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This Is Why You’re Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why You’re Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There must be some reason why you’re single, right? You’re starting to believe that there’s some type of a curse going on because you’re really trying. But things just don’t ever seem to go your way.

There’s something much deeper at hand here and I can tell you with utmost certainty that your zodiac sign is in direct relation to this problem. Do you want to know what’s actually stopping you? Then keep on reading!


DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why are you single? As an Aries, you’re confident in yourself and the things you bring to the table in a relationship. But… you’re also very impulsive.

That impulsivity makes you behave in ways that simply don’t keep a person in your life long enough. Unfortunately, you’re someone who falls in love very quickly and out of love even faster.

You get bored of people easily, which makes you roll your eyes at every single thing that comes out of their mouths. It doesn’t matter how intrigued and attracted you were at the beginning, if they don’t keep that up, disinterest quickly takes over.

It’s not that you have a high opinion of yourself, it’s just that people are not interesting in the long run. That’s why you’re single, even though you’re very open to dating.


Someone born under the sign of Taurus falls in love really easily. You love to love, which only leads you into awful situationships where you’re desperately hoping that something will turn in your favor. Most of the time though, it won’t.

Want to know why you’re single? Your loving nature pushes people away. Not everyone is ready to commit right away and you’re so adamant about making them stay for a longer period of time.

This type of behavior makes you wonder whether you should even tell people about your feelings for them or just give up. However, you’re still a hopeless romantic who’s so scared of showing your emotions. I hope you find some type of balance in this situation.


DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As an air sign, Geminis are petrified of falling into a trap they can’t get out of. You’re one of them, so you should understand what this actually entails.

You’re an extrovert who loves to be around people. If someone ever tries to make you give up your friends, you’re out of there. But this also means that the men you go out with don’t feel as loved as they’d like to.

They feel as if everyone’s a much bigger priority to you than they are. So, at the end of the day, you don’t want to deal with that type of behavior. It makes you feel like they’re trapping you into a cage.


You’re still looking for the right partner. You don’t want to end up in a loveless relationship because it could genuinely shatter your heart.

You’re too emotional and that’s why you’re single. If you ignore or avoid problems that could potentially cause heartbreak, then you won’t be in a relationship for a long while.

That’s completely valid, I must tell you. However, you should definitely be aware of why you don’t fall asleep next to someone each night. If you keep running away from heartbreak, you’ll potentially run away from true love as well.


DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

To be completely honest with you, I’ve never met a Leo who stayed out of a relationship for an extended period of time. You can say that you’re single for now, but you know that your phone is currently overloaded with messages.

You’re beautiful! You’re the life of the party and that may be the problem. You have too many options. Everyone wants to be with you and give you all those compliments that are so crucial for you.

However, there’s one problem here. People unintentionally fall in love with your looks rather than with your personality. This only means that you’re ready to walk away from anyone who doesn’t understand that there’s a lot of depth to you.

You’re still single because all those options are there, but no one seems to care about the real you.


You have much bigger priorities in your life than chasing a man who’s only going to be a burden to you. You’re often described as a perfectionist, as someone who looks at every little detail about a person so you can understand whether or not they’re good enough for you.

As a Virgo woman, you don’t mind being single, even though there’s a little bit of anxiety within your chest.

But that anxiety isn’t enough to make you settle for less than you deserve. You’re so picky with your partners that at one point men simply stop talking to you in a romantic sense.


As a sign ruled by the planet Venus, there’s a misconception that someone born under this sign is always in love. The truth is that this sign doesn’t really care about commitment and it’s very hard to get them to stay with one person for a prolonged period.

DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re the type of person who flirts with everyone. You’re totally okay with texting ten guys at the same time; it’s simply a game to you. You’re very loyal once you do get into a relationship, but flirting has always come naturally to you.

Many people see that as a red flag without even giving you time to show them how loving and caring you can actually be. That’s exactly why you’re still single and you may stay this way for a while unless you learn to tone it down a notch.


If you’re talking to someone who has any type of misconception about the zodiac signs, they’ll immediately tell you that Scorpios are the most dangerous. It doesn’t matter that you’re trying really hard to stay a good person, you still can’t convince everyone of your kindness.

You’re intimidating to people and it shows. They’re so apprehensive and on edge when it comes to talking to you that they don’t even try to get to know you.


DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sagittarians are known for their commitment issues and once you start talking about the fact that you don’t want anything serious, people simply don’t give you a chance. Maybe you want a relationship that’s romantic and filled with love, but your free spirit never gives off the right vibe to people.

You’re known to be a lone wolf, so it’s hard for you to even consider a relationship, but once you do, it’s tough to convince a potential partner of it. No one can simply keep up with you and it’s hard to find someone when you’re a whirlwind incarnated into a beautiful person.


Capricorns are known for their crazy work ethic. How do you even have time for dating when you’re constantly thinking of a new project to work on or running after the latest promotion?

It’s difficult for you to find a partner because you can’t even get enough time for yourself due to work. And even if you do find a partner, they really have to be extremely flexible in order to fall in line with your schedule.

Sad to say, that’s precisely why you’re single. You believe that you’re organized enough to have it all, but sometimes you really have to be introspective and realize the truth.


DONE! This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’re so guarded. How do you expect people to approach you when you look like you’ll be the end of them?

Just kidding. You’re actually a very sweet person, but you simply need to be more open about romantic relationships and more receiving of love in general. You’re still single because people can’t see your romantic side at all – you’re so guarded that it’s giving others the wrong impression of you.

Get out of your head and show the world the real side of you. It’s not bad to let someone love you for the person you are.


If you’re a Pisces who’s single, then I must ask you: Are you too giddy about the person you’re into? You’re constantly smiling and it’s so obvious that they get frightened to start something serious with you.

Yes, that sounds like a stupid reason, but you’re probably too available. Once you start liking someone, you give that person all of your attention, but they won’t even try to pursue you. They’ll only see you as a hopeless romantic who’s running headfirst into a relationship.

That’s exactly why you’re still single.

This Is Why You're Single Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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