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To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

I don’t know what you’ve been through or how long you’ve had to have strength but regardless of that, it’s okay to feel tired of being strong.

What does it even mean to be strong? It means something different to everyone…

Maybe you were strong enough to survive something. Perhaps you were just pretending to be strong for others.

It’s also possible that you’re a strong woman in some sort of an alpha female meaning.

They’re different from each other, but feeling tired of being strong isn’t so different for people. Regardless of how strong you were, why you had to be, and how long you had been, it became harder.

Suddenly, it required more strength and it got so difficult that you now just feel like you don’t have the energy to keep doing what you’re doing. You’d like to simply take a break and recharge.

You feel like you can’t keep fighting and keeping it together. Maybe you even just want to give up on everything.

You might even be tired of living without it meaning that you’re suicidal. It’s not like you don’t want to live, you just feel like you can’t.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

It takes too much strength and energy to live the way you used to.

This doesn’t just mean fighting for what you want and keeping it together. It doesn’t mean putting on a brave face when you feel like you’re dying inside.

Sometimes, being tired of being strong means not even wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

You don’t want your life to end, but could it just be on standby for a while?

Is there a pause button for life? Wouldn’t that be great?

After putting a lot of energy into something, you might feel like you don’t have the energy for even the things that require very little of it.

Everyone has to be strong sometimes. When they do, they put a huge amount of energy into it, and then they have none left.

It’s only natural that you’re tired of being strong if you had to be much stronger than you usually are.

You drained all your energy supplies, and it’s reasonable to expect that you now have none.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 2

To be able to be that strong again, you’ll have to be weak for a while and recharge. That’s why being strong and being a strong woman are different things.

To be a strong woman, you have to continuously be strong the same amount.

You can’t be stronger than is humanly possible and keep being strong like nothing happened.

A weak old woman who sees her grandchild stuck under a car could lift that car.

When people are motivated, they can show more strength than you’d think.

That kind of strength can’t last though, and it leaves you exhausted.

Now imagine a woman who’s pushing a rock up a huge mountain.

The rock is heavy, but it’s as heavy as she can handle and she can lift it without using all of her strength.

She keeps pushing it for so long, which requires a different type of strength.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

She isn’t motivated by something bad that happened, she’s motivated by trying to get to the top of the mountain.

Both women may start feeling tired of being strong, but it’s not the same.

The sad part is that being a strong woman means doing both of these things. You have to keep pushing a rock all the time, and lift a car when you have to.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the motivation to be strong even for a while, and even when do you find that motivation, it’s not constantly effective.

You have to find the strength inside you to be continually strong the same amount… and have an additional supply of strength that you can use in case of an emergency.

Being strong is not something you can do occasionally, no matter how much strength a certain problem requires.

There will be more problems that will require your strength, and being strong is not only for difficult situations.

It’s a state of mind and how you feel inside. Strong women are strong all the time, and they get tired of being that way too.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 4

Maybe you’re one of them and that’s exactly what’s going on with you. In that case, you just need to take a break.

Don’t give up on anything, just put things on hold for a while. If possible, take a vacation or at least a weekend away from everyday life.

It’s okay to feel tired of being strong even if you’re a strong woman.

You aren’t strong because of something specific, you’re constantly strong because strength is your virtue.

Being strong is a personality trait of yours and it’s exhausting even when it’s a part of who you are. Maybe it wasn’t always and your life forced you to be that person.

You are that person now, and that’s a good thing, as long as you feel good.

When you don’t feel good about it anymore, you should think about how you were using your strength.

Were you using too much of it for things that didn’t require it? Has your strength turned into a protective shield or a mask you wear in front of others?

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

If you were only pretending to be strong, it’s only reasonable that you got tired of the pretense.

Strong women don’t fake being strong, they truly are, and we all want to be like them. Their strength is not a protective shield, it’s the way they approach life.

They don’t pretend to be strong for the sake of others, or just to protect themselves from getting hurt.

It’s not about hiding who you are, it’s about being who you are – a strong woman.

Being strong doesn’t mean being scared to show your vulnerable side, it doesn’t mean being scared to ask for help when you need it.

What’s more, it’s not about helping others while you need to help yourself.

So, what is it about? Apparently, the only definition of someone who is strong is someone who’s determined, confident, and not easily worried or influenced by other people.

That’s not what you thought being strong was? I didn’t think that either, and I still don’t, even though it might be a small part of it.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 6

Every one of us has a different theory on what being a strong person means.

When we’re asked, we most often actually describe ourself in a way, because no one likes to think of themselves as weak.

Not being a strong person isn’t the same as being weak, though. What does weak even mean and could weak people even survive in this world?

The point is that you felt like you were putting a lot of your strength into something.

Perhaps you wanted to accomplish something faster than is possible. Maybe you were trying to be there for everyone while no one asked you how you were or perhaps you had a difficult issue you had to deal with.

It’s possible that you were experiencing something stressful, such as the end of a romantic relationship.

You’re tired of being strong because for whatever reason, you had to be stronger than you truly are.

Showing incredible strength and actually working on becoming a stronger person is not the same.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

Either way, you’ll sometimes feel tired of being strong, but only when you push yourself too hard.

Be honest with yourself and determine how strong you can be without it exhausting you. That’s the actual strength that you have in you.

When you need to use more strength, you can, but it will leave you tired.

You have to work on yourself to increase the actual usable strength that you have in you.

Do you know that we can’t rate how difficult something is for someone?

Imagine how a patient who managed to beat cancer feels when you say you can’t beat your cigarette addiction.

Actually, let me give you a better example.

Imagine going through a divorce and listening to your daughter cry her eyes out because her first boyfriend broke up with her.

Clearly, divorce is something much more serious and harder, right?

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 8

Think again. She has never experienced that, but she experienced the feeling of romantic love for the first time, and also for the first time, she felt what heartbreak was.

This doesn’t mean that your first heartbreak is more painful than a divorce…

It means that to different people, different things are the greatest pain they ever felt.

What’s more, people experience things differently in their own skin.

After a divorce, a woman could give up on love and feel too tired to try again.

Another woman will feel liberated and get divorced a few more times without considering it difficult.

We experience different things even when we experience the same things.

Everyone is simply a different human being and even though we have a lot in common, some things can’t be generalized.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

You know that we even have a different tolerance to pain in the actual physical sense? I guess that’s why we can’t define what being strong means.

We can notice the consistency of strength, the amount a person has, and the amount that makes them seem stronger than they are, though.

How much can you handle? It’s ridiculous how many people will have the need to answer, “I can handle anything.”

Why is it more important for us to seem strong than be strong? Strength is not in what you show, it’s in what you feel.

Theoretically, you can handle anything, but how much does it take to make you want to take a break from life?

That’s the amount you can’t handle, and that’s not because you’re weak, it’s because you’re human.

Everyone can show incredible strength under the right circumstances.

To actually be a strong person, we have to learn to be stronger by working on ourself.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 10

Remember the example with the divorce and the first heartbreak? How did the person who went through divorce feel when they got their heart broken for the first time?

When they think about their first heartbreak now, how do they feel about it?

They can’t remember exactly how it felt because a lot of time has passed and they’ve changed…

Experience teaches us to become stronger, but we can’t learn to be strong by feeling pain. In that case, we pretend to be strong to avoid the feeling of pain.

I don’t mean that we pretend only in front of others, because we actually lie to ourself.

You can’t be someone you’re not, but you can work on becoming who you want to be.

If you’re tired of being strong, you’ve pushed yourself too hard. Using strength and using force is not the same.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

Accept your weaknesses and insecurities instead of trying to hide or deny them.

That way, you’ll increase the strength you have without forcing yourself to be stronger.

A part of being strong is controlling your emotions but it’s not repressing your feelings or denying them.

There’s a huge difference between when you control your anger so that you can talk calmly and when you control your anger by not expressing it at all.

It’s not such a big problem that the other person doesn’t see your emotions, it’s that you don’t let yourself feel them.

That’s not what being strong is about.

It has something to do with self-control and self-discipline, but not denial or holding it in.

Feelings that aren’t experienced tend to burst when they shouldn’t.

You know how men may imagine that being strong is about having muscles and not getting emotional?

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 12

They often even think it means being quiet and not letting your true feelings be known.

That’s not strength, and it’s not good for you or those around you.

A man who can’t let himself express or experience his feelings will just have them pile up without even noticing.

They have to come out eventually because emotions leave consequences even when you don’t feel them anymore.

Allow yourself to be weak sometimes, and know that it’s okay.

People who truly love you want to know the real you.

You don’t need to be worried about bothering them with your problems, as they’ll want to help you.

Even if you don’t need their help, you shouldn’t see it as something wrong.

Sometimes, a heart-to-heart conversation can be more helpful than putting a bandage on a wound.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

You have wounds, we all do, and it makes us human. Don’t try to be strong to not get wounded.

Maybe you’re just tired of pretending that you’re not hurt like all of us are. Don’t pretend that when someone cuts you, you don’t bleed.

You shouldn’t think that you’re dying just because you’re bleeding either, but it’s something in-between.

Don’t expect anyone to understand how strong you have been and why you’re tired.

Some of them may, but most of the time, people see things from their own point of view.

They base their opinions on their own experiences, but you’re not strong for them, you’re strong for yourself.

You don’t need to prove your strength to anyone. We don’t even have a proper definition of what it means to be a strong person.

You need to be strong for yourself, to be able to live your life the best you can.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 14

To be able to fight when you need to, and let down your weapons when there’s no need for them.

There’s no point in winning a battle if you’ll lose the war. You need to know what the right thing to do is, and no one can tell you that.

We have laws and the Ten Commandments that try to help us identify right from wrong.

Unfortunately, though, they seem to be focused on what would be wrong to do to others.

What is wrong to do to yourself? You shouldn’t make it easy for others to hurt you, but you shouldn’t hurt yourself either.

When you try to be stronger than you really are, you’re hurting yourself. Don’t try to be stronger and instead, try to see how strong you really are.

Yes, sometimes you’ll be forced to be stronger, but don’t force yourself when you don’t have to.

Improve yourself and learn by experience, and work on being stronger on the inside.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

The point of strength is having it, not showing it. Maybe this isn’t the reason you’re feeling tired of being strong, but it’s worth thinking about.

Perhaps you’re just tired like you are when you work too hard and when people feel that way, they rest.

Whatever the reason you were strong, and whatever the reason you feel tired, you need to rest. Take a break.

Don’t give up on the things you were working on, just take a break from them.

Everything you can put on hold, put on hold, especially the things that require you to be strong.

Be strong enough to let yourself take a break from being strong.

When you walk normally all the time, you get tired if you walk too much…

When your legs don’t work like they used to before, you learn to walk again, one step at a time.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 16

It takes strength to even stand firmly on the ground and be present in your body. Do it for too long, and you’ll have to sit down and let your mind go elsewhere.

Give yourself a break. Others might not, but you can give yourself anything you want and you have the right to, so if you feel tired, rest.

What does that mean to you? Generally, it might mean not putting energy into anything for a certain amount of time.

Don’t decide to entirely stop putting energy into particular things just because you’re tired. Don’t hit stop, hit pause.

Take some time for yourself and do what feels good to you.

Spend at least a day in your pajamas without even getting out of bed unless you must.

However, don’t just lie there feeling sorry for yourself and obsess about the reasons you feel that way…

Watch movies and enjoy not thinking about anything else except whether the guy in love will get to the airport on time.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

Even though you know he will, keep your fingers crossed.

When you get bored of just being in bed, draw yourself a bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of wine.

You were strong and no one appreciated it or gave you a reward for it.

Being strong is not something that’s usually asked of you or has to happen; you chose to be strong.

Choose to reward yourself for this and show yourself appreciation for the effort it took.

No one can understand it the way you do. You’re the only person who knows how you felt, even if you explain it perfectly.

People who are able to understand you make a living doing so, because most people can’t, no matter how much they care for you.

Even though people who do it as a profession can very well imagine it, understand it, and see it from your point of view, they aren’t you.

They can imagine and understand what and how you felt, but they can’t possibly feel it the way you do.

DONE To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong Or A Man Brave Enough To Admit It 18

All they can really do is explain to you why and help you deal with it, and when you can do so objectively on your own, you’re a very strong person.

A part of being strong is having self-awareness and practicing self-love and self-care.

Strong women don’t only take care of others, they take care of themselves too.

Even they sometimes say, “I’m tired of giving chances to people who don’t deserve them.”

Give yourself a second chance before even thinking about giving it to anyone else.

You deserve it from others, but if you don’t give yourself a chance, it’s pointless for anyone else to.

I’m tired of being strong all the time, or at least I was… but then I stopped forcing myself, gave myself a break, and somehow noticed a strength that doesn’t require me to put energy into it.

I don’t feel stronger than I was, or less strong, just more relaxed and patient.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

As if somehow, I stopped expecting too much from myself in a too short amount of time.

Finding balance is important in everything, and it’s always hard.

When I feel empowered, I feel like I can take on the world, and then I try to, and the first obstacle throws me completely off.

After that, I have to put a lot of energy into putting myself back together instead of just not letting anything break me into pieces.

People say that it’s not your body that aches, it’s your soul that’s tired, but it should be taken as seriously as physical pain.

Do you know any poker terms? Don’t ever go all in right away or fold instantly; play the game without investing everything or not investing anything.

Finding the right amount and the line that shouldn’t be crossed, searching for the truth in-between, and finding balance are the most important things in life.

How do you do it? Patiently and without getting yourself tired.

It’s not the same when you’re strong and when you’re forced to be strong, especially when it’s you who’s forcing yourself.

Rest, work on yourself, and be truly strong, because resting doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped. You’re just taking a break.

To The Woman Who Got Tired Of Being Strong

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