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This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

You know that guy you keep giving chances? The one you keep convincing yourself will change because he loves you?

Over the course of your relationship, he has made you feel like a piece of trash. He has played with your feelings and treated you like you have no right to be loved.

In his eyes, you are always an option, never his first choice. Still, you have given him many chances, even more than he deserves, because you love him.

Truth be told, you still love him, and deep down, you still want to believe that he may change for you. But we all know that isn’t true because ones like him never change out of love.

They never replace their toxic patterns with the ability to show feelings or appreciation. No matter how much you want to keep him in your life, you know that he’ll always be bad for you.

Manipulation, toxicity, and the blame-game are some of the many patterns in his behavior that he doesn’t want to give up on. He doesn’t see the damage he’s creating as long as he’s the happy one.

Others may be hurting as a result of his behavior but he doesn’t care how the people around him feel. He needs to be in control, as otherwise, he considers himself defeated.

That’s why this time, you have to make a change. This time, you have to do things differently.

This time, you have to be smart enough and draw the line. Now enough is enough and there’s no point for you to stick around for his bad behavior anymore.

He’s been toxic from the very beginning but you thought that your love for him would change him.

“Maybe he’s never been loved before. Maybe that’s what makes him act that way.”

DONE! This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

But you don’t know that ones like him don’t want to be loved. They don’t know how to appreciate all those emotions that others share with them.

He’s used to hurting others and playing with their feelings and no amount of love can change that. The moment you gave him your heart and soul was when he realized that he could play with your emotions as much as he wanted.

Remember how he has made you feel. Just think about all those feelings he has evoked in you.

You have been disrespected and ignored like you’re his biggest enemy and not that one girl who loves him the most. His controlling behavior has made you feel stressed all the time but you haven’t known how to escape that feeling.

You didn’t think that you should say NO and run away from him because you’re his partner, so you’re supposed to love him.

But why would you stick around for him when he wouldn’t ever do that for you? Why would you sacrifice your sanity for someone who wouldn’t lift a finger for you?

He’s ignored all of the feelings you’ve shared with him. You were screaming that you were hurt by his behavior but he went his own way and didn’t care what was going on with you.

His reactions were full of anger and resentment. Even when you needed badly to share with him what was going on inside your head, you felt like you were walking on eggshells, wondering when would be the best time to approach him.

Look how he has made you feel. You’re losing yourself and if you don’t do something about it, there will be nothing left.

DONE! This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

Your emotions will be ruined, your values will be non-existent and the idea of a perfect love you once valued will be erased from your memory.

He’ll be the one you’ll end up with and he’ll keep destroying you with his toxicity for the rest of your life.

Do you really want to live a life like that? Do you really want to lose yourself because of some guy who doesn’t know how to treat you right?

I know that the answer is, “NO,” but you can’t seem to find the energy to run away from him. You can’t seem to force yourself to disappear from his life, once and for all.

But I know that you can do it. I know that you can leave him in the past and never go back to him.

Maybe it won’t happen all of a sudden but step by step, you’ll be walking away and saving yourself from all of the pain you’re currently feeling. Bit by bit, you’ll be walking into a new, better life and he’ll be left behind where he belongs.

Even if you still love him, you know that he isn’t good for you. You know that you deserve that real love, the one you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.

And he would never be able to give you that, no matter how hard you tried. That’s why this time, you have to be strong enough to draw the line.

This time, there’s no going back. You have given him more than he deserves and now is the right time to walk away.

All this time, you’ve been the one to fight for him. You’ve been the one who carried the burdens of your relationship.

DONE! This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

Do you think that’s fair? Do you think that you should keep doing that?

The answer is NO. Right now is your time to shine and draw the line.

It’s your time to run away from his toxicity because it won’t bring you anything good. You deserve someone who’ll love you the right way, someone who’ll respect you and won’t play with you like you’re some kind of game.

You’re a woman full of love and there will come a moment when the right guy will walk into your life. He’ll show you what real love is supposed to feel like and you’ll be happy that things didn’t work out with other guys from the past.

But trust me, this man right here isn’t the one that’s made just for you. This one isn’t good for you and that won’t ever change, no matter how much you love him.

So, please, for the sake of your happiness, be strong enough to draw the line. Be strong enough to leave him in the past, where he belongs.

And when the right time comes along, you’ll know that you did the right thing.

This Time, Be Strong Enough To Draw The Line And Run Away From His Toxicity

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