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This Is Why You’re Still Single Even Though You’re A Catch

This Is Why You’re Still Single Even Though You’re A Catch

Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out why you’re still single when everyone around you is telling you that you’re a catch.

Realistically speaking, you know you’re a catch. You know what you bring to the table in a relationship and you know that you’re very lovable.

You’re caring and compassionate, hard-working and independent. There are many women who have these same traits, but you’re special because you’ll be all of this to one man in particular.

So why are you still single after all those times your friends tried to set you up with someone?

It’s not like you’re not putting yourself out there. You’ve even made the first move a few times, you’ve tried to be charming and fun, but the men you meet simply don’t seem interesting enough.

The natural thing for every woman is to ask herself if it’s her fault. But what if I told you that it’s not? There are many possible reasons you’re still single even though you’re a total catch.

1. You’re focused on your career

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

You’re too focused on your own career and your own success to care about dating.

Right now you’re lonely, because even though you’ve made it in the work force, you still come back to an empty home every single night and that sucks.

The thing is, you’ve been so focused on your career that you might even ignore the times someone tries to flirt with you.

You haven’t gone out as often as you probably should have, even when you were dating someone.

They always end up leaving because you’re too career-oriented.

Let me tell you that the right man for you wouldn’t feel intimidated by that, but rather inspired. He’d stay and understand you.

So it’s not your fault. You’re a career-driven woman and definitely a catch.

2. Your confidence scares men

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

You might think that I’m joking with you, but I’m being completely honest.

This seems like a myth, but when you look at this issue, you’ll see the underlying truth.

Men want to be the alpha, so they feel intimidated whenever a woman questions them.

When they see a woman who’s confident instead of shy and insecure, they feel like she’s of some superior alien race.

They’ve been told that women need to be more submissive, so your confidence does scare them off.

Your confidence is making him feel like less of a man because he never was a real man to begin with.

You’re a catch, that much is for sure. You’re single simply because the men that you’ve met so far aren’t man enough to handle you.

3. You’ve been through a bad relationship

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

There are times you’ll be absolutely broken and bruised because of a man who didn’t know how to treat you right.

After a relationship like that, you need time and space to actually figure yourself out.

You need to make sure that you spend enough time on healing, so that when you meet someone new, you don’t see them through the lens of your past relationship.

If you don’t, you’ll be scared that something like that might happen again, so you’d rather run away from every man.

This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. You need your time and space right now and a relationship really isn’t what you should be looking for.

But when you try to find someone who’ll love you and you’re not able to do that, you start to question yourself.

Allow me to say that you’ve been through too much to just jump into something new right away.

Give yourself time to heal and then, when the time is right, start a new relationship. You’ll be just fine.

You’re a catch – you’re just bruised and you need to permit yourself this time to heal your wounds.

4. Settling isn’t an option

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

You don’t like the whole idea of “settling.” In your head, that only means that you’re left with someone just about good enough.

Someone who doesn’t care enough, someone who doesn’t treat you well enough, and so on.

It doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily a bad person. Au contraire, they’re just not ready to give what you truly deserve.

You don’t deserve to be half-loved. You don’t deserve to be treated with half the effort.

You’re a catch and you deserve someone who’s going to be aware of that.

You know how much of yourself you put into a relationship and you expect the same thing in return.

So yes, you’re a catch and you’re still single. If you want my advice, stay single until you meet someone who will meet all of your expectations.

You should never settle for anything less.

5. You don’t need a man for validation

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

One of the reasons why you’re a catch is because you don’t need validation. You don’t need a man, but it would be nice to have someone in your life.

You don’t need another human being to validate you and tell you how amazing you are.

A woman like you knows those things. Not because you’re conceited or arrogant, no. Because you know your own worth.

So many people jump into relationships because they’re not able to be happy alone.

They ask for validation, they beg for it, while you don’t need that.

You’re single because you’re happy being single – not because you’re unable to find someone, but you want someone who won’t depend on you to validate them either.

6. You want commitment

DONE! This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

You don’t just want a quick fling. Men these days are so afraid of commitment that it’s actually hilarious how fast they run from it.

You want someone to commit to you and only you. You’re not looking for someone to warm your bed and then disappear from your life forever.

You want someone to stay, someone to love you and treat you right.

There is so much love inside of you that you simply want to share with someone special.

But that’s not really possible when the men you meet only want one thing from you.

You’re a catch and you’re not the issue here. They are.

I really hope you understand that and don’t jump into a relationship with someone who obviously doesn’t appreciate your efforts to make things work.

If you need commitment, then look for commitment. And until you find it, stay single and make yourself happy.

This Is Why You're Still Single Even Though You're A Catch

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