you will find him. Remember that you’re not in a rush because real love doesn’t have an expiration date.

9. Not everyone is right for you

And that is okay. Let’s face it, 80% of men out there are simply not right for you but the other 20% are and they will make up for everything. Of course, it can be really discouraging when you don’t seem to be the right match with anyone you meet. Still, remember that that’s simply how dating goes. You will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the one that turns into a prince. However, don’t lose hope. Just stop obsessing about the reasons why you’re not a match with someone. Not everyone is going to like you and that is perfectly normal. Of course, you don’t like everyone either. Still, have faith that one day it will all be worth it when you find your perfect match.

10. Great love stories do happen

You’ve heard a million love stories but you’re starting to lose faith that such love ever happens. Trust me, it does. I met my husband online after a hundred really crappy dates so I was in the same position as you are in right now. I wish someone had told me that I just needed to wait a little longer and I’d find myself on the right date. Still, I probably wouldn’t have believed them but you need to believe me. There are success stories and you’re going to have yours. Remember that such things do happen, read about them and keep them in mind. They will help you have faith that you are going to have yours.

11. Enjoy the single life

When we are single, we focus so much on finding a partner that we forget to enjoy being single. Think about all the things that you can do now that you couldn’t with a partner. Have a girls’ night out and dance with strangers. Enjoy traveling and living alone. Build long-lasting friendships. Take on some extra projects at work and build your career. Live your single life to the fullest because you’re not going to be single for long. Once you finally find a boyfriend, you’ll regret not enjoying your single life more when you had the chance. Let’s face it, single life does have its perks so make sure you enjoy them to the max while you still can. After all, you have enough time to focus on other areas of your life besides your love life. As I said, work on your friendships, travel and build your career. Once you find a boyfriend, you won’t have that much time for those things.

12. Make your dates fun

How about kayaking for a third date? Or going fishing for a second one? Or you could go to the theater to see a play for the first one. Just because you’re not on a date with your Prince Charming doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time. Eating at a restaurant is such a monotonous date so spice things up a little. Have your potential partner meet you at a bowling alley for your date or do other fun things. Dating can be fun if you just get a little creative with it. After all, the experience will be more memorable that way and in addition, you will get to see how your date acts in different scenarios. He will surely remember the date with you if you plan it right.

13. Be spontaneous

Not being in a committed relationship gives you the chance to be more spontaneous than ever. When you walk by a theater, go in and see a show. Spend the whole day walking around looking in shop windows and buy something you like. Maybe you have a group of friends who you don’t normally go out with, so do so now. Be spontaneous and you will be surprised by how many new people you’ll get to meet and in addition, you’ll have amazing new experiences. Do things you have never done before. Live your life to the fullest.

14. Live alone

If it’s possible, try living alone. You will get to enjoy decorating the place the way you want it, and you will learn how to take care of yourself. Maybe you never learned how to cook, so this is your chance to do that. Be with yourself and figure out what you like when you’re alone. Living alone is something everyone should try at some point in their life. It’s great for discovering who you really are when it’s just you. If you’re someone who feels comfortable both when alone and when with someone, it’s a sign that you are ready for a relationship. After all, wouldn’t it be great if you could show your new partner your apartment?

15. Don’t settle

You deserve to have the best relationship of your life. You’ll find the man who’s going to love you as much as you love him, if not more. So, while you’re out there dating all sorts of guys, don’t consider settling even for a second. Remember that if you settle for the wrong guy, you’ll maybe lose the chance to meet the right one. Still, remember what I said about expectations as well. By not settling, I don’t mean rejecting a guy just because he has blue eyes and you prefer brown; just don’t be in a relationship only for the sake of being in a relationship. Wait for someone who sweeps you off your feet because he seems to be Mr. Right himself. It will happen, but only if you don’t settle for the wrong guy.

16. Trust your gut

When you are choosing the man to be with, trust your gut. Your gut always tells you exactly what you need so if your instincts are telling you to test your luck with that guy, do it. However, if you feel it in your gut that this guy is just not right for you, move on. I know that you’re tired of dating but that is a normal process in life that every one of us has had to go through. Its destination is marriage, so make sure that you enjoy the journey as well. Spending the rest of your life with someone is your final goal, so you need to trust your gut to lead you there. Nevertheless, don’t forget to enjoy the things that will eventually get you there. One day you are going to tell your husband all about the journey that brought you to him. You two are going to laugh about all the crappy dates and he is going to be grateful that you never settled and always trusted your gut. Good luck!

Are You Tired Of Dating_ These 16 Things Will Cure Your Dating Fatigue

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